Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla

Yr oedd Nikola Tesla (Serbeg: Никола Тесла) (10 Gorffennaf, 18567 Ionawr, 1943) yn ddyfeisiwr, ffisegwr a pheiriannwr mecanyddol a thrydanol. Yn Serbiad[1][2] O ran ei ethnigrwydd, fe'i ganed mewn pentref sydd ar diriogaeth Croatia heddiw. Cyfranodd yn fawr at y maes electromagneteg.

Cafodd yr uned o faint y maes magnetig, y Tesla, ei henwi ar ei ôl.

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  1. (Saesneg) Seifer, Marc (1998). Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla. Citadel Press. p. 1740. ISBN 1-8065-1960-6 Check |isbn= value: checksum (help). There is something in me which is only perhaps illusory," Tesla began, "It is] like that which often comes to young, enthusiastic persons, but if I were to be sufficiently fortunate to bring about at least some of my ideas it would be for the benefit of humanity. ... If these hopes become one day a reality, my greatest joy would spring from the fact that this work would be the work of a Serb. 
  2. (Saesneg) Tesla, Nikola (2011). My inventions. Lits. ISBN 9781609421793. At that time I was under the sway of the Serbian national poetry, and therefore full of admiration for the feats of the heroes.