Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Deb/Coflyfr 2

Ni chefnogir cynnwys y dudalen mewn ieithoedd eraill.
Oddi ar Wicipedia

Nominations for admin status[golygu cod]

I hope you are well. I want to nominate some of our experienced fellow users for admin status so that the admin load is shared around some more. So far I have received agreements to be nominated from Defnyddiwr:Tomos ANTIGUA Tomos and Defnyddiwr:Rhion and Defnyddiwr:Dyfrig and so I am nominating them. Lloffiwr 20:52, 30 Mehefin 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I'm happy to second the nominations, Anatiomaros 22:06, 30 Mehefin 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
'Un dyn bach ar ôl' - One more nomination for admin status for Defnyddiwr:Llygadebrill. Lloffiwr 16:06, 11 Awst 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Diolch! --Llygad Ebrill 17:02, 13 Awst 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Rwyn newydd yma | Im new here[golygu cod]

oes modd iddoch chi deud i mi sut rwyn creu wikipedia yn fym iaith i, diolch can you please tell me how i create my own wikipedia in my own language, thanks

Bot status for Byrialbot[golygu cod]

Hello Deb! I wonder if you noticed my request for botstatus for Byrialbot which update interwiki links. Bot status would mean that its contributions would no longer appear in the recent changes page (unless you select the "show bots" link) having the advantage that the "real" changes will be easier to spot. You can as bureaucrat grant bot flag using Special:Makebot. Thank you. Byrial 17:06, 20 Gorffennaf 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank you for the bot flag and for the message about it. I will take care. Byrial 09:10, 22 Gorffennaf 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot status for PipepBot[golygu cod]

Hi Deb, I'd like to request you to set a bot bit for PipepBot with reference to Wicipedia:Y_Caffi#Bot_status_for_PipepBot. Thank you. it:User:Pipep 06:31, 1 Medi 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Grazie! it:User:Pipep 19:53, 1 Medi 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Categories[golygu cod]

I wanted to mention that I have started a discussion on categories on Y Caffi. Since this is a discussion which might interest you I have included a translation of some of the main points. However, I haven't translated it all as I was getting tired. If you need me to translate any more paragraphs (in summary) I will do so - just let me know which. Hope you are well. Lloffiwr 20:47, 3 Medi 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bore da, Defnyddiwr change[golygu cod]

Bore da. S'mae? I am changing my username on my 4 other active wikis, can you please Renameuser me from Ice201 to Girdi please? Diolch yn fawr! --Ice201 19:18, 12 Medi 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Simple. :) Type in under chwilio - Special:Renameuser . --Ice201 20:28, 12 Medi 2007 (UTC) (left this on my chat page too)

Mr Puw[golygu cod]

Hi Deb, here's a copy of my message to you just posted on your en. Talk page, minus links:

Have you been keeping an eye on "Edmwnd Harri Puw", tagged as hoax and proposed for deletion? Just got here from cy. to check it out. My long list of reasons for deletion as a hoax on the Discussion page had been reverted by one of two new sock puppets used by this hoaxer (he now has four or possibly five user names plus does anon edits - not bad in a week!). He also added a very general list of references (along the lines of Who's Who in Wales etc) as "proof", none of them actually giving a page number etc for the supposed Mr Puw. He then removed the hoax and deletion tags, which I've just replaced. This is most definitely a hoax (see Discussion page and Welsh wikipedians talk). I was aware of that from the outset but spent some time searching out possible references to back my case. I wonder if you could do something about it, and the user (= User:EdPuw, User:Hebog and his two new ones, plus I think User:Emyr411)? It's not just the hoax article itself but the fact that he's been adding references to Puw and his Works all over the place. Diolch yn fawr. Anatiomaros 20:09, 19 Medi 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot status for AlleborgoBot[golygu cod]

Hi! I ask bot status for my bot AlleborgoBot the request is here. Regards. --AlleborgoBot 12:58, 20 Hydref 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Request for sysop status by Thaf[golygu cod]

I hope you are well. In case you haven't spotted it yet Thaf has requested sysop status in order to be able to take action on vandals operating during the day, when few other admins are not active on Wicipedia - see 'Admin' on Y Caffi. He has been a user since end July. His request is supported by 3 people so far. Lloffiwr 20:29, 23 Tachwedd 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot status for BotMultichill[golygu cod]

Hi Deb, i did a request for botstatus in Y Caffi. Would you be so kind to grant my bot a botbit? Multichill 20:39, 7 Rhagfyr 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Benazir[golygu cod]

Bit of a rush job. Thought i'd better do it first before noting it in 'Marwolaethau Diweddar'. Really sad news. I had Sky news on for the first time in days and the breaking news of the attack came, then the announcement of her death about 20 mins later. I guess I'd disagree with her on quite a few points but we go back a long way, so to speak, and I know Pakistan fairly well. Trist iawn, for her family and Pakistan. Anatiomaros 15:05, 27 Rhagfyr 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Kenneth I, brenin yr Alban[golygu cod]

I was wondering about that myself - I used this form since it was the one used in the various lists. I'll move it. I think. Rhion 06:41, 28 Rhagfyr 2007 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch[golygu cod]

Werdan7 21:50, 20 Ionawr 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Re: Croeso![golygu cod]

Hi! Diolch yn fawr for the welcome. I don' actually speak Welsh (much to my shame), so my contributions will probably be stubs and small edits. Still, it's good to be here! Aridd 01:06, 3 Chwefror 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Re: Croeso![golygu cod]

Ah, diolch am y croeso! Mae'n hyfryd i fod yma. (Glanhawr 17:11, 14 Chwefror 2008 (UTC))Ateb[ateb]

Bot status for Idioma-bot, and Purbo_T[golygu cod]

Hi Beb,

there are bot flag requests at Wicipedia:Y_Caffi#Bot Status for Idioma-bot and at Wicipedia:Y_Caffi#Bot_Status_for_Purbo_T, would you be so kind and grant them bot status?

Thank you. --Purodha Blissenbach 17:44, 24 Chwefror 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot flag request for Defnyddiwr:Cyfrifiadur[golygu cod]

  • Bot operator: User:White Cat (Commons:User:White Cat) - En-N, Tr-4, Ja-1
  • List of botflags on other projects: Bot has a flag on wikimedia (meta,commons) wikipedia (ar, az, de, en, es, et, fr, is, ja, ku, nn, no, ru, sr, tr, uz, simple) (See: m:User:White Cat#Bots)
  • Purpose: Interwiki linking, double redirect fixing, commons delinking (for cases where commonsdelinker fails)

-- Cat chi? 13:00, 2 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hello? -- Cat chi? 15:26, 11 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Sorry, I've been on holiday and did not see your request. Could you give me more details? Deb 16:59, 17 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
What do you mean by details? What kind of details are you looking for? -- Cat chi? 19:32, 22 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
What I really meant was, your username wasn't familiar to me. Have you been using the bot here already? Deb 22:00, 22 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
The bot does have a few edits on this wiki: Arbennig:Contributions/Cyfrifiadur. I am more native to Commons and English wikipedia. -- Cat chi? 23:30, 23 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Elaine Paige[golygu cod]

Hi there. I've added some information to the Elaine Paige article but I'm not sure whether it's all grammatically correct. If you have time could you quickly check over it, I have checked over the content but I'm not nearly fluent in Welsh. This would be a great help. Many thanks. 17:13, 4 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I beg you, hide the Volkov Bot, thanks

Diolch[golygu cod]

Diolch, Deb. Rwy'n mwynhau cy yn llawer gwell na en! Rhion 17:48, 9 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Blanche Parry[golygu cod]

Annwyl Deb

Diolch yn fawr am y croeso i Wikipedia. Gobeithio y bydd pawb yn gwerthfawrogi fy nghyfraniadau bach. Dw i wedi gweld dy fod wedi creu’r bywgraffiad am Blanche Parry ’nôl yn 2006. Mi ddes i o hyd i’w hanes hi tua 2000, pan rôn i’n gwneud ymchwil ar yr iaith Gymraeg yn Swydd Henffordd ar gyfer fy B.A. yn Llambed. Hoffwn i ychwanegu rhai pethau at yr erthygl, gan gynnwys llun ohoni o’i beddrod yn Eglwys Bacton, os mae hynny’n iawn gyda ti? Un peth dw i wedi sylw yw bod yr erthygl yn dweud efallai ’roedd hi’n perthyn i Sir Thomas Parry, ond dw i wedi darllen nad oedd cysylltiad rhyngddynt!

Many thanks for the welcome to Wikipedia. I hope everyone will appreciate my contributions. I see that you created a biography for Blache Parry back in 2006. I came across her around 2000, when I was doing research on the Welsh language in Herefordshire for my B.A. at Lampeter. I’d like to make some additions to the article, including a photo of her from her tomb in Bacton Church, if that’s alright with you? One thing I noticed was that the article says she was possibly related to Sir Thomas Parry, but I’ve read that there was no connection between them!

Cofion Lepidus Magnus 12:14, 10 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

noswaith dda[golygu cod]

"banana" yw cyfrinair fy nghyfrif (=Mh96)

He really is asking to be blocked, for some reason (see also Caffi history page). That was his request after replacing the Welsh flag with this "joke" version. Maybe its not a bad idea, after all. (I reverted the image and the original now appears on Hafan, but for some reason I can't delete the photoshopped version. I've got an uploaded copy of the original so would it be best to choose "delete all" and reupload the original?). Anatiomaros 21:06, 13 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
He's done all sorts of practical jokes in the past, but over the last few days he's been all over the place, so to speak (see the reverted edit of Penisarcwm for instance and the blanking and restoring of the Caffi). I've tried to be patient. Would you like to do the block, or shall we give one last try? Could you leave him a message perhaps? I've warned him several times in the past so don't want this to seem personal. Anatiomaros 22:23, 13 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Vandal user account[golygu cod]

Hi. I apologise for communicating with you in English, but I do not know Welsh. A long while ago, a user created an account on cy.wikipedia using the nickname I tend to use on Wikimedia projects (User:OldakQuill, please see en:User:OldakQuill or commons:User:OldakQuill). The user used the account to vandalise cy.wikipedia and was promptly banned. I am having a problem unifying my account across Wikimedia because this account uses the username "OldakQuill", but was not set up by me. In this scenario, meta:Help:Unified_login suggests contacting a bureaucrat on the project to request the vandal account be moved to another user name. I am not sure what cy.wikipedia policy says concerning this. Would you be willing to move the vandal-account to another name so that I may take this username? Many thanks, en:User:OldakQuill -- 20:45, 25 Mawrth 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Newid enw cyfrif[golygu cod]

Dwi newydd sylwi i mi wneud camsillafiad tra'n cofrestru cyfrif ar y wicipedia cymraeg. Roedd i fod yr un un a'r wicipedia Saesneg:

Cefais gipolwg am arweiniad ar sut i wneud hyn, ond mae'r tudalennau cymorth Gymraeg yn bychan eu nifer hyd yn hyn. Toeddwn i'n methu dod o hyd i dudalen gyfystyr i, a felly'n gofyn i chi am gymorth/arweiniad.

