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Croeso i chi ysgrifennu negeseuon ar fy nghyfer yn Gymraeg neu yn Saesneg -- ond atebaf i yn Saesneg os mae'n rhy anodd imi ddweud yn Gymraeg.


Diolch am fynd trwy hen olygiadau Mh96. Roeddwn i wedi anghofio amdanynt, ac rwyt ti'n iawn, digon "amheus" neu wirion ydy'r rhan fwyaf ohonyn nhw, felly croeso iti dadwneud nhw! Anatiomaros 21:51, 14 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Diolch am dy waith yn clirio'r rhain i fyny. Dwi wedi dileu'r tudalennau defnyddiwr ychwanegol oedd ar y rhestr "tudalennau amheus". Anatiomaros 18:43, 18 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Roedd y cywiriadau a wnaethoch yn gywir, heblaw mai '22 orsaf fel Gorsaf Caerdydd Canolog a Gorsaf Caerdydd Heol y Frenhines' y dylai fod, neu fel sydd gen i yn yr erthygl - h.y. nid 'y Gorsaf' ond 'Gorsaf' yn yr achos hwn. Rwyf wedi arall-eirio ychydig am fy mod yn 'fuss-pot' - yn 'panso' yn nhafodiaith De Ceredigion! Lloffiwr 23:05, 15 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


I uploaded the picture on commons. --Jodo 21:52, 29 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Hello Alan012! The bot will only be used for edits while debugging the pywikipedia framework if any wiki-specific issues arise. Unless the wiki guidelines specify all bots need a bot flag, I'd rather refrain from having one: debugging is generally because something is wrong, and if I miss a buggy edit, it's better to have it in recent changes ;). Anyway, thanks for the note. Valhallasw 20:18, 2 Awst 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

dolen barhaol

Wedi sylwi dy fod ti wedi bod yn chwarae gyda'r ddolen barhaol (yn Saesneg) yn y pwll tywod - dwi'n credu mai ti oedd wrthi, ochodyn (ochodyn=~beth bynnag yn Ne Ceredigion, ar ddiwedd brawddeg yn unig). Fel mae'n digwydd, rwyf wedi bod yn gweithio ar 'customisation' Wicipedia ac wedi ychwanegu'r testun i'r neges ar gyfer creu'r blwch cywir ar y dudalen arbennig 'Dolen barhaol', yn Gymraeg. Felly gelli chwarae gyda hwn yn Gymraeg hefyd, nawr! Lloffiwr 21:51, 2 Awst 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Gwaith da - diolch. Alan 21:57, 2 Awst 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

mia roboto (artikoloj elstara)

Ja, nomu viaj CY tradukojn :-) Mi aldonos post tio! --- Kore, Melancholie 22:28, 19 Awst 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Apud "estas artikolo elstara" povus esti "estas artikolo leginda" (vidu eo:Ŝablono:LigoLeginda)! Lingvo: kiu vi preferas ;-) --- kore, Melancholie 01:07, 21 Awst 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Egni > Ynni

Comment moved into existing thread at Sgwrs:Ynni_cynaladwy.

Hi Alan, the correct range is (which should be globally blocked), as you can see from its block-log on, while /16 is an enormous range containing a lot of italian good users for further references please contact me on my talk page on italian wikipedia. Have a nice day! --Vituzzu 12:06, 5 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Many thanks. That's odd, because when I do a WHOIS lookup on any of the addresses, it gives me the /16. Anyway, I concur that all the addresses seen are in the /18 that you quote (first quarter of the /16) so I've narrowed the range of the block. Alan 22:07, 5 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Yes, the whole /16 class belongs to infostrada but the vandal seems to have assigned adress from /18 subnet only, it depends on his eographical collocation, regards--Vituzzu 12:02, 6 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Negeseuon Mediawici

