Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Paul-L

Ni chefnogir cynnwys y dudalen mewn ieithoedd eraill.
Oddi ar Wicipedia

Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Paul-L/Archif 1

A Note regarding Languages[golygu cod]

Please note that I am still a learner of Cymraeg.
If you wish to write to me, it may be easiest to use my native language of Saesneg, although you are not under no obligation to do this (being Wicipedia, of course).
If you write to me in Cymraeg, please try to keep the text reasonable simple (grammatically wise) and short, if you require a quick answer. If not, I will print out the text to translate it with my dictionary, and will replay in 1-2 days. If the text is too complicated for me to translate, I may ask you to translate the text for me.
You may also write to me using Eidaleg or Ffrangeg, if it not possible to write in one of the above two languages, though your reply time will depend on the complexity of the text.
Diolch yn fawn iawn, Paul-L 19:18, 6 Ionawr 2009 (UTC).[ateb]

gwybodlen gwleidydd[golygu cod]

Mae'n ymddangos bod problem fach gydag ymddangosiad y wybodlen gwleidydd - gweler François Mitterrand. Nid yw'r cyswllt 'Arlywyddion Ffrainc' yn cael ei guddio wedi'r trefnol - mae'n debyg mai '21ain Arlywydd Ffrainc' sydd i fod i ymddangos. Oes gennych chi'r amser a'r awydd i ymhel â hwn? Gyda llaw, dylid rhoi'r fannod o flaen teitlau neu swyddi, felly Yr Arlywydd Mitterand dylai'r teitl fod. It appears that the gwybodlen gwleidydd has a problem with not hiding the Arlywyddion Ffrainc part under the picture - see Francois Mitterand. Do you have the time and the desire to fix this? If not, let me know, but neither is there any hurry about this. By the way, there needs to be a bannod in front of titles or jobs of people, so it should be Yr Arlywydd Mitterand. (ref Canllawiau iaith) Lloffiwr 15:28, 25 Mai 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

babel boxes[golygu cod]

Noticed that you have been doing some work on babel boxes and categories. This is just to let you know that a new system of adding babel information is being developed, which should be backwards compatible with the current system. It may be just as well to hang fire a little until that is implemented across the Wikimedia projects. Lloffiwr 14:44, 26 Mai 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Paul, I finally got round to adding some babel boxes to my own page. When doing it in what seemed the most obvious way, it seemed to want to include a template that you had previously deleted (Nodyn:Defnyddiwr eo-1). I went and undeleted it, but now I see that that in turn tries to link through to various deleted categories. I could undelete these too, but it seems to me that I am getting out of my depth and liable to leave things in an inconsistent state if I keep fiddling. So could I refer it to you please? Many thanks. Alan012 17:03, 30 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)[ateb]
Hi, thanks for your help with eo-1. No hurry, but when you have time it may be worth also filling the gaps for some of the other levels: eo-2, eo-4. I see eo-3 already exists -- as does an eo-M (!) Many thanks, Alan 06:30, 31 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)[ateb]
Diolch! Alan 16:21, 31 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Archif Sgwrs Arweinwyr Cenhedlaethol[golygu cod]

Hi Paul, sut mae? Just wondering if you'd noticed that Archif Sgwrs Arweinwyr Cenhedlaethol is on the new articles list? I'd move it but not sure where you want it. Cofion, Anatiomaros 21:03, 5 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Just noticed the "h" in Cenedlaethol. Is that what went wrong? Anatiomaros 21:04, 5 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)[ateb]
My mistake, it's a subpage of mine, but I forgot to put 'Defnyddiwr:Paul-L/' before it. Paul-L 09:16, 6 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Hello[golygu cod]

I can't find a way of finding the speedy deletion tags here (I don't speak Welsh) but Delwedd:WalesPolice.png should be deleted as it is now on Commons under the same name. Many thanks, Tholly 15:19, 9 Awst 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Tom James[golygu cod]

Thanks for the correction, Paul. Guess I'll never win the title "Sports Brain of Britain"! Anatiomaros 17:58, 18 Awst 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Rhifo 'old skool'[golygu cod]

