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fr label[golygu cod y dudalen]

The article seems to be protected, and I can't modify it. Could anybody add {{Link FA|fr}} before the interwiki? Thanks, Sardur 22:36, 1 Mai 2009 (UTC)[Ateb]

Done as requested. It has been vandalised consistently so we had to protect it... Anatiomaros 23:36, 1 Mai 2009 (UTC)[Ateb]

Interwiki[golygu cod y dudalen]

You may change the Interwiki-links. --Redf0x 11:49, 6 Tachwedd 2010 (UTC)[Ateb]

This should be under Categori:Ffilmiau animeiddiedig Americanaidd. 01:02, 12 Mai 2012 (UTC)[Ateb]
Can somebody update the interwikis please? I keep having to make requests because these pages are locked, but a mean user named Glanhawr reverted me. I think these pages would be better on semi-protection. 00:57, 20 Medi 2012 (UTC)[Ateb]
Yes check.svg Cwblhawyd
Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 07:33, 20 Medi 2012 (UTC)[Ateb]