Diolch Alan am fynd ati i ddiweddaru a chyfieithu rhai o'r negeseuon Mediawici. Efallai dy fod yn gwybod eisoes bod modd diweddaru'r neges diofyn (default) ar (Betawiki). Weithiau mae camgymeriadau mewn cyfieithiadau'n codi oherwydd nad oedd y wybodaeth am y neges ar Betawiki'n ddigon manwl pan aethpwyd ati i'w gyfieithu. Pan ddof fi (a chyfrannwyr eraill Betawiki) ar draws negeseuon heb wybodaeth amdanynt rwy'n ychwanegu hynny o wybodaeth sydd gennyf i'r is-dudalen /qqq o'r neges. Byddai'n gret petaet yn gallu ychwanegu gwybodaeth at y tudalennau /qqq hefyd - mae hyn yn gyfraniad tuag at gyfieithu'r rhyngwyneb i bob iaith ar draws Mediawiki gyfan. Fe wnaf fi barhau i edrych ar dy ddiwygiadau i'r negeseuon ar Wicipedia er mwyn eu diwygio ar Betawiki lle bod angen. Yn anffodus mae'r holl fusnes uwchlwytho lluniau ar Wicipedia yn mynd â llawer gormod o'm hamser felly mae'r bwriad i orffen cyfieithu'r negeseuon mewn byr amser wedi hen fynd ar chwal!

Ynglŷn â'r neges MediaWici:Tooltip-preview - nid wyf fi wedi cael trafferth gyda hyd y neges hwn fy hunan. Rwyn defnyddio firefox a'r wyneb/croen Monobook. Pa we-lywiwr a chroen wyt ti'n defnyddio? Holi ydwyf er mwyn gallu ehangu'r nodiadau /qqq i'r neges ar betawiki ydw i - nid am fy mod am newid y neges eto. Ateb fi'n Gymraeg neu'n Saesneg, p'un bynnag sydd haws gennyt ar ddydd Sul braf o Hydref:) Lloffiwr 13:26, 12 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Okay, I'll reply in English (on an overcast Tuesday in fact). First, about the /qqq subpages of the MediaWiki, I don't quite understand. I assume that these are things that just exist over on Betawiki, right? Or do we have "qqq" pages here as well? Also I don't quite get what information you are asking me to add to them, as I'd rather assume from your description that they would be written by the people who develop the software, and referred to by the people who translate the messages -- or is this wrong?
Re the Tooltip-preview, I'm using Firefox, and the "skin" is whatever the default is -- in "fy newisiadau" it claims to be MonoBook. Sometimes I use Windows XP and sometimes Linux, though Firefox in both cases. I'll try temporarily undoing my change and also trying it with IE, and maybe even try to get a screenshot if I can work out how to do that. Alan 17:30, 14 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
I've now done various tests under Windows, first by explicitly putting in the "os gwelwch yn dda", and then by removing the local MediaWici page entirely so that the default applied, and whether I look at it with Firefox or with IE, I can't reproduce the earlier problem at all. I'll leave MediaWici:Tooltip-preview deleted for the moment, and try again some time on Linux, though the machine with Linux is in a different location so I can't check ir right now. Alan 17:48, 14 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Okay, here is a screenshot with Firefox (version / Linux. You can see the truncation. I'm going to restore the shortened message again. Alan 07:53, 15 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Diolch i ti Alan am dy waith ymchwil ar y broblem gyda'r neges Tooltip-preview. I can now add the extra information on the length of the message as it appears on Linux / Firefox to the /qqq information page on Betawiki and raise it as a general issue on the Betawiki discussion pages. If you don't mind I may have other requests for detailed information on problems encountered with the use of translated messages, again in order to enhance the information on the site and possibly also to request amendment of the original English message, if necessary.