Mae 1st, 2nd & 3rd yn drysu llawer, gobeithio bydd hwn o help (efallia gelli di ei fformatio fel tabl ei roi ar dudalen cymorth iaith?):
1 cyntaf
2 ail
3 trydydd
4 pedwerydd
5 pumed
6 chweched
7 seithfed
8 wythfed
9 nawfed
10 degfed
11 unfedarddeg
12 deuddegfed
13 trydyddarddeg
14 pedweryddarddeg
15 pymthegfed
16 unfedarbymtheg
17 ailarbymtheg
18 deunawfed
19 pedweryddarbymtheg
20 ugeinfed
21 unfedarhugain
22 ailarhugain

Then it gets a bit tricky, a dw i ddim yn 100% fy hun
30 degfedarhugain
31 unfedarddegarhugain

Nodyn:Tîm Pêl-droed Cenedlaethol[golygu cod]

Sorry about that, but I'm sure at the time, there were only about 4,5 fields in the infobox from what I could see and they looked alright. But good work BTW.

With regards to the FIFA rankings, I know they're listed on infoboxes on the other wikipedias, but I'm wondering is it wise to add it on the Wicipedia, as they change so often (not sure how frequent), can we keep them up to date? It might sound a bit defeatist, but I think it's better o ommit somethings than have out-of-date info.--Ben Bore 07:53, 25 Awst 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

'last updated' (diweddarwyd XX.XX.XX) would be a good solution.--Ben Bore 09:27, 11 Medi 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

penblwydd[golygu cod]

Cyfarchion hwyr i ti am dy benblwydd. Ron i eisoes wedi sylweddoli rhai wythnosau yn ôl bod dy chwarter canrif yn agosáu, ond pan gyrhaeddodd y dydd, anghofiais i wrth gwrs! Alan 19:28, 18 Hydref 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Wicipedia DU[golygu cod]

Wikimedians in the United Kingdom are working to set up a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, which will aid and encourage people to collect, develop and effectively disseminate knowledge. A board of five members has been elected, and a company has now been set up. Membership applications are now invited, and will be processed as soon as we have a bank account. The organisation needs the support and involvement of people like you.

So far, most participants have been based on English-language projects, but we want to ensure that we work with and for Wikimedians in all languages. As Wicipedia yn Gymraeg is an important language native to the UK, we are making contact with you.

We need to know what a new UK chapter can do to assist your project, and how we can best work together to make that happen. We are also looking for people who can translate short pieces of text, such as the first paragraph of this message, to help publicise the activities of the chapter.

Please do comment, make suggestions, and feel free to ask us any questions, whether here, on MetaWiki, or on the wikimedia-uk mailing list. AndrewRT 23:06, 1 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Chwaraewyr pêl-droed[golygu cod]

S'mai Paul. When saying 'playing for', it's either 'chwarae dros' or 'chwarae i'. In a sentance begining with "Chwaraewr pêl-droed ..... (enw'r clwb)", it's better to use 'dros'. But if you wanted to say "I play for/He play's for", both are equally suitable - but never 'chwarae am'.

Also, in the 'squad box' at the bottom of a player page (Lerpwl for example), the 'g' in the word 'sgwad' looks a bit like a 'q'. Is there a way of increasing the height of the top line - I think that's what's wrong?--Ben Bore 08:57, 12 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg a'r Wicipedia[golygu cod]

Sut mae, Paul? Ga'i dynnu dy sylw at y nodyn yn y Caffi am ymateb Bwrdd yr Iaith i gais am gymorth? Hoffwn fedru anfon ein hymateb i'r cynnig i fod ar eu desg erbyn bore dydd Llun. Hwyl, Anatiomaros 18:15, 13 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

The Fox and the Hound[golygu cod]

Hi, there are three things that mean The Fox and the Hound, the novel, the film, and the 2006 sequel, please move the Fox and the Hound to The Fox and the Hound (ffilm) and make the dab page... it's here at ga:The Fox and the Hound, mg:Ny amboahaolo sy ny Alika, ro:Vulpea şi câinele, and simple:The Fox and the Hound. Thanks. Boatshops 21:51, 15 Mawrth 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

