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Although these riots are terrible, I would hesitate to call them Terrorism assuming that is what Terfysgoedd means, though I can see an argument for it and it's probably an important debate to be had. Please can you think about whether to rename this article? By the way, I'm about to head off to sunnier climes for my holidays, so will have to leave it others to come to a decision on this. Thanks. Oxford 16:03, 8 Awst 2011 (UTC)

Not exactly. Deb 17:23, 8 Awst 2011 (UTC)
"Terfysg(oedd)" yw riot(s), "terfysgaeth" yw terrorism. A bit confusing, I agree! —Adam (sgwrscyfraniadau) 20:38, 8 Awst 2011 (UTC)