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Therapy? at Alternative Ulster Birthday Party, 2006.jpg
Label recordioWiiija, A&M Records, Marshall Records Edit this on Wikidata
Arddullgrunge, roc amgen, cerddoriaeth roc, noise rock Edit this on Wikidata
Gwefan Edit this on Wikidata

Grŵp noise rock yw Therapy?. Sefydlwyd y band yn Larne yn 1989. Mae Therapy? wedi cyhoeddi cerddoriaeth ar label recordio Wiiija, A&M Records.

Aelodau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

  • Michael McKeegan
  • Andy Cairns
  • Neil Cooper

Disgyddiaeth[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhestr Wicidata:

albwm[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Babyteeth 1991 Wiiija
Nurse 1992 A&M Records
Nurse 1992 A&M Records
Pleasure Death 1992 Wiiija
Troublegum 1994 A&M Records
Semi-Detached 1998 A&M Records
Suicide Pact – You First 1999 Ark 21 Records
Shameless 2001-09-03 Ark 21 Records
High Anxiety 2003 Spitfire Records
Never Apologise Never Explain 2004 Spitfire Records
One Cure Fits All 2006 Spitfire Records
Crooked Timber 2009 Demolition Records
We're Here to the End 2010
A Brief Crack of Light 2012
Disquiet 2015
Communion: Live at the Union Chapel 2017
Cleave (Therapy? album) 2018
Greatest Hits

record hir[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Born in a Crash 1993 A&M Records
Face the Strange 1993 A&M Records
Hats Off to the Insane 1993
Shortsharpshock E.P. 1993 A&M Records

sengl[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Teethgrinder 1992-10-19 A&M Records
Opal Mantra 1993-08-16 A&M Records
Nowhere 1994-01-17 A&M Records
Trigger Inside 1994-02-28 A&M Records
Die Laughing 1994-05-30 A&M Records
Stories 1995-05-22 A&M Records
Loose 1995-07-17 A&M Records
Diane 1995-11-06 A&M Records
Church of Noise 1998-03-02 A&M Records
Lonely, Cryin', Only 1998-05-18 A&M Records
Diwedd y rhestr a gynhyrchwyd yn otomatig o Wicidata.

Dolen allanol[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Gwefan swyddogol

Cyfeiriadau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]