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I don't know the range of reviews that this book has received, but the one review quoted here is extremely favourable, and was inserted by Llywelyn2000, who has bought the copyright (click on the cover image where he wrote "Prynwyd hawlfraint y nofel gennyf"). Certainly if I owned the copyright in a book, it would be difficult for me to put potential book sales entirely out of my mind when choosing which review(s) to include in an article about it. For that reason I do think it would be better to step back and let others edit it. Obviously it is a small wiki and there are only so many people to write stuff, but for example Anatiomaros lists literature as one of his/her interests. Llais Sais 10:29, 28 Medi 2010 (UTC)

Cytuno. Ond does gen i ddim diddordeb gwneud arian ohono! Ei roi ar y we - am ddim i bawb ydy'r bwriad! Llywelyn2000 21:15, 28 Medi 2010 (UTC)
Diolch. O ba gyfeiriad gwe ceir lawrlwytho testun y llyfr? Llais Sais 21:24, 28 Medi 2010 (UTC)
"Y bwriad" ddywedais i. Llywelyn2000 21:47, 28 Medi 2010 (UTC)