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star in the constellation of Orion

Position Alpha Ori.png

Adnoddau allanol

dynodwr Freebase
dynodwr Encyclopædia Britannica Online
dynodwr Quora
dynodwr Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana
dynodwr SIMBAD
OmegaWiki Defined Meaning
Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID
dynodwr VIAF

enghraifft o'r canlynol

red supergiant[2]
sêr cyfnewidiol[3]
long period variable[3]

rhan o'r canlynol

Winter Triangle

cod catalogio

SAO 113271[2]

catalog: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog

GSC 00129-01873[2]

catalog: Guide Star Catalog

2MASS J05551028+0724255[2]

catalog: 2MASS

HD 39801[2]

catalog: Henry Draper Catalogue

HIP 27989[2]

catalog: Hipparcos Catalogue

HR 2061[2]

catalog: Harvard Revised Photometry Catalogue, Bright Star Catalogue

IRAS 05524+0723[2]

catalog: IRAS

AAVSO 0549+07[2]

catalog: Cymdeithas Seryddwyr America

α Ori[2]

catalog: Bayer designation

58 Ori[2]

catalog: Flamsteed designation

ADS 4506 AP[3]

catalog: Aitken Double Star Catalogue

AG+07 681[3]

catalog: Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog

BD+07 1055[3]

catalog: Durchmusterung

CCDM J05552+0724AP[3]

catalog: Catalog of Components of Double and Multiple Stars

CSI+07 1055 1[3]

catalog: Catalog of Stellar Identifications

FK5 224[3]

catalog: FK5

GC 7451[3]

catalog: Boss General Catalogue

GCRV 3679[3]

catalog: General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities

HIC 27989[3]

catalog: Hipparcos Input Catalogue

IRC +10100[3]

catalog: Two-Micron Sky Survey

JP11 1282[3]

catalog: JP11

N30 1266[3]

catalog: Catalog of 5,268 Standard Stars Based on the Normal System N30

PLX 1362[3]

catalog: General Catalogue of Trigonometric Stellar Parallaxes

PLX 1362.00[3]

catalog: General Catalogue of Trigonometric Stellar Parallaxes

PMC 90-93 162[3]

catalog: Tokyo Photoelectric Meridian Circle Catalog

PPM 149643[3]

catalog: PPM Star Catalogue

RAFGL 836[3]

catalog: RAFGL

TD1 5587[3]

catalog: TD1 Catalog of Stellar Ultraviolet Fluxes

TYC 129-1873-1[3]

catalog: Tycho Catalogue

UBV 21314[3]

catalog: UBV Photoelectric Photometry Catalogue

alf Ori[3]

catalog: General Catalogue of Variable Stars

WDS J05552+0724A[3]

catalog: Washington Double Star Catalog

WDS J05552+0724Aa,Ab[3]

catalog: Washington Double Star Catalog

WDS J05552+0724Aa,Ac[3]

catalog: Washington Double Star Catalog

YZ 7 2503[3]

catalog: Yale Observatory Zone Catalog

[LFO93] 0552+07[3]

catalog: CO and HCN observations of circumstellar envelopes. A catalogue - mass loss rates and distributions

WEB 5485[3]

catalog: Vitesses radiales. Catalogue WEB: Wilson Evans Batten. Radial velocities: The Wilson-Evans-Batten catalogue

color index


astronomical filter: B-V colour


15±2 solar mass


distance from Earth

200 parsec

stellar rotational velocity

5 cilometr yr eiliad


6.55±0.83 milliarcsecond[5]

proper motion

27.54±1.03 milliarcsecond per year[5]

ar gyfer: right ascension

11.3±0.65 milliarcsecond per year[5]

ar gyfer: declination

radial velocity

21.91±0.51 cilometr yr eiliad[6]

type of variable star

SRC semiregular[7]

spectral class


apparent magnitude


astronomical filter: V band


60,000±20,000 solar luminosity

absolute magnitude





955 solar radius
887 solar radius
1,000±200 solar radius

oriel Comin


categori Comin


prif gategori


ffynhonnell y disgrifiad

Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1926–1947)

mae'r datganiad yn destun o: Q43458079

Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary

mae'r datganiad yn destun o: Q24346553

Gwyddoniadur Otto[12]

mae'r datganiad yn destun o: Q54962942

yn wahanol i


surface gravity

2 centimetre per second squared[11]

right ascension

88.792938991 degree[5]



effective temperature

3,633 Kelvin[11]


7.407063995 degree[5]


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