Matthew Arnold

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Matthew Arnold.

Roedd Matthew Arnold (24 Rhagfyr 1822 - 15 Ebrill 1888) yn fardd a llenor Saesneg.

Ganed Arnold yn Laleham, Middlesex, yn fab hynaf Dr. Thomas Arnold, prifathro Ysgol Rugby. Aeth i Brifysgol Rhydychen ac yn ddiweddarach daeth yn ysgrifennydd preifat yr Arglwydd Lansdowne. Trwy ddylanwad Lansdowne daeth yn Arolygydd Ysgolion yn 1851, a phriododd Lucy Wightman yr un flwyddyn.

Cyhoeddodd Arnold ei gyfrol gyntaf o gerddi yn 1849, ac yn fuan daeth yn adnabyddus fel bardd. Yn 1857 daeth yn Athro Barddoniaeth yn Rhydychen. Cyhoeddodd nifer o lyfrau ar lenyddiaeth: On Translating Homer" (1861, 1862) a On the Study of Celtic Literature (1867). Ei gerdd fwyaf adnabyddus bellach yw ei gerdd ddiweddar Dover Beach.

Gweithiau (anghyflawn)[golygu]


  • Alaric at Rome. A Prize Poem (1840)
  • Cromwell. A Prize Poem (1843)
  • The Strayed Reveller and Other Poems (1849)
  • Empedocles on Etna and Other Poems (1852, 1900)
  • Poems. A New Edition (1853)
  • Poems. Second Series (1855)
  • Merope. A Tragedy (1858)
  • New Poems (1867)
  • A Matthew Arnold Birthday Book (1883)
  • The Works of Matthew Arnold (hrsg. v. G. W. E. Russell, 15 Bde.,1903)
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  • The Poems of Matthew Arnold (hrsg. v. Kenneth Allott, 1965)

Traethodau, Beirniadaeth Lenyddol a rhyddiaith arall[golygu]

  • England and the Italian Question (hrsg. v. Merle M. Bevington, 1859)
  • The Popular Education of France, with Notices of That of Holland and Switzerland (1861)
  • On Translating Homer. Three Lectures Given at Oxford (1861)
  • On Translating Homer. Last Words. A Lecture Given at Oxford (1862)
  • Heinrich Heine (1863)
  • A French Eton; or, Middle Class Education and the State (1864)
  • Essays in Criticism (1865)
  • Schools and Universities on the Continent (1867)
  • On the Modern Element in Literature (1869)
  • Culture and Anarchy. An Essay in Political and Social Criticism (1869)
  • Literature and Dogma. An Essay towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible (1873)
  • Higher Schools and Universities in Germany (1874)
  • God and the Bible. A Review of Objections to "Literature and Dogma" (1875)
  • Last Essays on Church and Religion (1877)
  • Mixed Essays (1879)
  • The Study of Poetry (1880)
  • Irish Essays, and Others (1882)
  • Friendship's Garland Being the Conversations, Letters and Opinions of the Late Arminius, Baron von Thunder-ten-Tronckh (1883)
  • On the Study of Celtic Literature (1883)
  • St. Paul and Protestantism; with an Introduction on Puritanism and the Church of England (1883)
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