Rhag fod amheuaeth, Ansbaradigeidfran yw'r sillafiad cywir.

I've noticed that I've mis-spelt my username when registering on the Welsh Wiki (which I did after reading your recruitment drive on your en. user page) and asked [Defnyddiwr:Anatiomaros] if he could change it. He's referred me on to you. The correct spelling is 'Ansbaradigeidfran'.

Diolch. Ansbaradigedfran 22:15, 8 Ebrill 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Cyfrif newydd wedi ei greu. Fe gewch chi ddileu'r hen un os oes angen! New account created. You can delete the old one if need be! Ansbaradigeidfran 19:36, 9 Ebrill 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot status for BOTarate[golygu cod]

Hi. I'd like to ask you to grant User:BOTarate bot status on cy.wikipedia for adding interwikilinks. You can check where it's flagged here. Thank you in advance. es:user:Rastrojo talk 14:02, 3 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Electoral Constituencies[golygu cod]

Please note my comments on Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Paul-L -- Maelor  18:39, 5 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Exemption Doctrine Policy[golygu cod]

Would be glad of your input on this discussion. Lloffiwr 16:07, 26 Mai 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot flag request for Synthebot[golygu cod]

Dear Deb, I made a request for Synthebot (edits, sul) at Wicipedia:Y_Caffi#Bot status for Synthebot. Please, have a look at it. Thank you very much in advance. Regards, --Julian 11:38, 9 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

What happens to my request? --WikiDreamer 19:18, 24 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Cyfrifiadur → タチコマ robot[golygu cod]

I own both accounts. This request is to unify all of my bot accounts for SUL. Thanks. -- Cat chi? 09:23, 11 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Biwrocratiaid[golygu cod]

Ydych chi wedi gweld y sgwrs ar fiwrocratiaid ar Y Caffi? (Have you seen the discussion on Biwrocratiaid on Y Caffi?) Lloffiwr 22:11, 15 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

"Joyful and triumphant"? Rather more humbly, perhaps, I'd be willing to shoulder the responsibility and would gladly nominate Rhion as well, if he's happy with that.
BTW, have you noticed this:

"RHYBUDD: Mae'r dudalen hon yn 65 cilobeit o hyd; mae rhai porwyr yn cael trafferth wrth lwytho tudalennau sy'n hirach na 32kb. Byddai'n dda o beth llunio sawl tudalen llai o hyd o ddeunydd y dudalen hon."?!

I've imported an Archive box from en; needs a few tweaks but works (perish the thought that someone might hint that your tudalen Sgwrs has grown to epic proportions!). Cofion, Anatiomaros 18:18, 17 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Just realised the deed is done. Do I get a suit?! Alan012 has asked if I could upgrade him to admin status (see talk on Y Caffi). How exactly do I do that? Diolch a chofion, Anatiomaros 21:36, 18 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC) (PS Mae'r dudalen yn edrych yn well rwan!)Ateb[ateb]
Mae popeth yn iawn Deb, mae gennym ni ddau Weinyddwr newydd rwan. Anatiomaros 22:06, 18 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Unified login issue[golygu cod]

Dear Deb,

I need your help as a bureaucrat on this wiki. I am de:User:Entlinkt. Someone has registed my user name on this wiki before unified login was introduced and made some nasty changes, so that the account was even blocked for one day. None of the contributions is useful in any way. The person also created a user page where he claims to be me, but that is not true.

This account is now preventing me from logging in to this wiki under my global user name. I had this problem on about 15 wikis. The second last wiki where it has been solved is the Japanese. Cymraeg is now the last wiki where my user name is taken by someone else. Would you mind renaming the account out of the way, using the Special:Renameuser interface, so I can log in here? I would use the account mainly for fixing interwiki problems such as Craig Thomas. A bot fixed it here, but I could have done it myself much earlier.

Regards, -- 04:20, 29 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

message for Entlinkt[golygu cod]

I saw the message you left at Sgwrs Defnyddiwr: My guess is that it won't get noticed there. Can I suggest you leave your reply for him/her at de:Benutzer Diskussion:Entlinkt? Regards, Alan012 19:16, 29 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Deb, thanks for renaming the account out of the way. I was now able to log in, so it's working perfectly. If possible, could you delete both user pages Defnyddiwr:Entlinkt and Defnyddiwr:Entlinkt Ffug? The latter is a fake, I have never created that account. The former is now my real user page. I'd prefer to have it empty for now, maybe I'll create a user page later. Thanks. --Entlinkt 19:35, 29 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Ptbotgourou[golygu cod]

Thanks for the welcome... on my bot page. Could you done something, because I asked for the flag on Y Caffi... but it seems taht nobody had see it. Thanks.--Gdgourou 15:49, 23 Awst 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Wicipedia DU[golygu cod]

Wikimedians in the United Kingdom are working to set up a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, which will aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge. A board of five members has been elected, and a company has now been set up. Membership applications are now invited, and will be processed as soon as we have a bank account. The organisation needs the support and involvement of people like you.

So far, most participants have been based on English-language projects, but we want to ensure that we work with and for Wikimedians in all languages. As Wicipedia yn Gymraeg is an important language native to the UK, we are making contact with you.

We need to know what a new UK chapter can do to assist your project, and how we can best work together to make that happen. We are also looking for people who can translate short pieces of text, such as the first paragraph of this message, to help publicise the activities of the chapter.

Please do comment, make suggestions, and feel free to ask us any questions, whether here, on MetaWiki, or on the wikimedia-uk mailing list. AndrewRT 23:04, 1 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

dy dudalen defnyddiwr[golygu cod]

S' mae, Deb.

Mae gen i gwestiwn bach am dy dudalen defnyddiwr -- oes rhaid iddi hi gynnwys y dudalen Wicipedia:Croeso, newydd-ddyfodiaid? Gyda'r cynhwysiad hwn, mae dy dudalen yn cael ei rhestri o dan Categori:Cymorth. Diolch. I have a little question about your user page -- does it need to include the new users welcome page? It's making your page appear under the help category. Thanks. Alan 08:08, 3 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

welcome template[golygu cod]


Thanks for the explanation. In any event, the message is a bit long to put on somebody's talk page. What we need is a template containing a brief welcome message and a link to the full page. The template can be called Nodyn:Croeso, so that the name is easy to remember (and to use with {{croeso}} or possibly {{subst:croeso}}). You may also decide to have this shorter message on your user page, although in fact I think I've probably fixed the category problem by putting the category (and interwiki) links in a <noinclude> section on the help page, so that e.g. your user page is no longer in Categori:Cymorth (at least hopefully as of soon; it seems to take a while to take effect).

I'll write something and then ask some fluent speakers to polish up the wording.

Regards, Alan 08:21, 4 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg a'r Wicipedia[golygu cod]

Sut mae, Deb? Ga'i dynnu dy sylw at y nodyn yn y Caffi am ymateb Bwrdd yr Iaith i gais am gymorth? Hoffwn fedru anfon ein hymateb i'r cynnig i fod ar eu desg erbyn bore dydd Llun. Hwyl, Anatiomaros 18:12, 13 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Erthyglau newydd[golygu cod]

Deb, Just to draw your attention to discussion at Sgwrs Nodyn:Erthyglau newydd in case you don't happen to notice it. Regards, Alan 01:19, 3 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Wikimania Oxford bid[golygu cod]

Some time ago you indicated your support of the Oxford 2010 Wikimania Bid, and it was recieved with much gratitude. I now ask if you could could help support our bid by contributing to the bid page that is located at: Now is the critical period for work to continue on the bid as the official bidding period has now started and the jury has been formed.

I do not ask for huge swathes of time, just enough that with eveyrone working on this, it can be completed in time to the high standard required in a bid. For the bid page, an excellent source of information is the travel wiki article on the City of Oxford which is found at: The chance of bringing Wikimania to the UK is the best so far and i expect the best chance for many years. With a fresh and stong UK chapter we have an amazing opportunity to put ourselves on the map. If you have any questions, please mail them to the Wikimedia UK mailing list, email me or post a message on my talk page and i will answer as quickly as possible.

I look forward to working with you on the bid page. Many Thanks. Seddσn talk 15:13, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

Croeso IP[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. Just to let you know that I created Nodyn:croeso IP. I don't suggest bothering to use it for every IP address that is used in passing for a single minor edit, but if somebody is clearly contributing significantly from an IP address, then it would be good to welcome them (and suggest they get an account). I hope that the template achieves that. Many thanks for the work that you do in looking out for newcomers and greeting them. Alan 07:11, 4 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks[golygu cod]

  • Thanks for letting me know about the bot status.--Ghaly 20:01, 15 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

changed a block you issued[golygu cod]

Hi Deb, Just to let you know that I reduced an indefinite IP block you issued to one week. The IP ( seems to be registered to Swansea council, so it's probably a school or library. I think best avoid a long block unless the problem gets very severe. Regards, Alan 19:43, 27 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Dim problem! Alan 07:39, 28 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Henriku[golygu cod]

Thank you for your words. I don't understand Cymraeg, but it is a pleasure for me to collaborate with minority Wikis. If I can help you sometimes, you can find me especially in the pages of the Upper Sorbian Wikipedia (hornjoserbsce), User:Henriku.

Best regards,--Henriku 15:20, 9 Mai 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I have accounts also in French, Occitan, Catalan, Romanian, Modern Hebrew, Czech and Sardinian (but I don't speak this language). I began to edit about one month ago, I have written articles about Occitan, Judeo-Provencal, Dalmatian Romance language, its last speaker Tuone Udaina and about the extinct African Romance language. I like to help minority Wikis, I use to write in Upper Sorbian, seldom in Romanian, sometimes I correct some error in Hebrew or Czech articles. If the Welsh Wikipedians need my help, they are welcome.--Henriku 18:05, 9 Mai 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Eisiau dy gyngor[golygu cod]

S'mae Deb? Wonder if you could bring your experience to bear on a problem that's arisen concerning Defnyddiwr:Wiccan1? He innocently created his account without realising that his main account, Defnyddiwr:xxglennxx is in fact a crosswiki account. This has only just come to light. I'm certain no attempt at the dreaded "sockpuppetry" was intended; it was a simple mistake. But what's the best way to resolve it, "block" the Wiccan1 account with a note of explanation or delete it? There's a bit of discussion about this on my talk page under 'Helo'. Appreciate your advice, as always. Hwyl, Anatiomaros 20:06, 20 Mehefin 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Just thought, does a redirect work? Unlikely, I suppose. Anatiomaros 20:56, 20 Mehefin 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

BBC Vocab[golygu cod]

Hi, Deb. I've received an invitation for Wicipedia from Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg and the BBC, posted at Wicipedia:Y Caffi/25,000 erthygl in Welsh. Here's the English text, so you don't miss out:

BBC VOCAB: invitation to work in partnership with the Welsh Language Board and BBC Wales
We are writing to you on behalf of the Welsh Language Board and BBC Wales to invite Wicipedia to participate in the BBC Vocab project. As you may know, this scheme, which assists people who are learning Welsh to better understand web pages in Welsh, has been available for some time on the BBC and the Board’s websites. We are pleased to note that the further technical developments have now finished, enabling Vocab to be trialled on other websites.
There is no cost to join the trial or the project itself. For learners or Welsh speakers who are not fully confident in their Welsh, Vocab can encourage more people to view your Welsh Language pages. There will also be an opportunity for you to declare your participation in a joint press release between all the institutions that will be taking part in the scheme - which will hopefully generate further publicity for all concerned.
If you are not aware of the scheme, the enclosed screen grabs show how Vocab Works. The principle is quite simple: your web pages are passed through the BBC Wales’s dictionary, which then highlights definitions of more ‘difficult’ words ‘in yellow (see screen grab on right). By hovering your Mouse over any Word which is highlighted, the user will see a definition from the dictionary, with an option to visit the full definition on the BBC website.
All that your institution needs to do is adapt a few lines of code from the Welsh side of your website to include the BBC Vocab ‘box’. Of course, there will be a need to spend some time testing to ensure Vocab works on your website before a formal launch, from our previous introductory testing that we have undergone, we do not anticipate this to be a major demand on your time.
This free of charge and exciting project is something the BBC and the Board are very proud of and we are eager for Wicipedia to participate in.
If you would like to participate, and increase the number of visitors to your Welsh pages on your website whilst sharing in the ensuing positive publicity then visit (here)to see the next steps that you should take.
Your Vocab URL is (here).