I made the dab page, please move The Fox and the Hound to The Fox and the Hound (ffilm) and redirect The Fox and the Hound to Y Cadno a'r Helgi and Y Cadno a'r Helgi (ffilm) to The Fox and the Hound (ffilm), if you don't then I will tomarrow.. thanks. Boatshops 22:46, 17 Mawrth 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Never mind. Are you gone from here? You rock! Please come back! I wanna learn Welsh too! Boatshops 23:44, 18 Mawrth 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
I'm sure he's still around, somewhere. If not, and if I can help (os gallaf i helpu) leave a message on my User Page (fy sgwrs) any time. PS Rwy'n mynd i gwely mewn un funud! It's late! Llywelyn2000 23:54, 18 Mawrth 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
Please come back to fix up Disney articles! Speaking of "up", the latest is Up (ffilm 2009), and if you haven't yet seen this film but you can get the chance, DO IT! FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE JUST LIKE THE FOX AND THE HOUND! (why does it not come to the UK until October 16? THAT'S SO UNFAIR!). 19:02, 31 Mai 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
The Fox and The Hound [film] must stay under its original English title, and not be moved until (if ever) Disney release a subtitled (or more likely) dubbed version of the film, even if it's for one night in one cinema in Caernarfon, then we will move it to what ever title is used. I've never actually seen The Fox and the Hound yet, so my translation of 'Y Cadno a'r Helgi' is quite unusual [as you ususlly only translate titles of films I've seen], but I do know the context. Y Cadno a'r Helgi is a literal translation by me [non-fluent speaker], and it is NOT official, though it seems to be used around the Internet as though it is official. Being that 'Up' has not been released in the UK yet, I've not seen that either. Paul-L 16:17, 1 Mehefin 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
Can you upload the original poster? And for other Disney movies too: Fantasia, Saludos Amigos, The Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free, Melody Time, The Sword in the Stone, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Rescuers, The Black Cauldron, The Great Mouse Detective, Oliver & Company, The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Fantasia 2000, The Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, and Chicken Little. Thanks. Also: will Up still be protected? What's the point of protection? And have you noticed that Bug's Life was NEVER protected? 05:52, 21 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
Rhodri77 usually uploads film posters; Disney film pages are protected to prevent edits like this, which add nothing to the article. Paul-L 19:25, 21 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

After getting no replies, I have decided to copy this from Rhodri77's talk page:

"OK, let's get this strite, I'm banned, you will hate me for this, bla bla bla, but, last night, I was trying to add the animator's section, and, I messed it up. Because it was copied from Cinderella. So this is what it should be:

I don't know why you didn't just remove this section, or, revert all my edits completly. Also, I want the movie poster please. Also I'd like the DVD cover too of the secound movie and the book cover of the book. What exactly though is bad about my edits? Is it just that they are all bad AUTOMATICALLY? If so, I think that's crazy. And no, the fact that I'm banned at en and simple DOES NOT mean that I HAVE to be banned in Welsh. Like, I'm not banned in Finnish. Or Swedish. Or Danish or Norwegian. Oh well, you can just remove this and ban me again if you want (that must make you happy) but I still need that section corrected and the movie poster. Or anything else if you could. And to think I asked Paul-L to upload the movie posters. And there are still a bunch left, INCLUDING THE FOX AND THE HOUND AND THE RESCUERS, which I think are Disney's best movies. Also, why did you remove Keith Mitchell from the voices? Oh wait: it was apperently Keith Coogan instead. Some sort of mix-up. Crap! I HATE MIX-UPS! (And I hate being banned too duh. And you know what else? I hate when people say Fox and the Hound was one of the weaker Disney movies. THAT MAKES ME SICK!) So, aside from Coogan, there are a few others they left out too: Corey Feldman, John McIntire, and John Fiedler. So it should be:

Kurt Russell, Mickey Rooney, Pearl Bailey, Pat Buttram, Sandy Duncan, Richard Bakalyan, Paul Winchell, Jack Albertson, Jeanette Nolan, John Fiedler, John McIntire, Keith Coogan, and Corey Feldman.

Also, why can't all these articles be changed from full to semi protection? Is there no form of semi at cy wiki? Because, all these articles are at SEMI and not FULL protection at en, meaning that legit people such as auto bots that do iws can edit it. That would be better."

