Depeche Mode

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Depeche Mode
Enghraifft o'r canlynolband Edit this on Wikidata
GwladBaner Lloegr Lloegr
Label recordioMute Records, Columbia Records, EMI, Reprise Records, Sire Records, Virgin Records, Capitol Records Edit this on Wikidata
Dod i'r brig1980 Edit this on Wikidata
Dechrau/Sefydlu1980 Edit this on Wikidata
Genresynthpop, electronica, y don newydd, dark wave, roc amgen, industrial music, roc electronig, industrial rock Edit this on Wikidata
Yn cynnwysDave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher, Alan Wilder, Vince Clarke Edit this on Wikidata
Gwefan Edit this on Wikidata
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Grŵp dark wave yw Depeche Mode. Sefydlwyd y band yn Basildon yn 1980. Mae Depeche Mode wedi cyhoeddi cerddoriaeth ar label recordio Mute Records, Columbia Records.

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albwm[golygu | golygu cod]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Speak & Spell 1981-10-05 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
A Broken Frame 1982-09-27 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
Construction Time Again 1983-08-22 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
People Are People 1984-07-02 Sire Records
Some Great Reward 1984-09-24 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
RCA Victor
The Singles 81→85 1985-10-14 Mute Records
Catching Up with Depeche Mode 1985-11-11 Mute Records
Sire Records
Black Celebration 1986-03-17 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
Greatest Hits 1987 Amiga
Music for the Masses / Black Celebration 1987 Mute Records
Music for the Masses 1987-09-28 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
101 1989 Mute Records
101 1989-03-13 Mute Records
Sire Records
Violator 1990-03-19 Mute Records
Sire Records
Reprise Records
Singles 1-6 1991 Mute Records
Sire Records
Singles 7-12 1991 Mute Records
Sire Records
Singles 13-18 1991 Mute Records
Sire Records
DMBX1 1991-11-24
Songs of Faith and Devotion 1993-03-22 Mute Records
Songs of Faith and Devotion Live 1993-12-06 Mute Records
Ultra 1997-04-15 Mute Records
The Singles 1998 Mute Records
The Singles 81-85 Re-release 1998
The Singles 86–98 1998-09-23 Reprise Records
A Techno Tribute to Depeche Mode 2001
The Singles 81–98 2001 Mute Records
Exciter 2001-05-15 Mute Records
Devotion - A Tribute To Depeche Mode 2003
Singles 19-24 2004-03-29 Mute Records
Reprise Records
Singles 25-30 2004-03-29 Mute Records
Reprise Records
Singles 31-36 2004-03-29 Mute Records
Reprise Records
Remixes 81–04 2004-10-22 Mute Records
Black Swarm - Dark Force 2005 Mute Records
Playing the Angel 2005-10-17 Mute Records
The Complete Depeche Mode 2006 Mute Records
The Best of Depeche Mode Volume 1 2006-11-08 Mute Records
Sounds of the Universe Deluxe Edition Box Set 2009 Mute Records
Sounds of the Universe 2009-04-20 EMI
Mute Records
Capitol Records
Virgin Records
Concert for Teenage Cancer Trust 2010
Remixes 2: 81–11 2011-06-06 Mute Records
Delta Machine 2013-03-22 Columbia Records
Mute Records
Sony Music
Spirit 2017-03-17 Columbia Records
Mute Records
Mode 2020-01-24 Sony Music
Live Spirits Soundtrack 2020-06-26
Memento Mori 2023-03-24 Columbia Records
Mute Records
Recording the Universe Mute Records
Recording the Angel Mute Records

sengl[golygu | golygu cod]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Big Muff 1981 Sire Records
Dreaming of Me 1981-02-20
New Life 1981-05-29 Mute Records
Just Can't Get Enough / Any Second Now 1981-09
See You 1982-01-29 Mute Records
Sire Records
The Meaning of Love 1982-04-26 Mute Records
Leave in Silence 1982-08-16 Mute Records
Get the Balance Right! 1983-01-31 Mute Records
Everything Counts 1983-07-11 Mute Records
Love, in Itself 1983-09-19 Mute Records
Told You So 1984 Mute Records
People Are People 1984-03-12
Master and Servant / (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me 1984-08
Somebody 1984-10-29 Mute Records
It's Called a Heart 1985-09-16 Mute Records
Stripped 1986-02-10 Mute Records
A Question of Lust 1986-04
A Question of Time 1986-08-11 Mute Records
But Not Tonight 1986-10-22 Sire Records
Strangelove 1987-04-13
People Are People / A Question of Lust 1987-05-04
Never Let Me Down Again 1987-08-24 Mute Records
Behind the Wheel 1987-12
I Want You Now 1988 Mute Records
Little 15 1988-05-16 Mute Records
Strangelove 1988-08
Everything Counts Live 1989 Mute Records
Pleasure Little Treasure 1989 Virgin Records
Strangelove / Behind the Wheel 1989-01-31
Personal Jesus 1989-08-29
Halo 1990 Mute Records
Enjoy the Silence 1990-01-16 Mute Records
Policy of Truth 1990-05-07 Mute Records
World in My Eyes 1990-09-02 Mute Records
Back Trax 1992 Sire Records
One Caress 1993 Mute Records
Live.... 1993 Mute Records
I Feel You 1993-02-15 Mute Records
Walking in My Shoes 1993-04-26 Mute Records
Condemnation 1993-09-13 Mute Records
In Your Room 1994-01-10 Mute Records
Barrel of a Gun 1997-02-03 Mute Records
It's No Good 1997-03 Mute Records
Reprise Records
Home 1997-06-16 Mute Records
Reprise Records
Useless 1997-10-20 Mute Records
Reprise Records
Only When I Lose Myself 1998-09-07 Mute Records
Dream On 2001-04-23 Mute Records
I Feel Loved 2001-07-30 Mute Records
Freelove 2001-11-05 Mute Records
Goodnight Lovers 2002-02-11 Mute Records
Remixes·04 2004 Mute Records
Remixes·04 Sampler 2004 Mute Records
Enjoy the Silence 04 2004-10-18 Mute Records
Photographic (Rex the Dog Faithful Mix) 2004-11-09 Sire Records
Black Swarm - Precious 2005 Mute Records
Precious 2005-10-03 Mute Records
A Pain That I'm Used To 2005-12-12 Mute Records
Clean (Bare) 2005-12-20
Suffer Well 2006-03-27 Mute Records
The Darkest Star 2006-04-10 Mute Records
John the Revelator / Lilian 2006-06-05 Mute Records
Martyr 2006-10-30 Mute Records
Wrong 2009-04-06 Mute Records
Perfect 2009-04-20 Mute Records
Peace 2009-06-15 Mute Records
Fragile Tension / Hole to Feed 2009-12 Mute Records
Behind the Wheel 2011 2011 Reprise Records
Personal Jesus 2011 2011-04-18
Heaven 2013-01-31 Columbia Records
Soothe My Soul 2013-05-06 Columbia Records
Should Be Higher 2013-10-11 Columbia Records
Where's the Revolution 2017-02-03 Columbia Records
Going Backwards 2017-06-23 Columbia Records
Cover Me 2017-10-06 Columbia Records
Ghosts Again 2023-02-09 Columbia Records
My Cosmos Is Mine 2023-03-09 Columbia Records
Wagging Tongue 2023-06-09 Columbia Records
Speak to Me 2023-08-11 Columbia Records
My Favourite Stranger 2023-09-29 Columbia Records

Misc[golygu | golygu cod]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Rush 1993 Mute Records
Diwedd y rhestr a gynhyrchwyd yn otomatig o Wicidata.

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