As to Betawiki, if you're interested then you'd better read the introduction to it on Betawiki. As with all wikis, anybody can contribute. Although 2 Mediawiki developers designed the site, it is up to all the Betawiki users to create the information pages. Lloffiwr 14:52, 18 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Alan bach, I thought I was bad enough, but you're incorrigible! What is this Wiki coming to?  :) Anatiomaros 18:17, 16 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Fandal Disney

Hi Alan, sut mae? You may have noticed I permabanned "two" users yesterday, namely Arbennig:Contributions/Iluvteletubbies and Arbennig:Contributions/Sjakoj. They were both sock puppets of a highly disruptive vandal with a bee in his/her bonnet about Disney films usually referred to as the "Disney vandal". Some details here on en.: 1, 2 + list of socks. Latest incarnation here: Arbennig:Contributions/Spokenames. As you know more about the technical side of things than me, could you look into the possibility of applying a range block (see also the list on en)? We could do without him/her shifting their activities here (also been active on Simple English and possibly elsewhere). Diolch a chofion, Anatiomaros 15:11, 28 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

It's a job to know what to do. Looking at the list of IP addresses, there are no one or two ranges that would neatly cover the set of addresses, although I see that someone has suggested a couple of ranges that would get a number of them. There is always the possibility of "collateral damage", so how about if for now we just wait and see, and start getting tough if trouble recurs? At least one thing in our favour if range blocks are required is that the addresses are outside the UK (southern USA), which reduces the chance of collateral damage. (Fortunately the same also applies for that range in Milan that I blocked -- I had hoped to be able to lift the block, but there was an annoying stalemate where the ISP wouldn't investigate the individual user without having rather more log information than the checkusers would have been likely to provide.) Alan 17:07, 28 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Thanks for looking into this, Alan. Your suggestion that we wait and see seems fair enough given - as I suspected - the technical difficulties. Maybe I over-reacted a bit, but when I saw the extent of what they've been trying to deal with on English wikipedia I thought "s**t, and now we've got him as well!" If the worst happens at least they are addies in southern USA so are unlikely to cause much "collateral damage". Try and keep an eye open for any unusual edits to films/related categories though; he/she mixes innocuous edits with vandalism, usually in the guise of correcting an edit by one of his socks. All in all we could do without the hassle - I came here late the other night with the idea of writing a quick article and instead spent all my time dealing with this. Cofion, Anatiomaros 17:22, 28 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Update. Following the lead of the English wiki, I've just blocked the ranges,, and for 3 months (theirs was a one month block, but I think we can afford it). You might find this useful/interesting too: Bambifan101 and his socks. Anatiomaros 23:19, 9 Tachwedd 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Diolch. Alan 14:18, 10 Tachwedd 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Helo Alan. Dim problem - fe gadwa i lygad ar agor am unrhyw newidiadau sy'n digwydd o ran ffilmiau (yn enwedig rhai Disney) er mwyn sicrhau bod y ffeithiau'n aros yn gywir. Dwi'n gweld y pwynt am newid ambell ffaith - mae'n llawer mwyn subtle na ysgrifennu sothach on'dyw e?Ta beth, diolch am yr "heads-up"! Gyda llaw, mae croeso i ti/chi alw fi'n "ti" ;o) Rhodri77 09:33, 18 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Mae'r neges diofyn newydd wedi ymddangos nawr felly rwyf wedi dileu dy addasiad di. Os nad ydy'r un newydd yn gywir o hyd - gad neges ar fy nhudalen sgwrs. (Still haven't seen this one in action myself!) Lloffiwr 12:41, 9 Tachwedd 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Dyma enghraifft lle mae'r neges hon yn ymddangos (ar gael i weinyddwyr yn unig):
  • Ymwela dudalen sy wedi cael ei dileu, e.g. Bouffon
  • Clicia ar y geiriau "golygiad sydd wedi'i ddileu" (ger pen y dudalen), er mwyn cyrraedd e.e. yma
  • Clicia ar ddyddiad y golygiad dan y teitl "hanes y dudalen", er mwyn cyrraedd e.e. yma
  • Mae'r neges yn ymddangos tu uchaf i'r blwch sy'n cynnwys hen destun y dudalen.
Alan 14:41, 9 Tachwedd 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Diolch yn fawr am drafferthu fy llywio at y neges 'in action', a hynny mewn Cymraeg croyw. (I ti gael gwbod - mae angen 'â' ar ôl 'ymwela' - brychyn bach yw hwn) Lloffiwr 17:11, 9 Tachwedd 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Diolch am ddweud hyn. Mae gen i fwy o amser yn ystod y penwythnos :-) A diolch am y cywiriad - mae'n ddefnyddiol iawn i mi gael fy nghywiro (dwi wedi darllen "ymweld â" llawer o weithiau, ond peth arall yw cofio i'w ysgrifennu). Alan 17:14, 9 Tachwedd 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Erthyglau Ffiseg a Mathemateg

