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@Deb: Why are you removing the subcategory Categori:Merched a aned yn y 1910au? The main Categori:Merched yr 20fed ganrif had nearly 4,000 items and much too large! I've created two subcats (1900au and 1910au), and will do the rest asap ie 1920au... 1990au. I'll then do the same with Categori:Merched y 19eg ganrif, as it has a massive 3,000 articles. PS Adding the nationality category is also possible with AWB, as the db is already in place, but I've been running BOT-Twm Crys for the last 4 days chnging 20fed ganrif to 20g etc. So it's in the pipeline! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 06:17, 8 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)

Adding red categories to articles seems the wrong approach to me as we already have the "Genedigaethau" categories. I also think that including a list of every female artist in the article for every other female artist is going to make these pages very unwieldy. What is meant to be the point of this exercise? Deb (sgwrs) 06:22, 8 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)
'Red categories'? Categori:Merched a aned yn y 1910au has a parent: Categori:Merched yr 20fed ganrif
The lists are being reduced to all artists born in the same year rather than during the same period of c. 20 years, but that's another matter, and has been discussed with DafyddT (and agreed) here. The point of adding similar people is already used widely throughout cywiki eg Gweler hefyd and Pobl nodedig o... It gives the reader a choice of other similar artists/articles. If your query is about the use of Wikidata, then please remember that these lists are being refined, added to, corrected daily; whereas a table will be there for years without anyone adding to them. I think your tables on people in the NDBiogs are already dated, whereas the main one which comes from WD is being refined and added to on a daily basis. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 06:49, 8 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)
That's true, but the wikidata is largely inaccurate or incomplete at the moment and it's much easier to work with a partial list to gather the information. Also, adding the tables to the individual articles makes them rather large and can even prevent someone editing if they don't have a good line speed (common in rural areas). I could understand if, for example, you included all Post-Impressionist artists in an article about a Post-Impressionist artist, or but I don't see how including all artists born in the same year is helpful. Sorri! :-) Deb (sgwrs) 11:16, 8 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)
'wikidata is largely inaccurate or incomplete' - Not in my opinion. Some is inacurate, as is WP, and all published information! Do you have an external qualifier for this statement? What's your evidence? Personally, I believe that it's the other way round: WP becomes dated pretty quickly, as I've already mentioned. It's an unfinished jig-so! When creating an article about someone, do we wait until we have all the information? Of course not; many people have no date of births, and likewise with these lists; it's an ongoing project. WP is incomplete, information is incomplete!
'it's much easier to work with a partial list to gather the information' - if the data is coming in from WD then you work on WD, not WP, so this doesn't really make sense. Any lists (Wikidata Lists) can be reduced to just a handful (depends on the filters used); we can make them as big oras small as we want! You have copied bits of the main NLW biogs list onto WP: so you have accepted the information from WD, yet you say that it's 'largely inaccurate! Can you give me one example from the NLW's Biogs?
Further categorising. I think this would be really good, but I note that there are only five such artists in en:Category:Post-Impressionist artists, and no category for females!
Back to my original question, and I still can't figure out why you deleted Categori:Merched a aned yn y 1910au from articles. I asked: Red categories'?' and mentioned that the category isn't a red link as it has a parent (Categori:Merched yr 20fed ganrif). Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 14:12, 8 Ionawr 2017 (UTC)