What do you think? Is there any precedent on Wikipedia? Could do with your advice. Cofion cynnes, Anatiomaros 18:54, 25 Mehefin 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

There's a discussion, in Cymraeg, at Sgwrs Nodyn:Vocab. One of the technical points that needs resolving is whether it is possible to add Vocab to the 'blwch offer', after translating the script and creating a template (or two) to enable it (this could avoid us having to insert the script iself on every page, an impossible task...). But how do we do that? Even as a biwrocrat/gweinyddwr I don't seem to have access to it. One presumes, therefore, that it's a case of having to ask an admin from Meta to do it for us. Would you know anything about this? Also, just where do we stand on this anyway, as part of the Wikipedia Foundation itself? Are there any precedents or guidelines? Perhaps you know someone who is involved with Metawiki who could be asked for advice, informally? Your experience and advice would be appreciated. Diolch, Anatiomaros 19:15, 2 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Any ideas on this, Deb? It really needs to be resolved. I've had several e-mails from the WLB asking how things are progressing and I really don't know what to say! This is now urgent: we either do this or we don't. Any suggestions would be welcome as I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Cofion, Anatiomaros 17:18, 19 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Trefn rhifolion mewn dyddiad[golygu cod]

Haia Deb. Parthed dy olygiad yma, heddiw Roeddwn i'n credu ein bod wedi cytuno ar drefn arbennig - o ran dyddiadau: 1 Mawrth 1927 - heb y collnod? Gweler y [yma]. Mae cadw at UN trefn, pa bynnag drefn yw hwnnw, yn cadw Wici yn unffurf ac yn gyson. Llywelyn2000 21:42, 4 Awst 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Llythyren Fawr mewn Pennawd[golygu cod]

Oes angen llythyren fawr (G) yn: Digwyddiadau a gogwyddion? Before I start correcting all the dates, is it not that a lower case letter is usual? Same with: Pobl nodweddiadol - do we need an upper case N? Llywelyn2000 21:33, 15 Awst 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks, in that case (excuse the pun!), I'll change the headings to lower case. Llywelyn2000 21:39, 15 Awst 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
On the other hand, maybe we should request a bot to rename in one go! I'll hold fire for now. Is that ok? Llywelyn2000 21:42, 15 Awst 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sut mae, Deb? In case you were wondering, I took Drws off the Erthyglau newydd list as it was obviously a machine translation and made little or no sense. Needs a complete rewrite or deleting. For instance, it opens with the statement 'Mae drws yn anodd, beth fflat...', which roughly translated means "A door is difficult, a flat thing..."! I'm sure the creator meant well but contributions like this are a pain, to be honest, even if an article on the subject is needed. Anatiomaros 21:58, 17 Medi 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

gweithfa[golygu cod]

Hello Deb,

As far as I can tell, the word "gweithfa" only means "works" in the sense of a manufacturing plant, not as in artistic works etc, so in Arvo Pärt I changed it to "gweithiau".

You might like to confirm this with a native speaker, and if this is correct then change gweithfa to gweithiau in existing articles where it has been used with this meaning, for example Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Regards, Alan 04:25, 9 Hydref 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

thank you[golygu cod]

Thank you for the welcome note. Luke 06:10, 17 Rhagfyr 2009 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Neges bwysig i bob gweinyddwr[golygu cod]

Yn dilyn trafodaeth yn y Caffi (gweler yma), mae Luke wedi creu tudalen newydd ar gyfer materion gweinyddol, sef Negesfwrdd gweinyddiaeth. Y syniad yw defnyddio'r Caffi ar gyfer negeseuon cyffredinol a defnyddio'r bwrdd newydd fel lle i drafod a datrys - gobeithio - materion fel nodiadau, categorïau, fandaliaeth a phethau eraill sy'n rhan o waith gweinyddwyr. Bydd yn gymorth i gadw trafodaethau gyda'i gilydd ac yn rhyddhau lle yn y Caffi. Hoffwn ofyn i bawb sy'n weinyddwr ei roi ar eu rhestr gwylio a'i ddefnyddio. Gobeithio bydd yr arbrawf yn llwyddiant ac yn gwneud ein gwaith yma yn haws. Anatiomaros 21:50, 3 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Deb, this is a message about the Welsh equivalent of Administrator's noticeboard which we've just set up. Hope you'll remember to add it to your watchlist! Cofion, Anatiomaros 22:00, 3 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

A small request[golygu cod]

I wonder if you could do me a favour in your capacity as admin "over on the Dark Side"? At long last I've finally created a unified account. However, as I knew, there is already an account with my preferred user name on 'en'. It was created in August 2007 and only used for 2 days so I think we can assume it is as dormant as a John Cleese's parrot. What I'd like you to do is rename that account so that my Enaidmawr account on en can be moved to Anatiomaros and join my other (now unified) local accounts. Details about dealing with the situation here under 'Someone is using my name on another wiki, how can I get that account?'. Hopefully it's not too complicated a procedure. Diolch yn fawr, Anatiomaros 22:36, 4 Mehefin 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Helo, could you help us, please![golygu cod]

ói bore da! Sorry this is the only thing I'm able to write in Welsh for now. I'm Claudi Balaguer, member of a Catalan association "Amical de la Viquipèdia" which is trying to become a Chapter but has seen this rejected because it doesn't belong to a/one state! Since you're Welsh you understand too well what it is to be a speaker of a minorized language. If you think that our action may help all the minorized or stateless languages and preserve our cultures you can paste the following template on your user page Wikimedia CAT. Thanks/diolch for your help! I wish you a pleasant and sunny summertime. Take care, hwyl fawr! Capsot 17:36, 14 Mehefin 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks[golygu cod]

Thank you for your translation of the article Pier Gerlofs Donia. Any help is always welcome, and I am glad you were able to help out. Dr. Magnus 10:47, 18 Gorffennaf 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank you for you welcome--HombreDHojalata 12:15, 19 Gorffennaf 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Blwch defnyddiwr[golygu cod]

Helo, s'mai? Dwi newydd greu blwch i'w ddefnyddio i ddweud bod rhywun yn weinyddwr. Defnyddia'r cod {{Defnyddiwr:Xxglennxx/Blychau/Gweinyddwr}} os hoffet ti :) -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 00:38, 26 Gorffennaf 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Image licences[golygu cod]

Apologies for writing in English and thank you for welcoming me. As you can see, I am currently tidying up Geograph images. It is no exaggeration to say that I am horrified at the contempt this wiki shows for image licensing. If people upload untagged images to the English Wikipedia or the Commons, they last no more than a few days. I do not want to single out individuals but this list hints at the extent of the problem.

As a minimum, please implement a stricter upload routine which insists on a valid licence tag. This will at least prevent the problem increasing. — RHaworth 18:43, 19 Medi 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

On other wikis the speedy delete template allows me to give a reason. Nodyn:Tudalen amheus should do so also. -- RHaworth 18:55, 19 Medi 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Rydw i'n newydd yma[golygu cod]

Helo Deb! Diolch am fy nghroesawu i'r safle yma, mae'n wych! Dwi'n meddwl bod yr holl adranau gwahanol yma yn dda iawn, ac rydw i'n falch o allu golygu a chreu erthyglau. Diolch; Hello Deb! Thanks for welcoming me to the site, it's brilliant! I think that all the different zones are really good, and I'm glad to be able to look over and make new articles. Thank you Gwynnfyd 18:12, 20 Medi 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Merci ![golygu cod]

Diolch yn fawr. Merci pour ton bienvenue ! --Wikinade 11:54, 3 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Llyfr newydd[golygu cod]

I've noticed that your new book has recently been released. Paul-L 19:48, 13 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I'll look to see if any of your books are in my local library the next time I'm there. Paul-L 12:25, 19 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I am in the library and your books are not in here.

But I could write a poor review on Amazon just because one of your site police blocked out this computer before.

No maybe that would be a bit cruel. All right I won't. Gosh I'm far too nice.

No need for you to block him. I've done it myself. Pwyll 16:25, 23 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Just some Sais playing with Google Translate. Aside from all his petty nationalism, he accused male voice choirs of sexual discrimination and then went on to make a sexist comment about old women on the Snowdon railway. Nain Nain Nain 17:32, 23 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
My only concern is that he probably really is "yn y llyfrgell", having been banned at home, and will get a shared IP address banned by his activities. Deb 07:58, 24 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
That may be true. I've just changed the block to "amhenodl" (see the vandal's talk page for my reasons). This underlines the need for us to have two of us with check-user status here on cy, but as you are probably aware that privilege is very closely guarded and the rules seem deliberately designed to ensure that only a handful of the larger wikis have check-users. Most unfair and inconvenient for everybody else.
In this case I think we could safely assume that the library, if indeed that is the IP location, is somewhere in God's Own Country; either way it's not likely to affect any future potential contributor as there must be thousands of such locations. Anatiomaros 15:42, 24 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Rules? I thought we made our own! Deb 17:00, 24 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Returning to the original point of this (before the vandal came along), I was in Prestatyn library last Friday, and the only book of yours I could find on their shelves was 'Princes of Wales'. I didn't borrow it, as I have a backlog of unread books at home that I want to read first, before getting any more books. Paul-L 11:58, 28 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Well, Paul, the new one is just out and, as far as I'm concerned, the more people who request it from their local library, the happier I'll be! Deb 20:22, 1 Tachwedd 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Kvikk Lunsj[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. In case you're wondering why I undid your adding 'Kvikk Lunsj' to Erthyglau newydd, it seems that the article was deleted by BenBore (see here). From what I can see of the text without restoring the item, it would seem to have been a machine translation. It shouldn't have been left by him as a red link in Erthyglau newydd though, and therefore showing on the Hafan page as well, sticking out like a sore thumb, which is how I noticed it... Just thought I'd let you know. Cofion cynnes, Anatiomaros 16:46, 15 Hydref 2010 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch[golygu cod]