S'mae, Diolch am y sylwadau! Nid yw fy Nghymraeg i yn arbennig o dda chwaith ond mae yna lawer o manteision dros astudio pynciau mathemateg a gwyddoniaeth trwy'r Gymraeg- mae'r dosbarthiadau llawer yn llai ac ma'r safon dysgu yn llawer well! Rwyn digon parod ich helpu efo'r erthyglau- gadewch i mi wybod pa rhai sydd angen ei ehangu. Mae gen i lawer o nodiadau a llyfrau safon TGAU ac AS llawn termau a esboniadau. Fydd ysgrifennu erthyglau yn helpu fi yn fy ngwaith hefyd- mae'n ffordd dda i mi ddysgu fy ngwaith ar gyfer yr arholiadau!



The original idea of putting it on my page was so that I didn't have to remember the name of the template when I wanted to welcome a new user - they would most likely go to my page to find out who I was and then they would see the instructions. But I would prefer it if we had a welcome committee. Diolch. Deb 17:24, 3 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Diolch. Deb 18:12, 6 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Help plis Alan. Dwi wedi creu categori newydd 'Bwydydd traddodiadol'. Rwan ta, mi hoffwn i roi'r categori yma mewn categori arall (Bwyd a diod). Sut mae gwneud hyn? Diolch o flaen llaw! Llywelyn2000 00:00, 6 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Mae'n ymddangos bod Anatiomaros wedi dy helpu eisoes. Ro'n i'n cymryd mantais o'r haul yn ystod y penwythnos gan fynd am droeon hir yn hytrach na defnyddio'r cyfrifiadur... Alan 19:20, 8 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg a'r Wicipedia

Sut mae, Alan? Ga'i dynnu dy sylw at y nodyn yn y Caffi am ymateb Bwrdd yr Iaith i gais am gymorth? Hoffwn fedru anfon ein hymateb i'r cynnig i fod ar eu desg erbyn bore dydd Llun. Hwyl, Anatiomaros 18:11, 13 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Dod yn weinyddwr ar Wicipedia.

S'mae Alan? Rwyf just am ofyn sut yr ydych yn gallu ddod yn weinyddwr Wicipedia Cymraeg? Rwyf ond wedi sylwi ar y rhestr gweinyddwyr ac mae pawb yr wyf wedi siarad a hwy dros y rhwydwaith yn weinyddwr (fi'n teimlo ychydig yn left out!!!) Rwyf yn golygu tudalennau ac yn defnyddio wicipedia yn aml iawn erbyn hyn ac am wybod os yr wyf yn amodi fod yn weinyddiwr?

Diolch beth bynnag!!! --RThomas 17:44, 12 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

[Wedi ymateb ar dudalen sgwrs Rhyshuw1]

Polisi preifatrwydd

Mae polisi preifatrwydd newydd ar Wikimedia Foundation ac rwyf wedi dechrau ei gyfieithu ar dudalen sgwrs Sgwrs Wicipedia:Polisi preifatrwydd. Pan fydd y drafft Cymraeg yn barod byddai'n rhoi nodyn ar y Caffi i holi a gaiff y polisi newydd ei dderbyn ac wedyn fe gaiff ddisodli'r dudalen bresennol - h.y. - fe fydd dy holl waith ar y polisi presennol yn ofer! Os wyt ti am fentro ar gyfieithu peth o'r darpar polisi rho gynnig arni. Gyda llaw dwi heb anghofio am yr adran 'Cais' ar 'Tudalennau amheus' - fe af nôl at hwnnw maes o law. Lloffiwr 13:03, 17 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Dim problem. Cofion, Lloffiwr 19:42, 18 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Am ryw reswm, wnes i ddim edrych ar 'gyfraniadau' eraill yr IP. Dw i'n meddwl bod yn well rhoi rhybudd gyntaf (er fod mwy nag un achos o fandaliaeth wedi bod). Mae angen template neges rhybudd at y dyfodol hefyd.--Ben Bore 09:12, 22 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Diolch am dy waith ar y Nodau. Byddant yn ddefnyddiol iawn - yn anffodus!--Ben Bore 12:06, 22 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Dim ond just sylwi ar be wnes i ar yr erthygl llifogydd! O ni di copy a pasto fe o fy nhwaith cwrs heb sylwi am y brawddeg person cyntaf!

