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Almqvists tavla

Board member of Wikimedia Sverige since february 2012.

I am a teacher in grade 7-9 in Stockholm, Sweden. I teach the subjects: Math, physics, chemistry, biology, engeneering and computer. Private I have a huge interest in history.

I was born and rased in the little village Ebbalycke in the county Sölvesborg, landscape Blekinge in south of Sweden, but nowadays I live in Stockholm. I lived and worked one year as a high school teacher in Virginia, USA.

My main task in wikipedia is to translate articles about South-America into Swedish. I choosed this because I want to learn more about Latin-America, and in the same time better up my language abilities in Spanish and English.

If you want to know more about me, or contact me, go to my Swedish profil. You may write in Swedish, English, Spanish or German.