Note that the qutations are there so you can tell the difference between the copy-paste and my new comment. I really don't get this place. I come here thinking they might like Disney after having all the articles, and I get banned. And I've even learned some Welsh if you haven't noticed, but I'm still banned. If only the only other person here was you. Then I would be ok, right? Or not? 23:37, 6 Awst 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Roeddwn i eisiau ychwanegu y cyfarwyddwr templed ar gyfer Raja Gosnell ar Beverly Hills Chihuahua, ond wedi ei gloi! Pam? Ynghylch The Fox and the Hound, dweud ei fod yn adrodd hanes y cyfeillgarwch o cadno a helgi, sy'n dybiedig i fod y gwaethaf o gelynion. Neu am fwy o wybodaeth, gweler [1]. Hefyd, rwyf wedi ffaith hwyl. Tim Burton, y animeiddiwr Disney o The Nightmare Before Christmas, dechrau gyda Disney's The Fox and the Hound! 04:08, 4 Hydref 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Dadwneud ein sgwrs![golygu cod]

Hei, Paul. Pam wyt ti wedi dadwneud sgwrs ynglyn a Corea neu Korea ar Sgwrs:Korea??? Llywelyn2000 23:38, 10 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Sori, accidentally clicked on 'gwrthdroi', and didn't realise I'd done that. Paul-L 23:59, 10 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
Diolch am ddadwneud y dadwneud! Llywelyn2000 06:00, 11 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Penblwydd dy nai[golygu cod]

Hi Paul, newydd gweld dy neges rwan. Mae fy ateb ar fy nhudalen Sgwrs. Cofion, Anatiomaros 19:23, 13 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Could we make a category here?[golygu cod]

Hi! I put a category on my user page here (Categori:Defnyddwyr o'r tu allan i Gymru), it means Wikipedians outside of Wales. As I see, you are the same :) Dydw i ddim siarad Cymraeg yn dda, ond rydw i'n dysgu... Rydw i'n byw yn Hwngari. That category is not active yet, but if you think, we could activize that :) --Eino81 07:33, 15 Medi 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

I'm not sure why you think I live outside of Wales - I was born in Wales, and have lived in Wales all my life. As for the category: we rarely put any categories aside from the Babel language boxes on the user pages, but we do have three that are used, see here Nodyn:Defnyddwyr, but I would be pleased to create another userbox that you can use. Paul-L 16:31, 15 Medi 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
Oh, sorry, somehow I thought, that you are out of Wales :) Maybe that Babel boxes disturbed me :) --Eino81 21:32, 15 Medi 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
I've put the the Babel categories, as they are usually displayed when using {{babel}}, on your user page; and I have activated the new category you requested, and put it in [[Categori:Wicipedwyr]], because, as I said above, we have very few non-language related user categories. Paul-L 13:21, 16 Medi 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

inkscape[golygu cod]

Have a play with Inkscape if you haven't already - looks easy to do the SVG edits, see Delwedd:Gorllewin De Cymru (Rhanbarth Cynulliad Cenedlaethol).svg. I'd never used the program before, but in 5 minutes I'd got it done, just click on the shape you want, then "Fill and Stroke" from the "Object" menu to change the fill colour. Job done. Alan 15:30, 11 Hydref 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Thanks, I'll have a look at that, but sometime in future, when I've got all 45 Assembly contituency & region pictures in one category (and when the fixed-line computer is fixed - the screen has broke), as I've wanted to have all those pictures in the .SVG format., since I created the .PNGs. Paul-L 17:26, 11 Hydref 2009 (UTC)[ateb]
The screen on the fixed-line Internet connection is finally fixed! I can now start working on some of my projets, including this one, again. Paul-L 14:41, 10 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

commonscat[golygu cod]

Just to let you know, I have left a message at Sgwrs Defnyddiwr:Schekinov Alexey Victorovich, as he has simply ignored your earlier request and carried on regardless. Luke 16:08, 27 Rhagfyr 2009 (UTC)[ateb]

Neges bwysig i bob gweinyddwr[golygu cod]