Diolch.--Rhys 19:33, 26 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Dim problem, wnes i ddyfalu hynny! Alan 22:18, 26 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Coch yw dy waed!

Alan, rwyt ti'n donic! Dwi yn fy nyblau'n chwerthin llond fy mol yn fama; diolch i ti. (Llywelyn ddyfalu sut wn i mai dyn ydy Adam ;) Alan 08:14, 29 Ionawr 2009 (UTC) etc etc).

Gyuda llaw, mae'r ddalen flaen gen ti'n wych! Cyfuniad o hwn a syniadaeth 'less is more' yr un Catalaneg... a brwdfrydedd Rhys a mi fydd gennym ni ddrws ffrynt newydd sbon! Llywelyn2000 09:19, 29 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Dolenni Categori

Diolch am y tip! Mae creu dolenni at gategori o fewn tudalen sgwrs wedi fy nrysu i erioed.--Ben Bore 13:59, 4 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Croeso IP

Diolch. Deb 17:13, 4 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Stryd Downing Pwyleg

Diolch eto! Mae mor wahanol i weddill yr ieithoedd, ond fel y gwelaist... yn gywir. Llywelyn2000 22:33, 10 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Diolch am greu'r Nodyn 'Angen Ffynhonnell' ayb

Mi roddaist drefn ar hwn yn bur sydyn, diolch i ti. Gobeithio, rwan, y bydd o ddefnydd! Llywelyn2000 22:34, 10 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Tydw i ddim yn siwr be yn union i'w deipio i'r rhain weithio. Fe weli ar fy nhudalen ffrynt y ddau'n hwylus. Mae angen tudalen wedyn yn does er mwyn eu casglu ynghyd - eu corlannu felly. Ble ydw i yn methu? Llywelyn2000 22:28, 22 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Diolch, if this means "thank you" in cymraeg. I've added cy:Pibgorn to the german article. There are some hints on the medieval history of the instrument exceeding the english article. It seems there is more to be found. The german article "Barde" mentions dopplehornpipes in the Hallstatt-period. --HaCeMei 11:24, 23 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Tonnau arhydol??

S'mae? Chi'n iawn?

Just neges fer i ofyn os ydych chi'n siwr bod eich cywiriadau ar y graff yna ar y dudalen ton yn gywir? Oherwydd os rwyn cofio nid oes gan tonnau arhydol osgled oherwydd ond tyniadau a chywasgiadau sydd i gael!?!

Anyway stim rili ots!

Hwyl Rhys 18:58, 23 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Mae "osgled" yn gyffredinol iawn. Dyma frawddeg gyntaf yr erthygl saesneg:
Amplitude is the magnitude of change in the oscillating variable, with each oscillation, within an oscillating system.
Gall y newidyn sy'n osgiladu fod yn unrhwybeth, gan gynnwys pwysedd / maes trydanol / beth bynnag, yn dibynnu ar y math o don. Alan 19:16, 23 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Okay! Diolch! Nol at y "Ti" neu "Chi", rwyn digon hapus galw chi'n "chi" oherwydd rwyn ieiencach na chi ac rydych wedi cael mwy o brofiad fan hyn na fi (mae'n teimlo ychydig yn rude os nad ydw i pwy bynnag yw e!!!) Rwyf hefyd yn digon hapus i chi fy ngalw i yn "ti!"- mae'n gwneud fwy o synwyr fel yna!
Hwyl am y tro! Rhys 20:16, 23 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Nodyn styfnig!

