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Nodyn:Uses Infobox settlement

This infobox is meant for communes (the lowest level of administrative division) in France. This is an empty infobox with all available fields. The contents of the parameter fields, and which are optional, are explained below.

{{{native name}}}
{{{commune status}}}
[[File:{{{image}}}|{{{image size}}}|{{{caption}}}]]
[[File:{{{image flag}}}|{{{image flag size}}}|border|Baner {{{name}}}]]
[[File:{{{image coat of arms}}}|{{{image coat of arms size}}}|Arfbais {{{name}}}]]
Arwyddair: {{{city motto}}}
[[File:{{{map}}}|{{{map size}}}|{{{map caption}}}]]
{{{map caption}}}
{{{subdivisions entry}}}{{{subdivisions}}}
 • Maer ({{{term}}}) {{{mayor}}} ({{{party}}})
Poblogaeth ({{{population date}}})1
 • {{{total type}}}{{{population}}}
 • Rank{{{population ranking}}}
 • Dinesig ({{{urban pop date}}}){{{urban pop}}}
 • Metro ({{{metro area pop date}}}){{{metro area pop}}}
Ethnic distribution
 • {{{ethnic date}}}{{{ethnic}}}
Parth amser{{{time zone}}} ([[UTC{{{utc offset}}}]])
 • Summer (DST){{{timezone_DST{{{time zone DST}}}}}} ([[UTC{{{utc_offset_DST{{{utc offset DST}}}}}}]])
INSEE/Postal code{{{INSEE}}} / {{{postal code}}}
Codau ffôn Ffrainc{{{dialling code}}}
Uchder{{{elevation footnotes}}}[convert: invalid number]
(cyfart. [convert: invalid number])

1 'Poblogaeth heb "gyfri dwbwl": trigolion mwy nag un gymuned (e.e. myfyrwyr a milwyr - cyfrifwyd unwaith yn unig.

Usage[golygu cod]

Delete any unneeded fields when using the full template syntax.

{{Infobox French commune
 | name                    =
 | native name             =
 | commune status          =
 | total type              =
 | image                   =
 | image size              =
 | caption                 =
 | image flag              =
 | image flag size         =
 | flag_link               =
 | image coat of arms      =
 | image coat of arms size =
 | shield_link             =
 | city motto              =
 | map                     =
 | adjustable map          =
 | map size                =
 | map caption             =
 | latitude                =
 | longitude               =
 | INSEE                   =
 | province                =
 | arrondissement          =
 | canton                  =
 | intercommunality        =
 | subdivisions entry      =
 | subdivisions            =
 | party                   =
 | mayor                   =
 | term                    =
 | area km2                =
 | overseas collectivity   =
 | area footnotes          =
 | urban area date         =
 | urban area km2          =
 | metro area date         =
 | metro area km2          =
 | population date         =
 | population ranking      =
 | urban pop date          =
 | urban pop               =
 | metro area pop date     =
 | metro area pop          =
 | population              =
 | population_demonym      =
 | ethnic                  =
 | ethnic date             =
 | time zone               = 
 | utc offset               = 
 | time zone DST       = 
 | utc offset DST       = 
 | postal code             =
 | dialling code           =
 | elevation m             =
 | elevation min m         =
 | elevation max m         =
 | elevation footnotes     =
 | website                 =

Parameters[golygu cod]

Note that the field name is case-sensitive; it should be lower case (apart from INSEE). Some lesser used fields are not discussed (yet) in this overview.

Delete any unneeded fields when using the full template syntax.