Yn dilyn trafodaeth yn y Caffi (gweler yma), mae Luke wedi creu tudalen newydd ar gyfer materion gweinyddol, sef Negesfwrdd gweinyddiaeth. Y syniad yw defnyddio'r Caffi ar gyfer negeseuon cyffredinol a defnyddio'r bwrdd newydd fel lle i drafod a datrys - gobeithio - materion fel nodiadau, categorïau, fandaliaeth a phethau eraill sy'n rhan o waith gweinyddwyr. Bydd yn gymorth i gadw trafodaethau gyda'i gilydd ac yn rhyddhau lle yn y Caffi. Hoffwn ofyn i bawb sy'n weinyddwr ei roi ar eu rhestr gwylio a'i ddefnyddio. Gobeithio bydd yr arbrawf yn llwyddiant ac yn gwneud ein gwaith yma yn haws. Anatiomaros 21:55, 3 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Paul, this is a message about the Welsh equivalent of Administrator's noticeboard which we've just set up. Hope you'll remember to add it to your watchlist! Cofion, Anatiomaros 22:01, 3 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Oes gen ti gamera?[golygu cod]

Hi Paul, sut mae? I've just written an article on Castell Prestatyn. As you live in the area I wondered if you could take a pic sometime and add it here? Or maybe you have one already? I must confess I've never been there myself but will have to get around to it someday - but it'll have to wait for "Sunny Prestatyn" to reappear from the cold and mirk of winter though! Cofion cynnes, Anatiomaros 16:12, 20 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

I don't personally have a digital camera, but I can easily borrow one. I'm not sure of the exact location, and don't want to go and find it in this weather (I currently live in "Wet, Windy & Extremely Cold Prestatyn"). I do know that there are photos on the Internet, and I'll add one as fairuse, in the meantime, before I can make a public domain one myself. Paul-L 20:04, 21 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
Thanks, Paul. Quick work! Know what you mean about the weather, just like Pen! Anatiomaros 20:45, 21 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
You have to be a tad careful about "fair use". Broadly speaking, you can't simply use it to justify any old copying of a copyrighted work merely on the grounds that it is non-commercial etc. The use has to involve some kind of discussion of the work itself, not just of its subject. Luke 23:59, 21 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
As mentioned above, the fairuse photo will only be temporary, and I will always note copyrighted images as being fairuse - there are many images stored here with no information at all.
I'm currently over-hauling the images we have on Wicipedia (which is why many of my recent contributions involve pictures), so that when completed, each picture will have a source and a copyright message, similiar to the current situation on en:, but this will take a long time. Paul-L 20:20, 22 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
I'm still not convinced that you can legitimately claim "fair use" if using a picture of Prestatyn Castle to illustrate the castle. If you were commenting on the picture itself (e.g. if it happened to be a famous picture, or you were writing an article about the photographer) then this could be okay. See the examples of acceptable and unacceptable image use, at en:Wikipedia:Non-free content. Luke 20:35, 22 Ionawr 2010 (UTC) Also it's worth being aware that the exemptions for "fair dealing" in UK law seem to be somewhat more restrictive than the US "fair use". (See [2].) The Wikimedia Foundation itself only needs to care about compliance with US law, but individual contributors in the UK will be subject to UK law. Luke 21:05, 22 Ionawr 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Command & Conquer (gêm fideo)[golygu cod]

I notice we have articles for Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer (gêm fideo), the second of which you created in 2008 and the first one was created in 2005. While both have interwiki links out, the are only returned to Command & Conquer. My first instinct was to merge, but then I thought lets keep them as yours refers to the first individual game while the other seems to mention the whole 'series' (is that what you'd call them?) Having said all that, the Command & Conquer (gêm fideo) article actually starts with:

Un o'r gêmau fideo mwyaf llwyddiannus ganol y 1990au oedd Command a Conquer. Roedd y gêm yn rhan o gyfres.

So whatever we do, some editing needs to be done. i suggest keeping both, but replacing the first two sentances of [Command & Conquer (gêm fideo)] with:

Cyfres o gêmau fideo mwyaf llwyddiannus ganol y 1990au a dechrau'r 2000au yw Command a Conquer.