Diolch am ychwanegu categori ar gyfer fy erthyglau Naruto Beca 20:53, 3 Ionawr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch am y ddolen[golygu cod]

Diolch am y ddolen ryngwici. Drap - and I thought this was a Wiki Exclusive for us! Amazing how little is being reported about this on the mainstream western media though - virtually nothing at all in the States, for instance - as it's such an extraordrinary and potentially seismic event ("Tremble, O ye potentates of the Middle East!"). I'm relying a lot on twitter and blog feeds, personal videos etc, and filling in with "respectable" sources as and when available. Got many friends out there, so this means a lot to me. Anyway, diolch! Anatiomaros 23:00, 3 Ionawr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Statws dau Weinyddwr[golygu cod]

Please take a look at here, Deb. They've had more than a week to respond, yet no word from either. Llywelyn2000 05:31, 3 Mawrth 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I admit I don't really see it as a problem. Deb 20:02, 3 Mawrth 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Please take a look at here. Your view is requested Deb. Diolch yn fawr. Llywelyn2000 23:07, 7 Mawrth 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

French/english[golygu cod]

Hello ! I see you want to have a better french and me a better english. If you want to speak with me contact me by email from my main page in french here. See you France64160 23:49, 16 Mawrth 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Helo![golygu cod]

Helo Deb, I am sorry to bother (Anatiomaros seems to be busy lately...) and to impose (my poor) English, my Welsh has not improved at all since last time (sorry I do not have enough time). I do not know if this might be interesting for you or someone else here in the Wicipedia but I have found this old recording in (National French Library; there might be other things in Welsh there...): I wish all of you all the best! Da bo chi! Claudi/Capsot 12:06, 8 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch! Deb 15:36, 10 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Castell Dolbadarn[golygu cod]

Deb, do you know which user (or IP) created that article Ym pa flwyddyn cafodd castell dolbadarn ei adeiladu? which you deleted? Unfortunately I can't tell now that it's been deleted, but as an admin you should still be able to see this information. I would like to respond to the user, just to say that the English language page [1] says that it was built some time before 1230 (and to ask them gently please not to create articles just to ask questions), but I don't know who to contact. Better still if you happen to know the information from a reliable source! Thanks. Peredur ap Rhodri 20:02, 11 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks for your help. Peredur ap Rhodri 20:05, 14 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sgwrs heb ei ateb[golygu cod]

Mae na sgwrs o ddiddordeb i ti ar: Sgwrs:2005 yn llenyddiaeth John Jones 20:26, 26 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Usurp request[golygu cod]

Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to usurp User:Mato on this wiki, as per the change on my home wiki (enwiki), to secure the SUL. Only 3 edits made, the last of which in Feb 2005. Confirmation here ([2]). Thanks for your help. Tomayres 15:19, 30 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I don't see why not - except I can't figure out how to do it! I will have to look into it. Deb 16:35, 30 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Thanks very much. Tomayres 18:16, 30 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I think I've done it right! Hope so, anyway. Deb 21:16, 30 Ebrill 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Fantastic!! Thank you very much. Mato 00:26, 1 Mai 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Oh, you've updated the SUL for me as well. Diolch! Deb 07:02, 1 Mai 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

correction[golygu cod]

Deb, I see that in your articles about literature in various years you are adding a section title called "Ieithiau arall". That should be "Ieithoedd eraill". Peredur ap Rhodri 22:19, 4 Mai 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

By the way, I guess the subheading "arall" should probably be "eraill" (plural) as well, because it refers to other genres. But you might want to check with one of the native speakers on this point. Peredur ap Rhodri 22:22, 4 Mai 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Ti sy'n iawn, Peredur - mae angen defnyddio'r lluosog o "arall" sy'n "eraill." Ti hefyd sydd yn iawn am luosog 'iaith' > 'ieithoedd'. -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 12:11, 5 Mai 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Diolch! Deb 17:26, 5 Mai 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Mohamed ElGedawy → محمد الجداوي[golygu cod]

Hi, I want to change my name from: "Mohamed ElGedawy" to: "محمد الجداوي", Because i have changed my username on many wikipedias.--Mohamed ElGedawy 06:49, 14 Awst 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Dwy erthygl o'r un natur[golygu cod]

Dw i wedi gadael sylw yn fama. unrhyw sylwadau? Llywelyn2000 17:45, 16 Awst 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

CheckUsers[golygu cod]

Shwmae, Deb, sut wyt ti? Who are the CheckUsers for our wici? Do we even have any? They'd be very useful given the current situations of vandalism. -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 19:35, 7 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

No, we don't, but we could always ask the ones on English wikipedia, such as en:User:Elen of the Roads (only cos I like her user name). I got the impression that they were looking out for us anyway, because a lot of the dodgy users get removed before we've even noticed they are there. Deb 19:47, 7 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Thanks for the user - I've continued this discussion on the negesfwrdd gweinyddiaeth. -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 20:04, 7 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Maedin → Julia W[golygu cod]

Hi Deb! Could you please rename my account User:Maedin to User:Julia W. I'm having my account renamed on all projects where I have edits, so that I can then request an SUL. Here is confirmation of my request: [3]. Thanks! Maedin 09:32, 22 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hello Deb, thank you for the message on my enwiki talk page. I'm confused though because it doesn't look like the change has been made! I still have all of my edits here on this account. Could you try again, please? Thank you!  :) Maedin 13:39, 23 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
As far as I can see, you have not got any earlier edits. Have I misunderstood what you wanted? Deb 15:23, 23 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Maybe it is my mistake, but the contributions for User:Maedin show three edits made last year. Thank you for moving my userpage to the new name, but I wanted my account renamed, so that my contributions would be moved to the new account which would then be created at the same time. Maedin 12:35, 26 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Oh, I understand what you mean now. I must have done something wrong. I'll have a look. Deb 12:47, 26 Medi 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Hi Deb! Sorry to disturb you. I'm still waiting on the rename to be completed. You're pretty much the only active bureaucrat on the Welsh Wikipedia and renaming is one of your functions. Could you look into this, please? Thank you, and hope you have a lovely Christmas! Maedin 20:52, 14 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Sorry. I have a problem with this. Once I had done it wrong, I could not find a way to reverse it and re-do it correctly. Still can't. Deb 18:17, 15 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
You don't need to reverse anything. You need to go to Special:RenameUser. Only bureaucrats can see the page so I don't know what it looks like, but it should be straightforward. Maedin 22:01, 15 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs[golygu cod]

Deb, nei di ddad-ddiogelu'r dudalen Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs i fi? Cafodd ei diogelu rhyw ddwy flynedd yn ôl (ar ôl fandaliaeth). Swn i'n meddwl ei bod yn saff o hyn erbyn hyn, ac mi faswn i'n leicio golygu'r Gymraeg. [Deb, could you unprotect the page Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs for me? It got protected some two years ago (after vandalism). I should think it's safe from that by now, and I'd like to edit the Welsh.] Daffy

OK. Deb 08:29, 14 Tachwedd 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch! Daffy 22:39, 14 Tachwedd 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Username rename request: White Cat -> とある白い猫[golygu cod]

I'd like to request a username rename per SUL. -- Cat chi? 16:49, 11 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi, should I post this request elsewhere? -- Cat chi? 13:31, 19 Chwefror 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hello, would you please take care of this request? If you don't know how or if you want me to just do it, then please drop me a note on my meta talk page - if you don't reply within one week, I will just rename the user as he is waiting for this now since December. Thanks, -Barras (sgwrs) 09:47, 16 Mai 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]


Hope you don't mind; thought I'd help. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 13:11, 16 Mai 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch! Deb (sgwrs) 17:07, 17 Mai 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Current politics on the operation of bots[golygu cod]

I'd like to know what I need to do to operate my bot which handles double redirects and interwiki links. I realise I should post something on Wikipedia:Bots/Peticións de aprobación but I cannot understand what I need to do unfortunately. Thanks. -- Cat chi? 16:51, 11 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Wrong language! What's the name of the bot? Deb 20:59, 11 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
The bot is タチコマ robot -- Cat chi? 19:00, 16 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Deb. If you would have looked at his Talk page you would have seen that you had a conversation with him in March 2008. By the way, I've corrected over 50 double redirects here on Wici cym and I'm certainly no robot! John Jones 19:28, 16 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
2008? I've slept since then! It looks like Anatiomaros did this at the time, so I don't know why the query. What I do know is that we need more biwrocrats! Deb 12:22, 17 Rhagfyr 2011 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I went on a wikibreak since 2008 till summer of 2011 more or less. I am active now. :) -- Cat chi? 13:31, 19 Chwefror 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Your bot is global, and you have a local botflag. What else do you need? -- Lavallen 16:06, 19 Chwefror 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Oh, I was thinking I lacked a bot flag here. Nevermind :) Thanks anyways. -- Cat chi? 18:00, 1 Mawrth 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

My Welsh is not at all up to any complicated discussion![golygu cod]

Sh'w mae Deb!

Y Ddraig Goch

My Welsh is not up to any discussion... ( complicated would be out of the question! ) Just wanted to thank you for welcoming me to the Welsh-language Wikipedia.

If you are interested in knowing my "Welshness" ... which is absolute ... please have a look at the lead to [User:Gareth Griffith-Jones|Gareth Griffith-Jones's user page]. ( English version !) Initially, this was a Wikiilink, but it took you to my Welsh User page.

In view of our success in the Six Nations, I wanted to wave Y Ddraig Goch here. I hope you approve.

With kind wishes,

Gareth Griffith-Jones (sgwrs) 11:21, 13 Mawrth 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hwyl![golygu cod]

Hi. Good win at the weekend, wasn't it? Deb (talk) 20:44, 13 March 2012 (UTC)

It certainly was... in spite of the ref.! I've been watching [scrum v], courtesy of BBC i-player via cable (it is not available live here) and listening to the panel agreeing with what I had thought during the match: he was determined to penalise the attacking team – only one – Wales, whenever possible. I still enjoyed it enormously. Saturday will be great against France. It was kind of you to make contact. Diolch yn fawr, Deb. Gareth Griffith-Jones (talk) 21:24, 13 March 2012 (UTC)

Thanks[golygu cod]

Thanks for the welcome. INeverCry 23:30, 12 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

PiRSquared17[golygu cod]

Hi Deb, I saw you blocked PiRSquared17 using, according to google translator, "vandalisms in English" as reason. I'm quite sure it was a mistake since PiRSquared17 is a well-known member of meta:SWMT. So I'd like to suggest you to review the block. Have a nice day! --Vituzzu (sgwrs) 21:11, 15 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

His "vandalisms" were actually tagging of vandalism pages others had created for speedy deletions... Snowolf How can I help? 21:14, 15 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
(after ec) As a fellow steward I support this request of Vituzzu, so could you please unblock PiRSquared17? Trijnstel (sgwrs) 21:15, 15 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I would also support this request for PiRSquared17 also to be unblocked - he is a valued member of the Small Wiki monitoring team, and was trying to assist with things - I have not known this user to deliberately vandalise anything, Deb, and your assistance with this would be very welcome. As an admin on a wiki assisted by the SWMT, I know their value to smaller wikis. I don't even see he was warned for it. Maybe talk to him first? :) BarkingFish (sgwrs) 21:22, 15 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Done. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 04:33, 16 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