Required parameters[golygu cod]

  • longitude
  • latitude
  • arrondissement
  • canton
  • population

name[golygu cod]

English name of location. If this field is not specified, the article name is used.

native name[golygu cod]

French name of location. Use only if French name is different from English name (e.g. Dunkirk - Dunkerque). Sometimes used for regional languages, such as Breton and Catalan.

commune status[golygu cod]

If you want a sub-banner to appear. Defaults to empty. Can be anything - for example, Paris can use it to describe its status as both a commune and department.

total type[golygu cod]

If this is left empty, area and population totals will appear on the same line as the respective title. If you indicate something different (for example, 'commune'), that title will appear as a sub-title for both area and population sections.

image[golygu cod]

A representative picture of the location: skyline, notable landmark, etc. The image used should preferably be wider than it is tall, to keep the infobox as compact as possible. The plain image file name should be given, e.g. Vieux port de Marseille 2.jpg.

caption[golygu cod]

The caption for this picture (optional).

image flag, image coat of arms, etc.[golygu cod]

The official flag and coat of arms of the commune. See the infoboxes of Paris and Marseille for examples.

city motto[golygu cod]

The official city motto (probably only applicable for the largest cities).

map, adjustable map[golygu cod]

Avoid, except for overseas departments and territories. For locations in metropolitan (=European) France, an automatic map is generated if the coordinates are given in the "longitude" and "latitude" fields (see below). For locations in the overseas departments and territories (e.g. French Guiana, New Caledonia, Réunion), this automatic map will give strange results. In these cases, manual location maps ("map", "adjustable map").

  • "map": Specify only the file name of the map image, e.g. "Cayenne.PNG".
  • "adjustable map": Specify the file name of the map image, e.g. "adjustable map=Cayenne.PNG", and the width in the field "map size", e.g. "map size=200px".

latitude, longitude[golygu cod]

Required. Geographical coordinates of location. Give location in decimals. Northern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere have positive numbers. The coordinates are used for map calculation, and they are also shown next to the title, in degree-minute-second format (with a link to external map websites). Do not enter degree-minute-second format data in this field, because the map cannot be calculated with those, and they are not shown in the title either. If the coordinates are not available in French or Dutch ("Nederlands") Wikipedia, you can look them up at the website of Lion1906 (you can search by entering the INSEE number or the name of the commune in "Recherche rapide", results under "Informations géographiques", use the numbers labeled "Degrés". Average elevation and area are also given).

INSEE[golygu cod]

The INSEE (French national statistics institute) code of the commune. The region and the department to which the location belongs are retrieved using this code and a subtemplate. The INSEE code is also used to provide a link to the census results for the commune.

region and department[golygu cod]

DEPRECATED: The region and the department to which the location belongs are retrieved using the (required!) INSEE code and a subtemplate. The fields "region" and "department" are no longer used.

province[golygu cod]

For New Caledonia.

arrondissement[golygu cod]

Required. The arrondissement to which the location belongs. No wikilinks required. Some overseas locations are not part of an arrondissement. The largest cities (e.g. Paris, Lyon, Marseille) are subdivided into arrondissements themselves. In those cases, use the "subdivisions" field instead.

canton[golygu cod]

Required. The canton to which the location belongs. No wikilinks required. Some overseas locations are not part of a canton. Some locations, usually the larger cities, are subdivided into cantons themselves. In those cases, use the "subdivisions" field instead.

intercommunality[golygu cod]

Many communes cooperate in an intercommunality.

subdivisions[golygu cod]

Some locations, usually the larger cities, are subdivided into arrondissements or cantons. In those cases, fill in something like "subdivisions=9 arrondissements". A link to an article about these subdivisions can also go here.

mayor[golygu cod]

The mayor of the commune. Optionally, the governing period of the mayor can be given in the field "term", and the party in the field "party".

area km2[golygu cod]

The area of the commune in square kilometres. Don't use a comma for decimal separator, but use a point (12.34 instead of 12,34): commas give bad results in the population density calculation. The template will also calculate the area in square miles.

population[golygu cod]

The population of the commune. Don't use thousands separators like points or spaces (e.g. 5.678 or 34 567): they give bad results in the population density calculation. The census year should be given in the field "date-population" (French version: "date-sans"). You can also add references and footnotes in the field "date-population" (not in "population"). Note: Adding references to commune, urban and metro population numbers 'breaks' the settlement template population density calculations for each respective area.

population_demonym[golygu cod]

The adjective describing the people and places of the region. Use the English demonym by default (e.g., Parisian, not "Parisien").