Hi Alan, sut mae? Tybed fedri di gael golwg ar y nodyn/nodiadau yn Prif Weinidog Gogledd Iwerddon? Does dim llawer o ots am y lliwiau ond fedra'i ddim cael gwared o'r blychau ar y chwith (ar gyfer y lliwiau), sy'n rhy fawr o lawer am ryw reswm hefyd, er i mi gopio pob dim o'r erthygl ar en:. Diolch, Anatiomaros 22:54, 24 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Achos nad oedd Nodyn:Plaid yr Unoliaethwyr Democrataidd/meta/lliw yn bodoli, enw'r nodyn a ymddangosodd yn y tabl, sy'n hir, ac oedd yn mawrhau'r blychau felly. Wedi creu'r nodyn, mae popeth yn iawn. Alan 09:25, 25 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Popeth yn iawn!



You're absolutely right, I should have looked more carefully. Deb 21:32, 27 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Mae Wicipedia dy angen di!

"Beth ydw i'n ei wneud yma?" I'll answer that for you - one hell of a good job. Now we're one less. Llywelyn2000 07:22, 1 Mawrth 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Just seen this. Thanks for that, but I still think that this project needs more native speakers rather more than it needs my time-consuming and not especially fruitful minor edits. See you. Alan 23:13, 6 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Croeso nôl

Braf dy gael di nôl yma, Alan, hyd yn oed os nad ydyw 'mond "yn achlysurol"! Cofion, Anatiomaros 15:04, 21 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

I'll respond in English if you don't mind. Thanks for the welcome. Some of my concerns remain, about spending disproportionate time compared to the useful results, particularly as regards getting into conversations on talk pages where the language gets difficult and I spend ages composing something in Welsh that only very indirectly ends up affecting the content of any articles. I would still like in principle to improve the science articles because I do actually know some science, but my Welsh just isn't good enough. I will tinker a little, but am cautious about promising too much, particularly as I do have to watch the total time spent. I still want to improve my Welsh, but may more often be reading the BBC's Welsh news site than on Wicipedia - though the other day I read through all the top stories in Welsh, and almost every article was either about crime, accidents or about job losses - and today, more of the same, how depressing. Alan 16:38, 21 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Depressing indeed, maybe that's why I just "keep an eye" on the news these days rather than following events closely as I used to. (And best not to mention things like Afghanistan and the BBC propaganda news-reel coverage of events there - does little for my blood pressure!). Don't worry about using English, we understand and won't bite! Anyway, it's good to hear from you again. If you find the time and inspiration to contribute that's great, if not, c'est la vie, n'est-ce pas? Hwyl, Anatiomaros 16:59, 21 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Welcome back! Just to let you know....I had no idea you found it difficult to write in Welsh- your written Welsh seems pretty perfect to me!!! I'm still contributing here but not as often as I used to- I need to concentrate more on my A-levels, although I do have a few science/maths articles lined up! Pob hwyl, Rhys Thomas 13:49, 4 Hydref 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


Hi, i have visited your wiki and found not localized messages in the sidebar. Perhaps you could change this:

  • First you have to create MediaWici:cafe with content "Y Caffi" (of course not quoted) This would be the local message as shown at the moment
  • create MediaWici:cafe/en with content "Café" (german translation would be the same as en and en ist fallback for de, so there is no need to create a special message for de)
  • then change in MediaWici:Sidebar the line "Wicipedia:Y Caffi|Y Caffi" to "Wicipedia:Y Caffi|cafe"

If you would like check if you changes are successful, you have to use https. This is because of a heavy cache function at http-squids. cy en de Merlissimo 23:11, 23 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Well I did what you asked, and the German did not fall back to English. I created MediaWici:cafe/de explictly, which seems to have worked, but I am not going to create versions for every conceivable language. Alan 09:27, 24 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]
Thx. Having an english version is very useful for all people working crosswiki (stewards, vandal fighters, bot operators, ...). Merlissimo 12:34, 24 Medi 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


See here. Regards, Wutsje 20:24, 6 Hydref 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]


I'm sure you're right. That won't be the only place I've made the same mistake. Deb 17:37, 9 Hydref 2009 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]