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The Bioleg cell yn the box on the right does not seem to connect with the short article I wrote about the same subject, though I actually did start it clicking that very link (I think...). I was trying to edit the page or at least to see what's what, but all there is is a {MSG:}. Resulting in the questions: Am I doing anything wrong? Or is there a way this problem could be solved? Very puzzeled --Okapi 14:19, 7 Mai 2004 (UTC)

Working fine here. Maybe you had it cached? Marnanel 14:23, 7 Mai 2004 (UTC)
oh, btw: you can view the content of MSG:something by going to MediaWiki:something. Here, see MediaWiki:Bioleg. Marnanel 14:28, 7 Mai 2004 (UTC)
Hmmm, yes, possibly.... It's working fine here now, too! And thanks for the hint about where to see the contents of the MSG! --Okapi 14:32, 7 Mai 2004 (UTC)

Hi! The next question... I was trying to put Botaneg into the MSG, but it doesnt seem to carry over onto the other pages. I haven't got a clue how this works, but is there a trick I do not know? (By the way, I had also thought of putting them into alphabetical order and making one for the Gwyddionaeth Daear...) -- 01:52, 8 Mai 2004 (UTC)

That seems to be working for me, too-- it should just work, straight away. If you refresh the pages, does it show up for you?
You can create new "MSG:"s just by creating new pages beginning "MediaWiki:". Marnanel 04:11, 8 Mai 2004 (UTC)
No, it doesn't show up, not even after closing all Wikis and opening the page starting from 0. Hmmm... Odd. Maybe it takes some time to reach me? I'll try that Gwyddionaeth Daear one and see what happens, then... --Okapi 05:31, 8 Mai 2004 (UTC)
Woops! It just turned up! Information with a jet-lag? --Okapi 05:33, 8 Mai 2004 (UTC)