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I've thrown the gauntlet! Or at least, passed it on. In the Caffi, I've asked for help in translating some of your articles. There are only a hanful of us working on the Welsh Wicipedia and our priority is always on writing new, broad, balanced articles. We all follow our interests to some extent, and working on articles based on the town of Trefynwy has never been a priority or an interest of mine, therefore, I certainly didn't jump at your challenge. However, the use of QR certainly appeals as it is a method of getting Wicipedia cy out to the users.

I will translate the Existing Articles page: many of the links are already on Wici cy. I'll then use it as a diving board to create new (but short) articles. I hope (but can't guarantee) that this turns into a tester, which if it works could then be used in other places within Wici cy e.g. Sain Ffagan or the Derby Challenge. OK?

I've just started the Index page (list of articles) and realise that your English articles need to be pepped up and harmonised with Welsh names, terms contexts etc. For example, what's Wyeshamin Cymraeg? What's Fiddler's Elbow National Nature Reserve yn Gymraeg? If there is no official name, then maybe your local team can find out what the old Welsh name would have been for that area. Secondly, A general recognition of the fact that Trefynwy is in Wales would be appreciated! e.g. why not use Pedia Trefynwy as a sub-heading and Croeso instead of Welcome! Llywelyn2000 06:46, 8 Ionawr 2012 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Thats wonderful, thanks very much. I'm going to redo the project pages in the next day or so to make it easier for people to contribute and know what languages have been translated. I spoke to another editor on Wicipedia and they said that Monmouthshire County Council have a list somewhere that was possibly compiled with the Welsh Language Board of Welsh names for places in Monmouthshire. It would be really nice to have some Welsh language on the Monmouthpedia pages, not sure if it will break the autotranslate for other languages, I will investigate. --Mrjohncummings 22:27, 9 Ionawr 2012 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
John, I help out at a small museum and we are hoping to try out the QRpedia codes. However, we are doubtful because both phone and internet reception are very poor. Deb (sgwrs) 17:40, 25 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Hi Deb
It's very difficult to offer QRpedia without a good internet connection. Phone connection is one way of offering it but a wifi connection let's people access the information for free which is much better :)
If you set up a wifi connection and it doesn't get to some parts of the museum then you can use something called a repeater which picks up the signal and then boosts it, there are guides online of how to set them up. Also I'm trying to get the android operating system to be available in Welsh, which will means the QRpedia codes would go straight to the Welsh.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about how to set it up in a museum

Mrjohncummings (sgwrs) 19:21, 25 Ebrill 2012 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Seren[golygu cod y dudalen]

Diolch am y Seren, John! It's really appreciated. I do hope someone has also given you one! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 04:43, 15 Mehefin 2012 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Book cover uploads[golygu cod y dudalen]

Thanks for all your help with the uploading of book covers John! It takes a Welshman.... Diolch yn fawr! BOT-Twm Crys (sgwrs) 15:59, 29 Awst 2014 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]