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You are invited![golygu cod y dudalen]

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You are invited...

The Celtic Knot: Wikipedia Language Conference - Programme now live.

  • Hosts: The University of Edinburgh and Wikimedia UK
  • Supporting: Celtic & Indigenous Languages.
  • Objective: The main objective for Celtic Knot 2017 is the coming together of practitioners in the same room at same time; strengthening the bonds of those working to support language communities into a 'knot' and leading into action. Attendees can expect to learn about and discuss innovative approaches to open education, open knowledge and open data that support and grow language communities.
  • Date: 6 July 2017 - Booking is now open.

Stinglehammer (sgwrs) 22:32, 22 Mai 2017 (UTC)

Sefydlu grwp swyddogol: Wicimedia Cymru[golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhag ofn na welais ti'r sgwrs - mae cais di neud i ffurfio grwp swyddogol fel y Basgiaid. Beth am ychwanegu dy sylwadau? Wicipedia:Y Caffi#Sefydlu Grŵp Defnyddwyr Wicimedia '''Defnyddiwr:John Jones''' (sgwrs) 09:20, 12 Gorffennaf 2017 (UTC)

Eva Strautmann[golygu cod y dudalen]

Dear Adam,

it seems like you would be in the Wikipedia System. Please take a look on Eva Strautmann. We have sent a few links there, please edit this site and create a good article.

Thank you so much! Kind Regards! The artists