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Fe wnes i greu stwbyn dros y penwythnos i H M Stanley ond yn gweld bod un yn bod yn barod i Henry Morton Stanley. Sut mae orau i gywiro hyn a beth yw'r rheol - defnyddio enw llawn person bob amser?

Dyfrig 12:44, 10 Mai 2004 (UTC)

Sorry to reply in English. The rule is to use the most commonly used name for the subject - of course, opinions will vary as to what that is, but in Stanley's case I would certainly argue for the full name. There would be some cases, eg. "R. S. Thomas", where you could argue for the initials. But there are always redirects. (I'll do that while I think about it.) Deb 16:54, 10 Mai 2004 (UTC)
Diolch Dyfrig 19:40, 10 Mai 2004 (UTC)