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Shw mae i ti, Apologies for writing in English but I'm afraid my Welsh isn't perfect. I have seen references to Mor Udd on Welsh, English, French and Dutch Wikipedia all state it is the modern Welsh word for the English channel. However, I have read a number of academic works which stat that the term referred to the North Sea. In fact, one old academic review states that "O For Udd hyd For Iwerddon" was a popular medieval expression in yr Hen Ogledd.

Wales and the Britons of the North. (p144)

Is this a modern miss-appellation? Are there any sources detailing this? I would be incredibly grateful for any help!

Diolch yn fawr. —Cafodd y sylw hwn heb lofnod ei ychwanegu gan Cymrogogoch (sgwrscyfraniadau) 22:28, 2 Rhagfyr 2021

I suggest you take a look at the entry in the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, the most important historical dictionary of Welsh, which is easily accessed on-line. It gives: "Môr Udd, Môr Rudd: the North Sea, including and later identified with the (English) Channel, also used of St. George’s Channel." This is backed up with a number of historical citations, dating back as far as the 13th century. In other words, the geographical area referred to has changed with the passage of time. --Craigysgafn (sgwrs) 23:13, 2 Rhagfyr 2021 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]
Thanks for the help.Cymrogogoch (sgwrs) 18:18, 5 Rhagfyr 2021 (UTC)Ateb[ateb]