If the French demonym is included, specify the respective languages in full or via language code. Use the correct capitalization common to each respective language. For example: Parisian (English)<br>parisien (French) or Parisian (en)<br>parisien (fr). Use non-breaking spaces (&nbsp;) or {{nowrap}} to prevent unhelpful text-wrapping in these lines. Do not include the feminine form as a separate demonym, but do include it as an alternative style of the French demonym if possible: parisien(ne).

Do not include other languages' demonyms unless they are notable (e.g., Breton names only for Breton places).

time zone[golygu cod]

For metropolitan France, this could be [[Central European Time|CET]]/[[Central European Summer Time|CEST]] ([[UTC+1]]/[[UTC+2|+2]]).

postal code[golygu cod]

The postal code(s) of the commune.

elevation min m, elevation max m, elevation m[golygu cod]

The minimum, maximum, and average elevation of the commune above sea level in metres. The metres will be converted to feet, and both are displayed.

website[golygu cod]

The official website of the commune. Please follow the guidelines at WP:LINKS.

Enghraifft: Llydaw[golygu cod]

RhanbarthPays de la Loire
 • Maer (2008–2014) Jean Bodin
Arwynebedd126.16 km2 (10.10 mi sg)
Poblogaeth (2006)22,076
 • Dwysedd79/km2 (210/mi sg)
Parth amserCET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST)CEST (UTC+2)
INSEE/Postal code53094 / 53260
Uchder33–108 m (108–354 ft)
(cyfart. 50 m or 160 ft)
1 Data o Gofrestr Tir Ffrainc, sy'n hepgor llynnoedd, pyllau, rhewlifau > 1 km² (0.386 sq mi neu 247 erw) ac aberoedd yr afonydd.
2 'Poblogaeth heb "gyfri dwbwl": trigolion mwy nag un gymuned (e.e. myfyrwyr a milwyr - cyfrifwyd unwaith yn unig.
{{Infobox French commune
|name                   = Entrammes
|region                 = Pays de la Loire
|department             = Mayenne
|arrondissement         = Laval
|canton                 = Laval-Est
|mayor                  = [[Jean Bodin]]
|term                   = 2008–2014
|latitude               = 47.9967
|longitude              = -0.7125
|elevation m            = 50
|elevation min m        = 33
|elevation max m        = 108
|area km2               = 26.16
|population             = 2076
|population date        = 2006
|INSEE                  = 53094
|postal code            = 53260

Enghraifft: Paris[golygu cod]

