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Erm... Don't think I'm trying to pour cold water on your actions, Paul, but what exactly is the reasoning behind including these additional names on the page (bearing in mind that it's not done in the English wikipedia)? Deb 17:28, 21 Ebr 2004 (UTC) mari tudor here sayin shut up this is welsh so speak the language deall fi lk?@

Er...Thanks for your helpful contribution, Mari. I'll be looking out for you in future. Deb 17:36, 7 Tachwedd 2006 (UTC)

My Welsh isn't advanced enough to communicate with other users using it. Dw i'n ddim yn siared Cymraeg yn rhugl. Deb, I think you also need to block the IP(s) that seem to be constantly vandalising the Liverpool F.C. page. Paul-L 18:15, 7 Tachwedd 2006 (UTC)