Then maybe we could pad it out a bit. There's quite a few games in the video game category, would you fancy making a Gwybodlen? --Ben Bore 21:13, 1 Chwefror 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

When I created the article, I was transfering this overwriting of the original article to the new article. I've never played any of the Command & Conquer games, and I rarely play any computer or video games.
But, the first article (Command & Conquer) refers a collection of related Games, not to an indivdual game, so the first sentence of [Command & Conquer (gêm fideo)] should stay the same. A more well know example is the en:Tomb Raider series, with individiual games such as en:Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation & en:Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness being example of released games in the series.
What can sometimes be confusing, is that the first game isn't usually planned to be part of a series, but becomes very popular, so creates sequels, and a series, so the first game will often share the same name as the series (such as Command & Conquer example above, and en:Tomb Raider (video game) being the first in the en:Tomb Raider series).
I'm prepared to create a Gwybodlen for computer & video games, most likely adapted from en:, but I'll need help with some of the translations. Paul-L 20:34, 5 Chwefror 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
Just realised I'd not bothered getting back after instigating all this! If you're not particularly into gaming and unlikely to be adding more articles in near future, don't go to any bother creating userbox, it's no priority of mine.--Ben Bore 21:34, 16 Mawrth 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Pogoń Lwów[golygu cod]

Hi. Thanks for your edition in the page concerning Pogoń Lwów. Could U add to the note that the club was reactivated in 2009 by the Poles from now ukrainian Lwów? Nowadays it's a polish club of the polish minority from the city of Lwów. Before second world war it was a polish club from polish Lwów. I unfortunatelly dont speak welsh at all. --Adam Lutostański 16:44, 16 Mawrth 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Thanks - it was confusing me how the club could have a current manager, when it was dissolved in 1939. Paul-L 21:08, 16 Mawrth 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
Nothing to do with the club, just a gramatical note which you might be interested in. Pre 2000, you could have 'yn' or 'ym' in front of the date - 'ym [1999]' is probally the most formal way , as it assumes the year (1999 eg) is 'mil naw naw naw' and 'mil' causes the mutation. If you're more common like me, you might say 'un naw naw naw' and therefor a mutation doesnt occur. In the naughties, if feels odd not to use the 'posher' 'dwy fil a deg' (for 2010) - 'dau dim un dim' sounds just odd, but either way neither will cause the 'yn' to become 'ym'. Phew, hope that makes sense (and that your 'ym 2009' wasn't just a typo!)--Ben Bore 21:44, 16 Mawrth 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
That was just a little confusion by me. Normally I get this right by thinking 'ym mil naw' and 'yn dau fil' in my head before typing, but I got it the wrong way round this time (presumably from not having made an edit of using 'yn' before a year, for some time). Paul-L 22:15, 16 Mawrth 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

As "Welsh" as Cream Teas at Wimbledon?[golygu cod]

Sut mae Paul? Just wondering if you hav an input to my comments @Sgwrs:Plaid Gristionogol Cymru. It seems to me that the claims of these fundamentalists of being a "Welsh" party are completely unfounded as there is in effect only one "Christian Party" which however operates under different names in the three countries of Britain. By that measure we should have articles for 'Plaid Geidwadol Cymru' and 'Plaid Lafur Cymru' etc. I suggested copying the text to Plaid Gristionogol (DU) and redirecting (could also redirect the "Scottish" equivalent?). What do you think? Anatiomaros 20:20, 26 Ebrill 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Gwleidyddion "enwog"[golygu cod]

Hi Paul, in case you miss it I've replied @Sgwrs:Rhestr gwleidyddion and made some changes. Interested to hear your views. Cofion, Anatiomaros 22:52, 13 Mehefin 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Helo, could you help us, please![golygu cod]

ói bore da! Sorry this is the only thing I'm able to write in Welsh for now. I'm Claudi Balaguer, member of a Catalan association "Amical de la Viquipèdia" which is trying to become a Chapter but has seen this rejected because it doesn't belong to a/one state! Since you're Welsh you understand too well what it is to be a speaker of a minorized language. If you think that our action may help all the minorized or stateless languages and preserve our cultures you can paste the following template on your user page Wikimedia CAT. Thanks/diolch for your help! I wish you a pleasant and sunny summertime. Take care, hwyl fawr! Capsot 17:31, 14 Mehefin 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Blwch defnyddiwr[golygu cod]

