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Rexx. When I tried the last one (Testing getValue, getRawValue and getDateValue), this is what was returned:


Secondly each page load takes around two minutes, everything seems to grind down, dead slow. It would be great, though, should you get it going. Lastly, can we also add data which changes automatically ie the names of the Man U squad, being changed automatically, rather than by hand? Diolch. Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 20:31, 8 Tachwedd 2013 (UTC)

Robin, I've checked out and Welsh Wikipedia had phase 2 implemented by April 24 this year, so there's no technical problem. You didn't say which article you tried when you got that result, so it's hard for me to reproduce the problem.
I just tried copying, pasting and previewing the calls in a section of Richard Burton and got a rapid page load that looked like this:
- Cymru
- Q3469983[?], Elizabeth Taylor
- Y Deyrnas Unedig
- Anffyddiaeth
- 10 November 1925
- November 10, 1925
That's birthplace, spouse, citizenship, religion, gender and date of birth (twice) I hope. All but the dates are linked to articles, except that the Q3469983[?] is the Wikidata code for Sally Burton and indicates that the article doesn't exist on the Welsh Wikipedia - it's set up like that for debugging purposes at present, but I'd replace that with an unlinked "Sally Burton" for a live version.
The idea is that we put those calls into the template of an infobox like Nodyn:Gwybodlen Person and then that infobox is placed in lots of articles, pulling the corresponding information from Wikidata for each article. That means, for example, that when somebody from any language Wikipedia updates the Manchester United squad on Wikidata, the corresponding infobox in the "Manchester United squad" article will update automatically on every language Wikipedia that gets its info from Wikidata.
It's not going to be a quick process, but eventually the Welsh Wikipedia will have the resources of the entire world available to do updates for us, leaving you poets to do more creative stuff. --RexxS (sgwrs) 18:08, 14 Tachwedd 2013 (UTC)
You don't realise how happy you make us! I can see Rhys smiling like a gate! Blogdroed dances in football clogs an I crack open a bottle of St emilion! I'll get back to you in a tick. Diolch Doug! Llywelyn2000 (sgwrs) 18:22, 14 Tachwedd 2013 (UTC)