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Whitesnake Band 1.JPG
Gwybodaeth gefndirol
Tarddiad yn Middlesbrough
Cerddoriaeth Grŵp cerddoriaeth roc
Blynyddoedd 1978
Label(i) recordio Geffen Records

Grŵp cerddoriaeth roc yw Whitesnake. Sefydlwyd y band yn Middlesbrough yn 1978. Mae Whitesnake wedi cyhoeddi cerddoriaeth ar label recordio Geffen Records.

Aelodau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

  • David Coverdale

Disgyddiaeth[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhestr Wicidata:

albwm[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Trouble 1978 United Artists Records
Geffen Records
Snakebite 1978 Geffen Records
Lovehunter 1979-10 United Artists Records
Ready an' Willing 1980 Atlantic Records
Polydor Records
United Artists Records
The Best of Whitesnake 1981
Come an' Get It 1981-04-11 Atlantic Records
Polydor Records
Liberty Records
セインツ・アンド・シナーズ 1982
Saints & Sinners 1982-11-20 Geffen Records
Warner Bros. Records
Slide It In 1984 Geffen Records
Warner Bros. Records
スライド・イット・イン 1984 Geffen Records
Slip of the Tongue 1989 Geffen Records
Warner Bros. Records
Winning Combinations: Whitesnake & Scorpions 2002
Good to Be Bad 2008 SPV
Forevermore 2011-03-25 Frontiers Records
Warner Music Group
Made in Britain/The World Record 2013 Frontiers Records
The Purple Album 2015 Frontiers Records
Flesh & Blood 2019 Frontiers Records

record hir[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Live at Hammersmith 1978 Polydor Records
Snakebite EP 1978
1987 Versions 1987 Columbia Records

sengl[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
The Time Is Right for Love 1978 EMI
Lie Down 1978
Long Way from Home 1979 United Artists
Fool for Your Loving 1980 United Artists
Sweet Talker 1980
Ready an' Willing 1980
Would I Lie to You 1981 EMI
Victim of Love 1982
Bloody Luxury 1982 EMI
Here I Go Again 1982-11-15 Geffen Records
Guilty of Love 1983-08-13 Liberty Records
Give Me More Time 1984-01-01 EMI
Standing in the Shadow 1984-03-26
Slow an' Easy 1984-04 Geffen Records
Still of the Night 1987-03-21 Geffen Records
Crying in the Rain 1987-04-09 Geffen Records
Is This Love 1987-06 Geffen Records
Give Me All Your Love 1988-02 Geffen Records
Now You're Gone 1990 EMI
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