Sgwrs:Confensiwn Cymru Gyfan

Ni chefnogir cynnwys y dudalen mewn ieithoedd eraill.
Oddi ar Wicipedia

Hawlfraint[golygu cod]

Mae'r tudalen hon yn gopi sylweddol o [1]. Er bod creadur yr erthygl ar wicipedia wedi cofestri'r enw Defnyddiwr:AllWalesConvention, does dim prawf bod caniatad i ddefnyddio'r testun.

Sorry, I'm going to switch to English, as am otherwise getting out of my depth.

This page has been apparently created by the same organisation that it describes. Although the usual concerns about conflict of interest don't seem to apply here (the subject is sufficiently noteworthy, and the content isn't unduly hyped), there is a possible concern that there is no proof that (despite the username) the author was really allowed to substantially copy this original text. One way to resolve it might be for them to add to the web page on a statement permitting licensing of content under the GFDL. Currently it just says "Hawlfraint a Chopi: Cartrefi Cymunedol". Alan 17:03, 16 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]

I was too busy to check it up when I wikified it, but I suspected that might be the case. If it's a genuine posting by the body itself (my, we are moving up in the world!) then there is no problem. If not, we can drastically reword it. Do you fancy dropping them an email perhaps? Anatiomaros 17:10, 16 Hydref 2008 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]