Golden Earring

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Golden Earring
Golden Earring - TopPop 1974 7.png
Label recordioPolydor Records Edit this on Wikidata
Arddullcerddoriaeth roc caled, roc blaengar, Nederbeat Edit this on Wikidata
Gwefan Edit this on Wikidata

Grŵp Nederbeat yw Golden Earring. Sefydlwyd y band yn Den Haag yn 1961. Mae Golden Earring wedi cyhoeddi cerddoriaeth ar label recordio Polydor Records.

Aelodau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

  • Rinus Gerritsen

Disgyddiaeth[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

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albwm[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Just Earrings 1965 Polydor Records
Winter-Harvest 1967-01-27 Polydor Records
Miracle Mirror 1968 Polydor Records
On the Double 1969-01 Polydor Records
Eight Miles High 1969-11 Polydor Records
Golden Earring 1970-09 Polydor Records
Seven Tears 1971-09 Polydor Records
Together 1972-06 Polydor Records
Hearing Earring 1973 Track Records
Moontan 1973-07 Track Records
MCA Records
Polydor Records
Switch 1975-03 Polydor Records
To the Hilt 1976-01 Polydor Records
Contraband 1976 Polydor Records
MCA Records
Live 1977 Polydor Records
Grab It for a Second 1978 Polydor Records
No Promises...No Debts 1979-07 Polydor Records
Prisoner of the Night 1980-10 Polydor Records
2nd Live 1981 Polydor Records
Cut 1982-08 Capitol Records
Mercury Records
N.E.W.S. 1984-03 Atco Records
Something Heavy Going Down 1984-12
The Hole 1986-05
Keeper of the Flame 1989-05-08
The Continuing Story of Radar Love 1989-12-05
Bloody Buccaneers 1991-04-19 Capitol Records
Face It 1994-11 Columbia Records
Love Sweat 1995 Columbia Records
Naked II 1997-11-09
Paradise in Distress 1999-04-12
Last Blast of the Century 2001-04-10
Singles 1965-1967 2002
Millbrook U.S.A. 2003-02
Naked III 2005
Collected 2009-04-01
Tits 'n Ass 2012-05-11
The Naked Truth
Live in Ahoy

sengl[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Dong-dong-di-ki-di-gi-dong 1968 Polydor Records
I've Just Lost Somebody 1968-04 Polydor Records
Back Home 1970 Polydor Records
Holy holy life 1971 Polydor Records
Radar Love 1973 Polydor Records
Instant poetry 1974 Polydor Records
Bombay 1976-11-26 Polydor Records
Weekend Love 1979 Polydor Records
Long Blond Animal 1980 Polydor Records
Twilight Zone 1982 PolyGram
When the Lady Smiles 1984-03-03
Going to the Run 1991 Columbia Records
Hold Me Now 1994 Columbia Records
Sound of the Screaming Day Polydor Records
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