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I just heard on the radio that he died on Sunday. However, I did not find much information about him... And maybe it would be a good idea to put him on "Marwolaethau diwethaf", but I can't access that site. So plîîîîîs... --Okapi 12:40, 26 Ebr 2004 (UTC)

Are you sure that he worked for the BBC? There appearently is an Eirug (!!!) Wyn who did and who is now in European Parliament for Plaid Cymru (see also the Wicipedia Saesneg). Which made it pretty confusing to me... --Okapi 02:13, 28 Ebr 2004 (UTC)
       There are two with similar names - not absolutely sure of spelling -
       One is Eurig and the other Eirug I think. The english link from Eurig Wyn       
       the writer and the one who died a week or so ago should not have been 
       done. I know the spelling of the writer is correct because I checked from  
       one of his books.
       Eirug Wyn (think that is the spelling though not absolutely sure - Plaid
       Cymru MEP since 1999. Not standing for Europe this time but prospective 
       candidate for Plaid in Ynys Môn.
       Dyfrig 18:56, 2 Mai 2004 (UTC)
"Eurig Wyn" seems to be the spelling of the MEPs name -- see Official Journal of the EC, Dec 2001. Arwel 23:48, 2 Mai 2004 (UTC)
(By the way Dyfrig, you can indent your comments by using 1 or more ":" at the start of a paragraph, "*" to use bullet points, and "#" for numbered lists).

Our Eurig Wyn has been linked to the Eurig Wyn on the Wicipedia Saesneg, though it defenitely is the other Eurig Wyn. Is there any good way to solve that? Like wwith the disambiguation pages in English? --Okapi 01:50, 3 Mai 2004 (UTC)

I've just created en:Eirug Wyn about the author, to make sure there's somewhere for either one to link to. BTW, here[1]'s an old BBC news article which calls the politician both Eirug and Eurig!! Marnanel 02:49, 3 Mai 2004 (UTC)
My mistake. A definative statement at last!! Eurig Wyn is the Plaid Cymru MEP, and Eirug Wyn is the writer who died over a week ago. Appologies for that error. Can someone rectify the error please Dyfrig 11:32, 4 Mai 2004 (UTC)
We still have Eurig Wyn as title of this page - it should be Eirug as in the text of the page. Can anyone rectify it please Dyfrig 09:35, 26 Hyd 2004 (UTC)
Wedi neud. Diolch am bwyntio allan! --Okapi 16:17, 26 Hyd 2004 (UTC)