Helo, s'mai? Dwi newydd greu blwch i'w ddefnyddio i ddweud bod rhywun yn weinyddwr. Defnyddia'r cod {{Defnyddiwr:Xxglennxx/Blychau/Gweinyddwr}} os hoffet ti :) -- Xxglennxx (sgw.cyf.) 00:40, 26 Gorffennaf 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Diolch. I may create some of my own boxes, that can also be used by other Wicipedians. Paul-L 17:24, 1 Awst 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Thanks for Welcome[golygu cod]

Grande Paul, sei un mito!!
Complimenti per il tuo perfetto italiano. Un saluto dall'Italia. Ciao —•Trevinci 15:54, 9 Awst 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Royal Wales[golygu cod]

Yes. Sadly overpriced - I'm just asking my friends to request it from their local libraries! Deb 21:18, 13 Hydref 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Bobby sands[golygu cod]

sorry was just experimenting will not make same mistake againFinnegas (sgwrs) 21:55, 12 Mai 2012 (UTC)[ateb]

Cyfarfod yng Nghaerdydd[golygu cod]

Mae cyfarfod yng Nghaerdydd ar y diwrnod olaf o'r mis - golygathon (editathon) Wici Cymraeg. Mwy yn fama. It would be great to meet you. If you would like help with travelling costs send me an email please. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 16:49, 16 Mehefin 2012 (UTC)[ateb]

Rhanbarth Gogledd Cymru (Cynulliad Cenedlaethol)[golygu cod]

Hi Paul. You inspired me this morning to work on the Rhanbarth Gogledd Cymru (Cynulliad Cenedlaethol) article. As well as importing the infobox etc I've reverted "Aelod" back to "Sedd #". Has the "Sedd" been changed or has it disappeared? I note the the En counterpart is "Seat". I'll try and reference this change later on tonight if I don't here back from you. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 08:31, 11 Mai 2013 (UTC)[ateb]

Uwchlwytho ffeiliau, Dewin Uwchlwytho?[golygu cod]

Wikimedia Commons logo

Hello! Sorry for writing in English. As you're an administrator here, please check the message I left on MediaWiki talk:Licenses and the village pump. Thanks, Nemo 19:22, 18 Medi 2014 (UTC)[ateb]

Your administrator status on cy.wikipedia[golygu cod]

Hello. A policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc.) was adopted by community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing activity on wikis with no inactivity policy.

You meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for 2 years) on the wiki listed above. Since that wiki does not have its own rights review process, the global one applies.

If you want to keep your rights, you should inform the community of the wiki about the fact that the stewards have sent you this information about your inactivity. If the community has a discussion about it and then wants you to keep your rights, please contact the stewards at m:Stewards' noticeboard, and link to the discussion of the local community, where they express their wish to continue to maintain the rights.

If you wish to resign your rights, you can reply here or request removal of your rights on Meta.

If there is no response at all after approximately one month, stewards will proceed to remove your administrator and/or bureaucrat rights. In ambiguous cases, stewards will evaluate the responses and will refer a decision back to the local community for their comment and review. If you have any questions, please contact the stewards. Rschen7754 05:31, 8 Gorffennaf 2016 (UTC)[ateb]

Diddymu statws Geinyddwr[golygu cod]

Fel y nodyn uchod gan Rschen7754, byddwn yn dileu dy statws os nad wyt yn ailddechrau golygu o fewn pythefnos. Os fyddi di'n dymuno ailgychwyn, yna, wrth gwrs mae can croeso i ti wneud hynny, a chei'r statws yn ei ol. Cofion. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 05:04, 8 Awst 2016 (UTC)[ateb]

Removal of sysop[golygu cod]

Hello. Your sysop status has been removed because of inactivity. If you believe this has been done in error, please let me know at the Stewards' noticeboard. Thank you for your contributions. Green Giant (sgwrs) 09:05, 8 Mawrth 2018 (UTC)[ateb]