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Hello Welsh Wikipedians! Unfortunatly I do not - as yet- speak Welsh, but am dilligently trying... I just don't have many speakers where I am at :)

I copied this from the English side, so please respond to me there....

What a noval concept this is... though one wonders how uniformity and integrity can be maintained with so many cooks in the same kitchen! I look forward to participation by contributing information on subjects I know, and will not contribute unless I have sources to list. I see too many articals without sources and that is disturbing.

Biography[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

I grew up a military brat, father was in the U.S. Navy and we toured the Pacific rim. I remember the vibrancy and color that is the Phillipines and Hong Kong well, and hope to return there on visits someday.

My family hails from the Vollenteer state of Tennessee. More specifically east Knoxville, near Sevierville. The Great Smoky Mountains are to the east of Knoxville. We are of Welsh extraction, though later I adopted my step father's Italian heritage as well. Presently I am learning Welsh, though find few speakers in Virginia Beach. My immediate family settled in the greater Hampton Roads area in 1983. Though a child of the mountains (and I so love the mountains!), I love the ocean, and can not imagin living far from the soothing roar of the surf.

When I was in the U.S. Army I served as a jurnalist/newspaper reporter, and in public affairs. I throughly enjoyed the army, though left after I was injured after a field training excercise. I met my boyfriend there, and though we were both gay men we never had any issues with our fellow servicemen.

One of my favorite memories was meeting Dolly Parton when I was a child (I am now between 25 and 30 years old) in a park in Gatlinburg, Tn. Of corse I did not know who she was (she was there with other family members) I do remember her warm embrace. Maybe that was when I went gay :)

I have never been in the closet, even in the army, and do not know what that feels like. I have had much suport from my immediate family and friends, and am at a loss to why the wider conservitive world is so narrow minded reguarding gay issues. Especially when I read more on that subject and learn of the early Chiristian's church suport and ceremonies of same sex unions. Mayhap I shall construct a page on that.

Though trained as a newspaper reporter, I have horrible spelling and beg forgiveness from all my future copy-editors! I belive strongly in citing sources, and will not add facts without a refrence first, and will strive for a neutral point of view in all interpitations. I am familure with the AP style guide, and by nature will default to that while also learning the styalistic approach by Wikipedia. People have described my writting style as narritive in its core with enough drama to entice a reader, or so I have been told.

Interests[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

I have a great interest in many subjects, as any rounded individual should be. I become interested in a subject and voraciously read and learn all about it, as an obsessed man. Subjects of interest include Wales, Welsh , Celtic historires and languages, British, American, Native-American, African, and world histroies, Hellenistic through the dark ages histories, and midieval times, the Rennisanace, monarchies and royal family histories, women studies and gay histories and studies. ALso, Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica, Dune.

I became a Crack Wars addict (akin to Evercrack of Everquest) when the role play computer based internet game Star Wars Galaxies was released. I played for an average of three hours a day, more on weekends for two years. Recently I have become bored with it, and have managed to break that habbit. As of late I became interested in the Paradox Entertainment game Crusader Kings, which follows a dynasty through 400 years of history. The game has awful limitations, and a very myopic view of womens roles in the middle ages, but this is the only game that follows the rise and fall of a dynasty as they rule a nation.. rather then the rise of a nation state. I have serious misgivings about the game as it does not allow female rulership in any form. Indeed, while it has great flexability and plays loose with history in other areas, it decidedly will not recognize queens in any form. Very disturbing.

Additionally, I very much like urban development, archatecture and sciences. Examples of the urban lifestyle I love so much is the Dupont Circle and Georgetown areas of Washington, D.C., the Fan district in Richmond, Va., and the Ghent district in Norfolk, Va.

Muisical interests incude Hevy Metel, Rock, Dance/techno/House/Trance, some classical. In the car I usually listen to rock and metel, though when out at the bars I liek dance music. Favorite Diva: Madonna, favorite band: Depeche Mode

Contrabutions[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Kings of Jerusalem, First Kingdom

Queen Melisende of Jerusalem, Fulk of Jerusalem, Baldwin III of Jerusalem, Amalric I of Jerusalem, Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, Baldwin V, Sibylla of Jerusalem, Guy of Lusignan

Star Wars

Though I didn't have an account then, I compleatly rewrote the history of Naboo, from edits under 67.717.180.209,,,, and Corellia under

Aliases[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

I did start an account under Wildorchid, and Drachenfire, but have long since lost those access codes and only used them rarely even then... and haven't yet found a way to gain them. Drachenfyre thus will sufice.

In closing[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

I plan to contribute many articals in the above sources listed, and welcome input and copy editing from all. Though as I will not add facts without first counsulting sources, I would ask others to do the same before changing my text.

I have more to add... however will do so later.. just realized the time!

Cyfieithu / Translating[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

May I first welcome you and express my appreciation of the fact you are learning Welsh. We need all the learners we can get. I hope therefore you will not be offended by what I am going to write withregard to translations by learners. Unfortunately there are very few contributers here on Wicipedia who's language skills are sufficient to make wikipedia a reliable source of information for Welsh speakers.

What the Welsh wikipedia needs in my opinion is more contributions from well versed Welsh language contributors. Having a lot of articles badly translated will not attract them. I try to contribute articles on subjects that I hope would be searched for often and therefore hopefully come high in search engine lists subjects, on Welsh history for instance. I try and avoid esoteric subjects. Correcting badly translated articles sometimes can be more difficult than translating from the original or creating one's own article. Sometimes articles are completely unintelligable and impossible to translate.

Forgive me if this sounds offensive. I cetainly dont mean to, and there are probably others on here who would disagree strongly with me.

Anyway good luck with the learning. Dyfrig 21:19, 27 Maw 2005 (UTC)