My mistake, sorry. Deb (sgwrs) 07:25, 16 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hello. I request renaming my following accounts:

  • محمد الجداوي → Avocato
  • GedawyBot → AvocatoBot
  • Confirmation link: [4]
  • Reason: Privacy reasons

Please, delete all my userpages and talk pages of these accounts before renaming and I will create them later .Thanks in advance.--M.Gedawy 07:03, 15 Gorffennaf 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Erthyglau newydd[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. I've asked here if we could cut down a few of the Erthyglau Newydd list, maybe half it? It's getting longer and longer, and at the same time, the old ones should be under "Erthyglau hen" by the time they're deleted! What do you think? Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 08:16, 22 Gorffennaf 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Eisteddfod 2012[golygu cod]

Just happened to click on recent changes to Llywelyn's tudalen sgwrs. The Wicipedia event will take place on Wednesday afternoon at a 'tent/stand' callen Cefnlen (see timetable/map), which will be at the back of a tent/stand called Y Babell Lên (Literary Pavilion).--Ben Bore (sgwrs) 20:46, 30 Gorffennaf 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sorry about that, I was just checking availability at the beggining, and in the end the Wiciepdia session was given a Wednesday slot. If you can still make it, let me know.--Ben Bore (sgwrs) 21:05, 30 Gorffennaf 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Angen newid "Rheoli galluoedd defnyddwyr"[golygu cod]

Wedi bod yn arbrofi gyda hawliau BOTs. Wnei di fynd i fama, plis a rhoi tic yn "Gweinyddwr" a "Biwrocrat". Mae'r syntem wedi bod i lawr y bore ma. Diolch. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 16:16, 11 Rhagfyr 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Just changed it myself! Don't know why it hasn't shown all my edits this morning! Around 25. It may have something to do with the fact that the system was down this morning when I started editing at 9.52; or the fact that I allowed myself BOT status for 30 minutes in partnership with en:User:Ganeshk, as part of my BOT request (see Caffi). Whatever it was, seems ok now! Thanks Deb! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 16:25, 11 Rhagfyr 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Hi Deb. I've been quite busy in the background with the new BOT-Twm Crys (bot); it may be good practice if you could note your agreement to it here. We have no rules against issuing a bot for oneself, but I would sleep better knowing that everything is above board! You can see the changes Botwm Crys has done on it's user page here. Diolch yn fawr i ti. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 17:12, 29 Rhagfyr 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Diolch Deb. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 10:22, 30 Rhagfyr 2012 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

But remember not to leave that space in front of your sig or you turn your name into code. LlywelynII (sgwrs) 10:36, 9 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

It's just formatting. Deb (sgwrs) 12:55, 9 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hafan - sgwrs yn y Caffi[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. Could you take a look in the Caffi, please. I've suggested a few changes to the Hafan: 1. reducing the subjects (Gwyddoniaeth - bioleg, cemeg ect) 2. Reducing the wiki family logos into one line (see example) and 3. Starting a "On this Day..." column (you're just the one to be in charge of that one! We can always change it back if it doesn't look ok, but compared to other languages we're a bit dated imho! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 16:30, 23 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi, sorry for writing in English. I'm writing to ask you, as a bureaucrat of this wiki, to translate and review the notification that will be sent to all users, also on this wiki, who will be forced to change their user name on May 27 and will probably need your help with renames. You may also want to help with the pages m:Rename practices and m:Global rename policy. Thank you, Nemo 12:59, 3 Mai 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

rhwystrau[golygu cod]

Dw i wedi cymryd golwg ar Arbennig:BlockList a dw i'n gweld llawer o rwystrau hirion yna. Dw i ddim yn eich gweld yn rhybuddio'r defnyddwyr a rwystrwyd cyn i'w rhwystro. Ar wici-en a wici-fr maen nhw'n gosod negeseuon ar y tudalennau sgwrs i rybuddio defnyddwyr am fandaliaeth - ond dim ar wici-cy, dim ond eu rhwystro, amhenodol yn aml (cyfeiriadau IP hefyd!), heb ddweud dim byd ar wahan i 'dyma rwystr i ti, y rheswm oedd hwn'. Pam? Ydych chi'n siwr bod hyn yn syniad da? Os ydych chi'n rhybuddio cyn rhwystro, mae hyn yn rhoi cyfle i'r fandal i wella'i gyfraniadau a dod yn olygydd da. Oes gwahaniaeth gyda ni os mae hyn yn bosibl, neu oes mwy o wahaniaeth gyda ni am fandaliaeth na chyfraniadau?

Rwyt ti wedi gosod llawer o'r rhwystrau felly roeddwn i'n meddwl efallai dy fod yn gallu dweud wrtho i pam dydyn ni ddim yn rhybuddio cyn rhwystro. Dw i'n meddwl bod angen arnon ni bolisi rhwystro fel ar y wiciau eraill. Os nad oes polisi gyda ni am rwystro does dim byd i ddweud beth ni all y gweinyddwyr defnyddio fel rheswm dros rwystro, nac oes?

Hefyd, beth mae diogelwch sgydol yn cael ei ddefnyddio i atal yn wir? Dw i ddim yn ei ddeall. Cathfolant 23:46, 5 Mehefin 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Wait, was that supposed to be in English? I'm all confused...anyway the idea is, why are users getting blocked for so long on their first block and why aren't we warning them first because they do warn them on English and French wikipedias. Cathfolant 23:53, 5 Mehefin 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Sorry about the Welsh earlier. Here's the full translation of what I said, minus the last bit about cascading protection:
I took a look at Arbennig:BlockList and I see a lot of long blocks there. I don't see you [all] warning the users that were blocked before blocking them. On wiki-en and wiki-fr they leave messages on the talk pages to warn users about vandalism - but not on wiki-cy, only block them, often indefinitely (IP addresses too!), without saying anything but 'here's a block for you, the reason was this'. Why? Are you sure that's a good idea? If you warn before blocking, this gives the vandal a chance to improve their contributions and become a good editor. Do we care if that's possible, or do we care more about vandalism than contributions?
You made a lot of the blocks so I thought maybe you could tell me why we don't warn before blocking. I think we need a blocking policy like on the other wikis. If we don't have a policy for blocking there's nothing to say what the administrators can't use as a reason for blocking, is there?
'You made a lot of the blocks' actually referred to Llywelyn2000, since I don't see that many blocks made by you; I was going to talk to Llywelyn2000 but I decided for some reason to come to you instead.
Per Rhyswynne's suggestion I'm going to post on the Caffi about this to see what some other users say. I will try my best to provide all my comments in both languages. Cathfolant 21:11, 7 Mehefin 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I left a reply on my talk yesterday. I still think we need a blocking policy and I'm happy to try to write something up though I would like the input of everyone else first - and on this wiki for a change there actually is an 'everyone else'. Cathfolant 14:44, 8 Mehefin 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
There is a new section here if you are interested. I hope this was the right thing to do. Cathfolant 15:17, 8 Mehefin 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I finally answered you and Anatiomaros on the Caffi discussion. I don't know if you've seen that yet - just letting you know. Sorry for taking your time with this. Cathfolant 23:16, 10 Mehefin 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I have written something up. I would appreciate it if someone would take a look. It seems people are busy with more important stuff these days.

I was happy to see that this IP, a civilly POV-pushing Welsh-speaker, was warned before the three month block, but I'd have warned before the one day block as well and given a more complete description of what the problem was. I hope he/she gets the message and contributes usefully in the future rather than just walking away. Cathfolant (sgwrs) 16:00, 1 Gorffennaf 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sefydliadau xxxx[golygu cod]

Sut wyt ti Deb? Cofia am y nodyn:cat-sef, e.e. 'Sefydliadau 1349' = {{cat-sef|134|9|1339|1350}} Mae'n hawdd ei addasu. Just change the numbers e.g. 'Sefydliadau 1339' to '...1541' = {{cat-sef|154|1|1539|1550}}, and everything will come into place, including categories. All you need is the note. Add the en. interwiki e.g. [[en:Category:1341 establishments]] and all's done. If you have several cats to create just copypasta your first one and adapt it - 'Simples'! Cofion cynnes, Anatiomaros (sgwrs) 21:34, 31 Gorffennaf 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Dear Deb, thank you to help me in this page. You made a great work. Please, may I put some words more, and after you translate for me?

Thank you to answer, I'll help to you to something in Italian or Portuguese

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 16:34, 25 Awst 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sorry, I didn't know how... because for this first time I put on the same page.... sorry. I ask you to watch.... and forgive me!!! THANKS A LOT!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 17:07, 25 Awst 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank you a lot for your help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 21:22, 26 Awst 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Gwerthfawrogiad[golygu cod]

Gwerthfawrogiad o'th waith yn Gwneud y Pethau Bychan, pwysig
Carwn gyflwyno'r seren hon i ti, Deb, fel gwerthfawrogiad o'th waith arbennig dros lawer o flynyddoedd yn gwneud y pethau bach, pwysig. Cyflwyniad personnol ydyw, ond gwn hefyd fod dy waith yn cael ei werthfawrogi gan y gymuned ehangach. Diolch. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 12:31, 6 Hydref 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Diolch yn fawr! Deb (sgwrs) 15:14, 6 Hydref 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi Deb, how are you? Here it's toooooo cold, brr brr...

I made yesterday this page anout a South-African jounalist. Please, I'm askink 5 minutes of your time to correct the mistakes I've written from automatic translator. I know it's not the best way, but I don ask to my Wikifriends everyday.... please!!!

Thank you very much for your precious help

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 12:22, 5 Rhagfyr 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

THANKS A LOT, also to have called Llywelyn2000 to help the page! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 20:55, 5 Rhagfyr 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Have a nice night! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:45, 10 Rhagfyr 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

... and I'm making another page! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 08:48, 11 Rhagfyr 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Two little surprises foy ou all!!![golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, Anatiomaros and Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs): number one and number two, for you, with friendship.

I was not able to charge a pciture, I don't know the reason, because I see in others Wiki, why?

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 21:00, 11 Rhagfyr 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Dearest Deb, I just made this page, and I ask please 10 minutes of your time to read and correct all the mistakes. I'm asking also Anatiomaros (sgwrs) and Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs), so the page will be richer!

Thank a lot for your precious help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:01, 12 Rhagfyr 2013 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi Deb, how are you? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Please, I made this little stub, also because the picture of my User page will not be with red-link more!

I ask you 2 minutes to watch if everything is correct. Thanks again for your help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:46, 3 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Llyfrgell[golygu cod]

Hello, Would the article Llyfrgell be worth upgrading?--Felix Folio Secundus (sgwrs) 14:38, 4 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi, dearest Deb, I came back from Entrammes, ant thak you for the help!

I added a new picture, please, I ask you to watch if everything is correct. Thanks again!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 23:11, 17 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank you for Méral! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 18:11, 18 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

For my Wales Wiki friends!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 14:52, 23 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

After Dario Fo, I made this other page. I put a link from EN wiki to you understand what I wanted to say. Thank you for your precious help! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 23:50, 23 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Grazie mille - Thank you very much !!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 15:21, 25 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi Deb, how are you? Here it's too cold, and perhaps tonight we'll have eira.

