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Fedrith rhywun ofyn ar Wici Breizh am rai o'i ganeuon i'w rhoi ar ein Wici ni?

I apologyse[golygu cod y dudalen]

I can only understand a bit. Do you say something about the fact that Alan Stivell created by his own the musical movement based on pan-celtic modern music in 1967? 12:26, 27 Medi 2008 (UTC)

I can't find your ref. to 1967 in the Welsh Wici. For more info go to:

references for Alan Stivell[golygu cod y dudalen]

the best would be for the Welsh author to go to the French or Breton (or perhaps English) version where Alan Stivell's history is more complete and exact.

There are very precise periods in Alan Stivell's work:

- The first has been his revival of the Celtic harp in Brittany and already his influence on the harp world in the 50s.

- The second (a period from 1966 to 1969) being his beginnings as professional artist and singer(1966) and his creation of a new musical movement in 1967 (beginning with his international contract with Philips-Universal).

- The third (70s), the triumph of his movement in 1972 (the effects of his Olympia concert and live album) and later.

- The 4th, the new wave of Celtic music since the early 90s. 10:05, 28 Medi 2008 (UTC)