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Croeso Adville! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 09:44, 5 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)

Cleaning out Wiki-cy of rogues[golygu cod y dudalen]

Just seen you note in the Caffi; many thanks! I've moved the thread to our existing discussion on this vandal.

Thanks. Thats good. I try to warn, but it is hard to understand and to find the right place to write. Best regards, Adville (sgwrs) 16:47, 5 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)

IP and then ‎ has edited the same Templates, once again: gweler yma. I've sugested at the y Caffi / Caffee that only registered Users should have the ability to edit Templates. Two questions: has this IP address caused problems elsewhere and secondly is there a way of reverting all his edits in one click? Many thanks. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 00:57, 19 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)

It had done three edits on similar pages on .224 at enwp and [ .162], but none on svwp. I would have blocked it to stop if it is bad things (for a longer time). Unfortunately I do not understand its edits here on cywp. The posibility to revert all edits I do not know, only the roleback-thing. I think it is too risky to revert everything without checking, because other users might have done edits afterwards. Best regards, Adville (sgwrs) 06:05, 19 Chwefror 2013 (UTC)