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Winnie Mandela[golygu cod]

Hi. Forgive the English. Did no one notice there was already an article at Winnie Mandela linked to the other language wikipedias? It should have been moved rather than starting again from scratch. Deb (sgwrs) 19:05, 3 Ebrill 2018 (UTC)[ateb]

Hi Deb. The article with her new name 'Winnie Madikizela-Mandela' was created a couple of minutes by Ciwcymbr before your one and it had more information by the time I saw it. So I thought it better to redirect the 'Winnie Mandela' article to it. --Dafyddt (sgwrs) 19:20, 3 Ebrill 2018 (UTC)[ateb]
Oh, okay, if it was there first. It wasn't there when I looked. Deb (sgwrs) 21:02, 3 Ebrill 2018 (UTC)[ateb]