Please, I made this short page, I ask you 3-4 minutes to correct my mistakes. Thank you very much for your help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 09:25, 28 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Grazie mille for your help! See you soon! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 07:44, 29 Ionawr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi, dearest Deb, how are you?

I made this new page now about this sweet politic women. Unfortunately, there isn no picture of her in Commons. I ask some minutes of your time to read and correct all my mistakes (and all Translator mistakes!).

Thank you very much for your help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 23:10, 27 Chwefror 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank youuuu. Didn't you find mistakes? That means me and Mr Translator made a good CY page? :-) Thanks again and have a nice week end! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 19:35, 28 Chwefror 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
No, it just means I didn't find them! :-) Deb (sgwrs) 20:17, 28 Chwefror 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Request for username change : Hosiryuhosi -> Rxy[golygu cod]

Hello. Could you please change my username?

  • Current username: Hosiryuhosi
  • Target username: Rxy
  • Reason: I want to change my current username to short username at WMF wikis globally. Note: Global account "Rxy" is my account (confirm). I'm sorry for request to here. I can't find request page. Thanks. --Hosiryuhosi (sgwrs) 17:24, 8 Mawrth 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Wedi ei wneud, Deb. "Ail-enwi" = "Rename". Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 17:45, 8 Mawrth 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Need some help[golygu cod]

Hello Deb, my name is Jim Cartar can you help me? Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 05:46, 5 Ebrill 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Mae neges newydd gennych
Mae neges newydd gennych
Helo, Deb. Mae neges newydd gynnych yma: Tudalen sgwrs Jim Cartar.
Gallwch dynnu'r hysbysiad hwn ar unrhyw adeg gan dynnu'r nodyn {{Talkback}} neu {{Tb}}.

Hi dearest Deb, how are you? Here Spring is arrived!

I made this new page of a quiet and peaceful Abaty in France. I ask some minute of your time to translate the Rei Momo-translator, ah ah ah, :-) and if you thin right, to add some other category.

Thnak you very much for your precious help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 16:24, 8 Mai 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank youuuuu !!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 17:58, 8 Mai 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Mae neges newydd gennych
Mae neges newydd gennych
Helo, Deb. Mae neges newydd gynnych yma: Tudalen sgwrs Jim Cartar.
Gallwch dynnu'r hysbysiad hwn ar unrhyw adeg gan dynnu'r nodyn {{Talkback}} neu {{Tb}}.

Please copyedit[golygu cod]

Hi Deb, I have created a draft here can you please copyedit. I know you have already created an article on the subject but I just wanted to expand it. BTW can I add English sources to this draft? I mean are English sources applicable here. Thank you. Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 18:11, 13 Mai 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank you for your reply Deb, actually I wanted this article to be featured on this Wiki. That is the reason why the article is so long. Thank you again. Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 19:26, 13 Mai 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Hey Deb, I have completed this draft and it is ready for mainspace. Can I move it myself? I have added more than 100 sources, So can it be featured on main page? I don't know how to do it on this Wiki can you help me? Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 11:23, 14 Mai 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Hi Deb, thank you for your message. I have another question, Can you tell me how to install scripts in this Wikipedia. On en.Wiki we do it by importing scripts to our common page. But I don't know how to do it here, is there any such page where I can import this script? Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 15:21, 15 Mai 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Hey Deb, long time no talk. How are you friend. Recently I completed creating and fixing this template {{No ping}}. Please use it and let me know if it is working perfectly since I made some minor fixings. It works like this: {{No ping|Username}} (You can test it). It will not trigger the echo notification system even if you mention other users name. Please try it and let me know if its working. How to test? Just mention someone's name on your talk page and wait for one day and then ask on there talk page if they have recieved the notification. Please do this thanks a lot! Jim Cartar ([[Sgwrs

Defnyddiwr:Jim Cartar|sgwrs]]) 14:45, 9 Mehefin 2014 (UTC)

Thanks. Do you know that you actually tested the template on my user talk page? You have mentioned me on my talk page using the template. And the template worked; I haven't got any notification which says "You have been mentioned by Deb on your talk page" or similar. Thank you very very much. I'm currently setting up a module for semi-auto archive. I will let you know when it's complete. Thanks again. Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 18:37, 10 Mehefin 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Croeso, dear Deb, how are you? Here it's too hot!

I just made this new page about this Italian journalist. He defended for the whole life the right to speak the unknown languages. Please, I ask some minute of your time to correct my mistakes. You can put other news from the English page, I translated from it.

Thank you very much for your precious help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:59, 20 Mehefin 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank youuuuu, have a nice week! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 05:39, 23 Mehefin 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Sysop[golygu cod]

Hello Deb, how are you? I trust all is well. Can you please take away my sysop rights for now? I'm not much active this days so sysop rights are not needed now. I will ask you again when I'm back :) Thanks, Jim Cartar (sgwrs) 08:19, 7 Gorffennaf 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Alldafliad[golygu cod]

Helo 'na Deb, I noticed you had redacted my edit on this topic so I thought it right to explain and hopefully (without embarrassing anyone) move forward with some needed improvements. I'd like to put something more substantial in the article to at least attempt to match the English page, though I appreciate the fact that the English page is just a click away. Having said that is it not important for the Welsh language to be treated on the same level as any other language including English? I think it is. Indeed if that line of argument was posited we would probably only have sites in German, French, English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

My name is Paul by the way. You may have guessed, I'm not a native welsh speaker and only know a few words and phrases, otherwise I would have improved the article text a good deal rather than simply adding an image link. Apologies for that. Without going into too much medical history I reached the site in round about way from the English page. I had been looking for specific references to medical conditions and was gobsmacked at the debates that had gone on in the past over images and their use, particularly with reference to pages covering human sexuality. I reached the welsh site by rote as I was looking on equivalent sites in other languages. Anyhoo, to cut a long story short, I became rather annoyed (grumpy old man syndrome?) at the whole debate of what should and shouldn't be included in Wikipedia. My research concluded that in spite of a Wiki no censorship policy, for whatever reasons, censorship takes place and often what we end up with is a less worthy or more confusing situation than if no censorship had been done. Of course sexual health matters, human anatomy and physiology can be somewhat embarrassing, surprising or shocking to some people but they are a fact of life. What I've found is that rather than accept the facts we prefer ignorance and often skirt around the subject. That's why Wikipedia is very important, regardless of the criticism from some academic quarters. When I was in my teens I would have loved to have had a resource like WK at my finger tips as many of the more embarrassing subjects would have been discovered for myself. Which is really why I was somewhat annoyed at the whole issue of what should and should not be shown. 'Publish and be damned' was a quote that sprang to mind, hence my edit.

So to the matter in hand. By simple comparison to other languages the basic information on the Welsh page is rather poor and I do not believe the important inclusion of images is best served by the awful video currently on the page. Awful, in aesthetic quality and physiological representation. The GIF image I posted plays in a loop and may raise the embarrassment level for some but it is by far a better representation of the normal male physiological function and based on the Kinsey and Masters & Johnson studies, is relatively typical of men in their 20's.

Can we have a dialogue about possible improvements? If you write it in Welsh I'll have to use a Google Translate but I'm happy with that though I may need explanations in English if I get confused.

Cofion cynnes, Paul

I'm going to seek other opinions. Deb (sgwrs) 16:41, 11 Awst 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

An important message about renaming users[golygu cod]

Dear Deb, My aplogies for writing in English. Please translate or have this translated for you if it will help. I am cross-posting this message to many places to make sure everyone who is a Wikimedia Foundation project bureaucrat receives a copy. If you are a bureaucrat on more than one wiki, you will receive this message on each wiki where you are a bureaucrat.

As you may have seen, work to perform the Wikimedia cluster-wide single-user login finalisation (SUL finalisation) is taking place. This may potentially effect your work as a local bureaucrat, so please read this message carefully.

Why is this happening? As currently stated at the global rename policy, a global account is a name linked to a single user across all Wikimedia wikis, with local accounts unified into a global collection. Previously, the only way to rename a unified user was to individually rename every local account. This was an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, both for stewards and for the users who had to initiate discussions with local bureaucrats (who perform local renames to date) on every wiki with available bureaucrats. The process took a very long time, since it's difficult to coordinate crosswiki renames among the projects and bureaucrats involved in individual projects.

The SUL finalisation will be taking place in stages, and one of the first stages will be to turn off Special:RenameUser locally. This needs to be done as soon as possible, on advice and input from Stewards and engineers for the project, so that no more accounts that are unified globally are broken by a local rename to usurp the global account name. Once this is done, the process of global name unification can begin. The date that has been chosen to turn off local renaming and shift over to entirely global renaming is 15 September 2014, or three weeks time from now. In place of local renames is a new tool, hosted on Meta, that allows for global renames on all wikis where the name is not registered will be deployed.

Your help is greatly needed during this process and going forward in the future if, as a bureaucrat, renaming users is something that you do or have an interest in participating in. The Wikimedia Stewards have set up, and are in charge of, a new community usergroup on Meta in order to share knowledge and work together on renaming accounts globally, called Global renamers. Stewards are in the process of creating documentation to help global renamers to get used to and learn more about global accounts and tools and Meta in general as well as the application format. As transparency is a valuable thing in our movement, the Stewards would like to have at least a brief public application period. If you are an experienced renamer as a local bureaucrat, the process of becoming a part of this group could take as little as 24 hours to complete. You, as a bureaucrat, should be able to apply for the global renamer right on Meta by the requests for global permissions page on 1 September, a week from now.

In the meantime please update your local page where users request renames to reflect this move to global renaming, and if there is a rename request and the user has edited more than one wiki with the name, please send them to the request page for a global rename.

Stewards greatly appreciate the trust local communities have in you and want to make this transition as easy as possible so that the two groups can start working together to ensure everyone has a unique login identity across Wikimedia projects. Completing this project will allow for long-desired universal tools like a global watchlist, global notifications and many, many more features to make work easier.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the SUL finalisation, read over the Help:Unified login page on Meta and leave a note on the talk page there, or on the talk page for global renamers. You can also contact me on my talk page on meta if you would like. I'm working as a bridge between Wikimedia Foundation Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Stewards, and you to assure that SUL finalisation goes as smoothly as possible; this is a community-driven process and I encourage you to work with the Stewards for our communities.

Thank you for your time. -- Keegan (WMF) talk 18:24, 25 Awst 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

--This message was sent using MassMessage. Was there an error? Report it!

Dearest Deb, kroeso, how are you? Did you end Summer holydays?

I've just opened this page, and I aks you, please, to read it and to correct my mistakes. It will take some minutes only, no more!

Thanks a lot for your precious help

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 10:55, 1 Medi 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank youuuu!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:06, 2 Medi 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Uwchlwytho ffeiliau, Dewin Uwchlwytho?[golygu cod]

Wikimedia Commons logo

Hello! Sorry for writing in English. As you're an administrator here, please check the message I left on MediaWiki talk:Licenses and the village pump. Thanks, Nemo 19:22, 18 Medi 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

A little help for Claudio Monteverdi[golygu cod]

Croeso, dearest Deb, how are you?

