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"Lanfihangel" in the first sentence - is this a typo or a mutation?

Mutation, my friend. After "o" (from). You get the same thing after "i" (to), so if you want a bus ticket to Llanfihangel and you can't pronounce the "ll" then you can get away with it by asking in Welsh instead, ha ha. Just say "tocyn i" (sounds like "tockin ee") and then change the Ll to an ordinary L. But if it's Llanelli you're going to then you're still sgrŵd.
P.S. of course the title of the article linked to has to be without mutation so if you look at the wiki code you'll see that the appropriate hoops have been jumped through to achieve that.

Enw[golygu cod y dudalen]

Pam "Mary Jones", dim "Mari Jones" (gweler [1]). Deb 20:40, 19 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)

Fel "Mary" nid "Mari" roedd hi'n cael ei hadnabod. Dyna oedd ei henw bedydd, mae'n debyg. Cydymaith i Lenyddiaeth Cymru: 'Mary Jones'. I've always seen her referred to as 'Mary Jones' in Welsh. An older example is in the book Trefecca, Llangeitho a'r Bala (a book on the early Methodists) by Henry Hughes (Caernarfon, 1896). Also 'Mary Jones' in Wrth Odre Cadair Idris, an erudite and detailed history of the Tal-y-llyn and Llanfihangel area by the late Elwyn Roberts. Definitely never heard her called 'Mari'. Anatiomaros 22:58, 19 Gorffennaf 2009 (UTC)