Commune / Department
The Eiffel Tower (foreground) and the skyscrapers of the La Défense business district (background).
The Eiffel Tower (foreground) and the skyscrapers of the
La Défense business district (background).
Baner Paris
Arfbais Paris
Arwyddair: Fluctuat nec mergitur
(Latin: She is tossed by the waves but is not sunk)
Subdivisions20 arrondissements
 • Maer (2008–2014) Bertrand Delanoë (PS)
Arwynebedd1 [1]105.4 km2 (40.7 mi sg)
 • Trefol (1999)2,723 km2 (1,051 mi sg)
 • Metro (1999)14,518.3 km2 (5,605.5 mi sg)
Poblogaeth (January 1, 2009 estimate[2])22,203,817
 • Rank1st in France
 • Dwysedd21,000/km2 (54,000/mi sg)
 • Dinesig (2006)10,142,983
 • Dwysedd drefol3,700/km2 (9,600/mi sg)
 • Metro (2006)11,769,433
 • Dwysedd metropolitanaidd810/km2 (2,100/mi sg)
DemonymParisian (en)
parisien(ne) (fr)
Parth amserCET (UTC +1) (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST)CEST (UTC+2)
INSEE/Postal code75056 / 75001-75020, 75116
1 Data o Gofrestr Tir Ffrainc, sy'n hepgor llynnoedd, pyllau, rhewlifau > 1 km² (0.386 sq mi neu 247 erw) ac aberoedd yr afonydd.
2 'Poblogaeth heb "gyfri dwbwl": trigolion mwy nag un gymuned (e.e. myfyrwyr a milwyr - cyfrifwyd unwaith yn unig.
{{Infobox French commune
| name = Paris
| population_demonym = Parisian ([[English language|en]])<br />parisien(ne) ([[French language|fr]])
| commune status = [[Communes of France|Commune]] / [[Departments of France|Department]]
| total type =
| image = Panorama Paris December 2007.jpg
| caption = The [[Eiffel Tower]] (foreground) and the skyscrapers of the<br />[[La Défense]] business district (background).
| image flag = Flag of Paris with coat of arms.svg
| image flag size = 85px
| image coat of arms = Grandes Armes de Paris.svg
| image coat of arms size = 120px
| flag_link = Flag of Paris
| shield_link = Coat of arms of Paris
| city motto = ''[[Fluctuat nec mergitur]]''<br />{{nowrap|([[Latin]]: She is tossed by the waves but is not sunk)}}
| latitude = 48.856667
| longitude = 2.350833
| time zone = CET <small>(UTC +1)</small>
| mayor = [[Bertrand Delanoë]]
| party = [[Socialist Party (France)|PS]]
| term = 2008–2014
| subdivisions entry = [[Administrative division|Subdivisions]]
| subdivisions = [[Arrondissements of Paris|20 arrondissements]]
| area km2 = 105.4
| area footnotes = <ref name="area">[ INSEE local statistics], including [[Bois de Boulogne]] and [[Bois de Vincennes]].</ref>
| population date = January 1, 2009 estimate<ref name="pop">{{cite web
  | url=
  | title=La population par arrondissement de 1990 à 2009
  | date=2009-01-01
  | publisher=Mairie de Paris
  | language=French
  | accessdate=2009-07-09}}</ref>
| INSEE = 75056
| postal code = 75001-75020, 75116
| population = 2203817
| population ranking = [[List of communes in France with over 20,000 inhabitants (1999 census)|1st in France]]
| urban area km2 = 2,723
| urban area date = 1999
| urban pop = 10,142,983
| urban pop date = 2006
| metro area km2 = 14518.3
| metro area date = 1999
| metro area pop = 11,769,433
| metro area pop date = 2006
| website = {{URL|}}
  1. INSEE local statistics, including Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes.
  2. "La population par arrondissement de 1990 à 2009" (yn French). Mairie de Paris. 2009-01-01. Cyrchwyd 2009-07-09.CS1 maint: unrecognized language (link)

TemplateData[golygu cod]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Infobox French commune

Dim disgrifiad.

Paramedrau'r nodyn[Edit template data]


English name of location

Yn ddiofyn
Article Name
Native Namenative name

Native name of the location

Commune Statuscommune status

Fill to show sub-banner: eg. Type of settlement (City, Commune, Municipality)

Total Typetotal type

Fill to show Area/Population totals next to 'total type' value ''below'' Area/Population in each section line (normally on same line)

Image Flagimage flag

Image of the flag of commune

Page namedewisol
Image flag sizeimage flag size

Size of image of the flag of commune

Image court of armsimage court of arms

Image of court of arms of commune.

Page namedewisol
Image court of arms sizeimage court of arms size

Size of image of court of arms of commune

City Mottocity motto

Motto of the city


Image of the place or any notable landmark

Page namedewisol

Caption for the image


For overseas locations, provide an image for the map

Page namedewisol

Timezone of the commune


Longitude of the location


Latitude of the location


The Arrondissement to which the location belongs


Intercommunality of the commune


Mayor of the commune


The governing period of the mayor

Elevation(meters)elevation m

Average elevation of commune above sea level in meters

Minimum Elevation(meters)elevation min m

Minimum elevation of the commune in meters

Maximum Elevation(meters)elevation max m

Maximum elevation of the commune in meters

Area(square km)area km2

Area of the commune in square kilometers


Population of the commune

Population Datepopulation date

Date on which population was counted


INSEE code for the commune

Postal codepostal code

Postal Code of the commune


Official website of the commune


Microformat[golygu cod]

The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue article across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, specific to the day, use {{Start date}} (unless the date is before 1583 CE); if it has a URL, use {{URL}}.

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • category
  • country-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • street-address
  • url
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes; nor collapse nested elements which use them. {{#ifeq: Infobox French commune|doc||{{#ifeq: Infobox French commune|sandbox||[[Categori:[[{PAGENAME}}]]}}}}

See also[golygu cod]

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