I put some news in this page, and I ask a little help for the translation of the news I put.

Tomorrow I'll charge also a picture.

Thanks a lot for your precious help.

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 06:49, 9 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Clacton[golygu cod]

Hi deb; shw mae? Take a look here. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 19:29, 17 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Imported the infobox without translating it from en to cy. It translates automatically. Hope this helps. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 19:46, 17 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I gave an example of copy/pasting here Deb. It's literaly just a copy from en (from the Clacton by-election article) and paste into cy, without altering anything. Some prefer to use the Welsh templates (where available) but then you need to translate everything! This copy/paste from en is a 5 second job! The effect on screen, to the user, is exactly the same. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 08:48, 18 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

You sure you didn't copy it from Is-etholiad Ynys Môn, 2013? Take a look at your message on my user talk page. And here. I copied it from the English lang Clacton By-election. Ah well, it's ok now! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 14:38, 19 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
You did. This, however, shows that you also translated the party names into Welsh. That's not needed in this template, it'll do it automatically. It's the same with a few other infoboxes too. If I had time I'd do a few more and ask you to bring a gang over from en to blitz them! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 14:46, 19 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Aha!!! Deb (sgwrs) 14:48, 19 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Funny and historical picture Il Marchese del Grillo[golygu cod]

Hi dearest Deb, how are you?

I opened now the page about this comic-historical film. The story talks about Onofrio del Grillo a Roman Marquis of XIX that was a funny troubles and jokes maker: against his family, against his friends and also against pab!

Please, I ask some minutes of your time to read and correct the page from my mistakes of the automatic translater.

If you want to have a similing week end, watch this film. Thanks a lot and see you soon!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 11:10, 24 Hydref 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Please, another picture here![golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you? Here it rains a lot, and Afon Po makes us afraid.

Please, I ask you some minute to translate the new picture I put in this page, it will take you 2 minutes only! Thanks a lot for your precious help and have a happy week!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 12:22, 17 Tachwedd 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

(etholaeth seneddol)[golygu cod]

09:18, 20 Rhagfyr 2014 Dileodd Deb y dudalen Bwrdeistrefi Sir Fynwy (etholaeth seneddol - Diolch Deb, I wonder if I can impose upon you to correct a similar mistake . I created a page Dosbarth Abertawe (etholaeth Seneddol) using a capital S in Seneddol where all similar pages have a small s; if it could be changed I would be grateful Diolch eto AlwynapHuw (sgwrs) 04:27, 21 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

  - Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 04:40, 21 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hanes golygu 'Drôn'[golygu cod]

Helo Deb. Diolch am addasu tudalen newydd 'Drôn'. Thanks for the adjustment - I am still a beginner with the Wicipedia methods and customs. I hope to contribute constructively in future, even though I have raised a few issues under my other name apGlyndwr. CyngorLlanbedr (sgwrs) 11:14, 23 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Happy New Year !!![golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you? Too much cold?

I just opened this page and I ask 4-5 minutes to read and correct it. But I came here also to say you my best wishes of Happy New Year: health, love and money!!!

Thank you very much and see you soon!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:25, 30 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thank youuuu!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 10:18, 31 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Yeaaahhhh, dearest Deb, your best trouble-maker (ah ah ah) opened this little page. Please, I ask you the last torture for this year.... THANKS A LOT for your precious help! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 14:27, 31 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Wow, fast more than a Ferrari!!!! Thank youuuu!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 14:39, 31 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
But far less efficient, I'm afraid. Deb (sgwrs) 17:10, 31 Rhagfyr 2014 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Ar y dydd hwn...[golygu cod]

On this day... Hi Deb. Dropped a request here for a trial period of a new (3 cm!) 'Ar y dydd hwn' on Hafan - for the months of March and April. That gives us three weeks to get those two months ready. I half mentioned this possibility to you a few weeks ago, and you were comfortable with that idea. Many thnaks - Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 08:08, 7 Chwefror 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Dearest Deb, how are you? It's a long time we don't correspond!

I opened theese 2 pages (1 short) and I'm asking some minutes (5-6) of your time to correct the mistakes, please.

Thanks a lot for your precious help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 20:49, 25 Ebrill 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Wowwww[golygu cod]

And you liked it? I live in Caselle Landi, but I love too much Rhufain!!! Have a nice week end. Rei Momo (sgwrs) 10:25, 2 Mai 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

3 new pictures on Benedicta Boccoli[golygu cod]

Hi, dearest Deb, how are you?

I put 3 new pictures, taken with my compact-Canon, and with permission of mrs Boccoli, and please I ask you 3 minutes to translate the, please, just 3 minutes!

Thanks a lot for your precious help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 14:06, 8 Mai 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch very much!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 23:14, 8 Mai 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi, dearest Deb, and happy Sunday!

I opened this page about a wonderful drama act, and I ask 5 minutes of your time to correct my mistakes, please. Diolch!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 16:47, 24 Mai 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Another film: Pietralata[golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you?

I propose you this film acted from the lovely star Benedicta Boccoli. I translated it form English page, and I ask you come minute to correct the mistakes, please.

Thank you for you precious help!!!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 07:01, 3 Gorffennaf 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Javad (singer)[golygu cod]

It is a xwiki spammer filled with his own self-importance for whom I have been deleting his garbage for months. I would suggest that you protect the pages as he will be back. Also to note that you will see hits relating to this in Special:AbuseLog looking for global filter 46. Billinghurst (sgwrs) 11:07, 12 Awst 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks, I suspected as much but was waiting to see what happened next. Deb (sgwrs) 11:09, 12 Awst 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Cymorth i wrthwynebu diddymiad y categori 'Welsh-speaking people'[golygu cod]

Maddeuwch i mi os nad hwn yw'r ffordd swyddogol i gysylltu gyda eraill ar Wicipedia, ond buaswn yn ddiolchgar o'ch cymorth. A fuasech cystal a chynorthwyo yn fy ymgais i wrthwynebu dileu y categori 'Welsh-speaking people' oddi ar y Wicipedia Saesneg, os gwelwch yn dda? Gallwch ddilyn y sgwrs yma:

Fe sylwch fod geirfa ambell i un o'r cyfranwyr yn fychanol a dirmygus o'r iaith Gymraeg. Teimlaf yn gryf ei bod yn bwysig ein bod ni'n gwrthsefyll y fath amharch.

Buaswn yn ddiolchgar pe baech yn gallu cynorthwyo, ac efallai gofyn i eraill i gynorthwyo yn ogystal.

Diolchaf i chwi ymlaen llaw. Haul~cywiki (sgwrs) 00:15, 11 Medi 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Ciao dearest Deb, how are you? Me a little sad, because last 4 Awst my father is gone unto Nefoedd. Me, mummy and all my family are going so and so :-( but we continue the life ...

Well, I opened this new page (translated a little from English), please, I ask 5 minutes of your time to correct my mistakes. Grazie mille for your precious help and have a nice week end!!!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:04, 11 Medi 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Condolences from me too[golygu cod]

They feel good, in the Heaven: peace, no money, health, light... and God! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 17:42, 14 Medi 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi, dearest Deb, how are you?

Please, I ask 2 minutes to read this page and correct the new I put. Just 2 minutes! Thanks a lot for your precious help!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 15:21, 12 Tachwedd 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Heloísa Pinheiro[golygu cod]

Good evening, dearest Deb! It was natural I opened this new page, after I corrected the page of yesterday!!! Pleasse, I ask you some minutes of your time to read it and correct my mistakes, and put in correct Cymraeg.

Thanks a lot for your precious help and have a nice week end!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 18:40, 13 Tachwedd 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016[golygu cod]

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 18:16, 24 Rhagfyr 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Thank youuuuu !!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 23:38, 31 Rhagfyr 2015 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Temporary admin rights to Defnyddiwr:Jim Carter[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. Blwyddyn newydd dda to you! You gave Defnyddiwr:Jim_Carter temporary admin rights while he was working on a template, which came to nothing. Do you mind if we now revert / take back those ' temporary' rights? '''Defnyddiwr:John Jones''' (sgwrs) 13:04, 6 Ionawr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

More than happy - I thought it had already been done! Deb (sgwrs) 13:13, 6 Ionawr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
There are a few redundant Admins too! '''Defnyddiwr:John Jones''' (sgwrs) 14:22, 6 Ionawr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Rhestr marwolaethau[golygu cod]

Deb, I think you will like this one: Defnyddiwr:Llywelyn2000/pwll tywod, which is a list taken automatically from Wikidata of Welsh people who died in 2015. Of course, there are loads more, but we need to get the data on Wikidata! Defnyddiwr:Llywelyn2000/pwll tywod2 is a list of all Welsh people through the ages. Once we've attacked WD, then we can automatically create lists of people who died in each year, or born in each year, of course! This is major, imho! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 22:14, 7 Ionawr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Have a look at this page, Deb, where I've linked to Wicidata to produce a list of Welsh people who died in 2014. I've done the same on the 2015 page. Any use on the other pages? Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 15:42, 28 Ionawr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Good morning, dearest Deb, how are you? Here it's too cold!!!

I've opened this new page, and I ask, please, some minute of your time to read it and to correct the mistakes of Mr Translator... eh eh eh.

She's wonderful, I saw her aTV in New Year's Concert of Venise.

Thanks a lot for your precious help and see you soon.

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 07:25, 19 Ionawr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Hi dearest Deb, how are you? Could you, please, access this page and traslate for me just the two lines I put in English? It will take you just 3-4 minutes, diolch for your precious help!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 11:26, 18 Chwefror 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Grazie milleeeee, DIOLCH, see you soon! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 11:45, 18 Chwefror 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch for your help! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:21, 18 Chwefror 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Cain not Ceinwen[golygu cod]

Enwiki thinks their the same, but from what I see most believe that Cain is from South Wales, Ceinwen from the North. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 21:09, 26 Chwefror 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

The gender imbalance[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. Just to keep you informed - in the last few weeks a new category was started on cywiki: Categori:Merched yn ôl canrif (Category:Women by century), which enabled us to quantify the number of articles on women. 2,419 (32.3%) biographies out of 7,488 were of women, which compares very favourably with English Wikipedia: 15.5%. 1,325 articles are needed for gender balance; that's around 7 per day over a year, which is quite achievable. I suggest a wicibrosiect! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 17:33, 3 Mai 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

A little help on my User Page, please[golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you? Me fine...

Please, I'm asking just 2 minutes to translate the second picture I put on my User Page. Can you go? It will take you just 2 minutes.

Thanks a lot for your precious help and have a nice Sunday!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 10:25, 8 Mai 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Participate in the Ibero-American Culture Challenge![golygu cod]


Iberocoop has launched a translating contest to improve the content in other Wikipedia related to Ibero-American Culture.

We would love to have you on board :)

Please find the contest here:

Hugs!--Anna Torres (WMAR) (sgwrs) 14:19, 10 Mai 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

And the final...[golygu cod]

Wales vs Italy, yeaaaahhhh!!!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 22:15, 25 Mehefin 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Just 2 minutes on Ulan Bator[golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you? Please, can you watch just some little minute this page and see if the translation I wrote is correct?

