Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla
Tesla Sarony.jpg
Ganwyd Никола Тесла Edit this on Wikidata
28 Mehefin 1856 Edit this on Wikidata
Smiljan Edit this on Wikidata
Bu farw 7 Ionawr 1943 Edit this on Wikidata (86 oed)
Achos: Trawiad ar y galon Edit this on Wikidata
Dinas Efrog Newydd Edit this on Wikidata
Man preswyl Prag, Budapest, Graz, Paris, Colorado Springs, Dinas Efrog Newydd, Karlovac, Smiljan Edit this on Wikidata
Dinasyddiaeth Ymerodraeth Awstria, Awstria-Hwngari, Unol Daleithiau America Edit this on Wikidata
Alma mater
  • Gymnasium Karlovac
  • Prifysgol Technoleg Graz Edit this on Wikidata
Galwedigaeth Dyfeisiwr, peiriannydd trydanol, peiriannydd mecanyddol, ffisegydd, peiriannydd Edit this on Wikidata
  • Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing
  • Westinghouse Electric Edit this on Wikidata
Prif ddylanwad Ernst Mach Edit this on Wikidata
Tad Milutin Tesla Edit this on Wikidata
Mam Đuka Madic Edit this on Wikidata
Gwobr/au Grand Cross of the Order of the White Eagle, Gwobr Edison, Gwobr Elliott Cresson, Medal John Scott, Urdd Sant Sava, Oriel yr Anfarwolion Genedlaethol Dyfeiswyr, Doethuriaeth Anrhydeddus Prifysgol Zagreb, Order of the White Lion, Cymrodor IEEE, Cymrawd yr AAAS Edit this on Wikidata

Roedd Nikola Tesla (Serbeg: Никола Тесла) (10 Gorffennaf, 18567 Ionawr, 1943) yn ddyfeisiwr, ffisegwr a pheiriannwr mecanyddol a thrydanol. Yn Serbiad[1][2] O ran ei ethnigrwydd, fe'i ganed mewn pentref sydd ar diriogaeth Croatia heddiw. Cyfranodd yn fawr at y maes electromagneteg.

Cafodd yr uned o faint y maes magnetig, y Tesla, ei henwi ar ei ôl.

Galeri[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Cyfeiriadau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

  1. (Saesneg) Seifer, Marc (1998). Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla. Citadel Press. p. 1740. ISBN 1-8065-1960-6 Check |isbn= value: checksum (help). There is something in me which is only perhaps illusory," Tesla began, "It is] like that which often comes to young, enthusiastic persons, but if I were to be sufficiently fortunate to bring about at least some of my ideas it would be for the benefit of humanity. ... If these hopes become one day a reality, my greatest joy would spring from the fact that this work would be the work of a Serb. 
  2. (Saesneg) Tesla, Nikola (2011). My inventions. Lits. ISBN 9781609421793. At that time I was under the sway of the Serbian national poetry, and therefore full of admiration for the feats of the heroes.