Thanks a lot for your precious help and see you soon!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 09:26, 12 Gorffennaf 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Bot flag[golygu cod]

Hello Deb. Could you please have a look at Wicipedia:Ceisiadau_am_fotiau#MABot and Wicipedia:Ceisiadau_am_fotiau#ListeriaBot? Thank you in advance. Best regards, --MarcoAurelio (sgwrs) 09:34, 3 Awst 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Welsh female botanists[golygu cod]

Thanks for keeping an eye, and the edits! These new articles are done in three tranches, so they won't look perfect for a few minutes. Wici Ruthun 1 is uploading, I'm correcting with my bot and QuickStatements links them to Wikidata, so in a few hours, they should look good! 1,200 to go! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 15:14, 2 Rhagfyr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Defaultsort on female artists[golygu cod]

Damn! Forgot to add DEFAULTSORT! but we can automatically do that once the new articles are in place. Diolch! 19:11, 7 Rhagfyr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Ar y dydd hwn[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. So far all the entries on every day have a link to an existing article. I think, that that is good, as it takes readers from the Hafan to individual articles. We've also tried to keep them relatively short. They're tweeted every day, for the last 18 months, and are pretty popular! Diolch! PS I'm working in the background on the DEFAULTSORT db as promised; I'll let you know as soon as I have the bot running. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 13:05, 21 Rhagfyr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I'm trying to see the reasoning behind these changes you made, and here? From what I see: all people with Welsh connection out, American or English people in? Or am I missing something? When I originally suggested 'Ar y dydd hwn' it was in order to get relevant links to existing articles. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 07:36, 22 Rhagfyr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Happy New Year[golygu cod]

Happy New Year, success!!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 21:07, 28 Rhagfyr 2016 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Pete's Dragon, Madagascar (ffilm), and The Sword in the Stone[golygu cod]

Could you see what I had to say at the talk pages of these articles? Kkjj (sgwrs) 11:04, 26 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I mentioned at Sgwrs:Madagascar (ffilm) that the disambiguation is incomplete. Meanwhile at Sgwrs:The Sword in the Stone I mentioned that the article is about the 1963 Disney animated film but mentions a few facts and an image about the book. I can't edit either article because they are protected. Should the protection be lowered? Kkjj (sgwrs) 11:20, 27 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Pete's Dragon also needs to be unprotected so that it can be moved to Pete's Dragon (ffilm 1977). Pete's Dragon is also the title of a 2016 remake. Kkjj (sgwrs) 16:50, 27 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I don't see that it needs to be moved, even if someone is planning to create an article on the new one - because the existing article is likely to be the one that people look for, i.e. the primary topic. Deb (sgwrs) 18:33, 27 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Actually en:Pete's Dragon was made into a disambiguation just like Madagascar (ffilm). Pete's Dragon is an underrated film so a lot of people only know the 2016 film. I've noticed that a lot of Disney articles are underdeveloped and need more content. It would help if they were unprotected so that users like Dafyddt could improve them. Kkjj (sgwrs) 03:10, 28 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Re your first sentence: that's because there are more than one Pete's Dragon articles. I agree weith Deb. We have but one on cy, therefore we don't need a disambig. Please don't add English language text on this wiki. If some of the articles are undeveloped, that's because editors don't see them as a priority. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 09:52, 28 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I was hoping Dafyddt would help write the article about Pete's Dragon (ffilm 2016) since he seems interested in films. If I start it will you help me write it? Kkjj (sgwrs) 09:58, 28 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I would only be able to manage something very simple, and it's not a priority for me. Deb (sgwrs) 15:16, 28 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Can you translate this text:

Pete's Dragon is a 2016 American fantasy comedy-drama adventure film directed by David Lowery, written by Lowery and Toby Halbrooks, and produced by James Whitaker. The film is a remake of the 1977 musical film of the same name written by Malcolm Marmorstein. The film stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oona Laurence, and Robert Redford. The film tells the story of an orphaned feral boy who befriends a dragon in the Pacific Northwest, and the ensuing repercussions of their discovery by the town's local residents.

Pete's Dragon premiered at the El Capitan Theatre on August 8, 2016 and was theatrically released by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States in 2D, Disney Digital 3-D, and RealD 3D formats on August 12, 2016. The film received positive reviews from critics and has grossed $143 million worldwide against a $65 million production budget.

That's the introduction off of English Wikipedia, and I deleted the links and references for talk page purposes. I also need to know how to say "Theatrical release poster" for the infobox. Kkjj (sgwrs) 16:29, 28 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Me? No way! Deb (sgwrs) 17:25, 28 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I asked Dafyddt for help on Pete's Dragon. Can the original article be unprotected so that the disambig can be created? Kkjj (sgwrs) 04:31, 29 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
You should discuss this on the article's talk page before doing any moves. It would be better to create a separate disambiguation page at Pete's Dragon (gwahaniaethu). Deb (sgwrs) 11:39, 29 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
I created it but did I get the translation right? Kkjj (sgwrs) 12:45, 29 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

WiciPop[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. I've added your article on Michael Flanders with a Category for the Wicipop project, as it's about a musician. We have a blitz on pop music at the moment, so if you have other similar ones - let them fly! 200 new articles have just been uploaded on Commons here, which could either be added to existing articles or as an inspiration for new ones! And if you like, you can add your username here. '''Defnyddiwr:John Jones''' (sgwrs) 22:31, 31 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Wicipop[golygu cod]

Helo Deb!

Sut mae'r hwyl? Fi'n sylwi dy fod ti wedi creu nifer o erthyglau gwych am actorion enwog yn diweddar. Fi'n credu bod yr erthyglau yma yn dod o dan scope Prosiect Wicipop felly os wyt ti'n creu mwy, ac yn hapus i cyfrannu i'r prosiect bydd e'b grêt os gallwch chi atodi categori cudd Category:Prosiect Wicipop i erthyglau er mwyn i ni cyfru nhw fel rhan o'r prosiect. Diolch!

How's things? I have noticed that you have been creating lots of great articles about famous actors/actresses recently and i feel that they fit the scope of the Wicipop Ptoject. If you create any more and are happy to contribute to the project do you think you could add the hidden category Category:Prosiect Wicipop to your articles? that way we can track them as part of the project. Many thanks! Jason.nlw (sgwrs) 15:47, 2 Chwefror 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Just a line in Nadine Sierra[golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you? Please, I ask just two minutes to translate tje new line I put in this page. Thanks a lot for your precious help! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 00:28, 12 Chwefror 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Diolch, grazie mille !!! Rei Momo (sgwrs) 10:04, 13 Chwefror 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Two types of images...[golygu cod]

Noswaith dda Deb! Re your new article: Good-Bye to All That and the image. There are two types: those on Commons (free, open to all languages), and those uploaded to the individual / specific languages' wikipedia. The image you tagged doesn't appear on cywiki as it is specific to enwiki. Have a look at the image's page and there's no link to Commons. The reason for this is that book covers, album covers are allowed in some countries but not in others. All 8,000 book covers on cywiki were uploaded to the cy-Wikipedia, not Commons, under Fair Use (Defnydd Teg) policy. If you did that in some countries you'de be shot against the wall! Some differences happen with Freedom of Panorama. I suggest: 1. you save the image from enwiki 2. upload using the 'Uwchlwytho ffeil' button on the left, find the relevant licence (Clawr llyfr etc). Then, hey presto... Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 20:46, 15 Chwefror 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Thanks. All in good time... :-) Deb (sgwrs) 21:36, 15 Chwefror 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Elizabeth Maconchy and the two paragraph rule.[golygu cod]

For the last 4 years, some of us, especially Anatiomaros and Llywelyn2000 have been trying to adhere to the 2 paragraph rule (minimum), which should also include either an infobox or a table, image or similar. Unless the 'one-line-note' (I can't call it an Egin, even!) is developed further I will be deleting it. '''Defnyddiwr:John Jones''' (sgwrs) 21:42, 8 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

What I try to do is to add info, and develop so that it has two pargraphs. But then, others dictate my agenda! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 14:13, 9 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Sorry. I seem to have been the cause of this debate. Yesterday I woke up and found it was International Women's Day, so, wishing to celebrate the occasion, I decided to do my bit and posted 6 new articles on female composers. I had time to develop one into a respectable length, but the other 5 were quite rudimentary. I'm entirely in agreement with the idea that we need depth in articles. I fully intend to flesh out all these articles, but it takes a little time. I was grateful to John Jones for his message in my Sgwrs page, which was helpful. But maybe it was just a little premature to slap on the deletion warning less than three hours after the article was created. I felt as if I'd been rapped over the knuckles. Shouldn't contributors be given a day or two before the warning appears? Craigysgafn (sgwrs) 15:41, 9 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
That usually happens - a day or two! Our policy is to allow 45 minutes before editing someone's work. On en, however, a banner would have been stamped within minutes, or the article taken down! Thank for your patience; I look forward to sseing the articles developed! Diolch i ti! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 15:47, 9 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
It's true it would have been tagged quickly on en, but it wouldn't have been deleted because a Google search would have confirmed notability so it wouldn't have qualified for speedy deletion. Never mind, at least we're all singing from the same hymn-sheet now. We probably need more meaningful tagging templates. Deb (sgwrs) 16:00, 9 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Long overdue! Thanks! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 17:21, 9 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Golygathon yng Nghaerdydd![golygu cod]

Helo Deb. Fi'n siŵr bod chi wedi gweld yn barod ond bydd golygathon bach yn yr amgueddfa yng Nghaerdydd dydd Sadwrn nesaf. Mae croeso mawr i chi dod draw! - It would be great to see you at next Saterday's Edit-a-thon in Cardiff Museum! Jason.nlw (sgwrs) 10:00, 20 Mawrth 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

"Horshsam" [sic] Diolch[golygu cod]

Hi Deb. Thanks for removing the dud "Horshsam" pages. I created the first one by clicking on a red link in the "Gorsaf reilffordd Horsham" page, not noticing that it was misspelled. From there the problem escalated when I made the disambiguation page, and it took a while for me to see what had gone wrong. I'd have fixed the dud pages myself, but I don't think I have the editorial privilege, do I? As you'll have noticed, I've been trying to knock some shape into the England locations. It's going to take an age to make them into what they need to be. Thanks for adding various bits of interesting info to some of these things: it's what's needed in the long run, but for the moment I'll just stick to the spadework. BTW In the long term I'd like to see a different structure to the Infoboxes for English places: there are much higher priorities than having fields for Police, Fire and Ambulance, and the Rhanbarth field doesn't work properly - you can't put a link into it. Of course after Brexit the EU parliamentary details will be irrelevant, so perhaps we ought to be looking to that moment to make a change. Cheers. --Craigysgafn (sgwrs) 11:04, 10 Ebrill 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Just a picture and a line in Maurizio Malvestiti[golygu cod]

Dearest Deb, how are you? I'm fine, but the weather it's still cold, with wind!

Please, I ask some minute, 3-4, towatch the picture and the news I put about hthe biography? Thanks a lot for your precious help!!!

Rei Momo (sgwrs) 11:27, 20 Ebrill 2017 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

Error in page title[golygu cod]