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Assembly seats
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This template creates a header to be used with succession boxes for people occupying seats in elected legislatures.

Usage[golygu cod y dudalen]

Without parameter[golygu cod y dudalen]

The template was designed to default to

Assembly seats
if no parameter is given. In the following table, the first column contains the header and the second column shows the template call used to create it.
Assembly seats {{s-par}}

With parameter[golygu cod y dudalen]

The format is {{s-par|parameter}}, where parameter is replaced by one of the parameter names shown in the following table. The first column displays the header and the second column contains the parameter name. Comments—if any—are shown in the third column.

Australia[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
au Nodyn:S-par/au
au-sa Nodyn:S-par/au-sa
au-sa-la Nodyn:S-par/au-sa-la
au-sa-lc Nodyn:S-par/au-sa-lc
au-vic Nodyn:S-par/au-vic
au-vic-la Nodyn:S-par/au-vic-la
au-vic-lc Nodyn:S-par/au-vic-lc
au-wa Nodyn:S-par/au-wa
au-wa-la Nodyn:S-par/au-wa-la
au-wa-lc Nodyn:S-par/au-wa-lc
au-nt Nodyn:S-par/au-nt
au-nsw Nodyn:S-par/au-nsw
au-nsw-la Nodyn:S-par/au-nsw-la
au-nsw-lc Nodyn:S-par/au-nsw-lc
au-tas Nodyn:S-par/au-tas
au-tas-la Nodyn:S-par/au-tas-la
au-tas-lc Nodyn:S-par/au-tas-lc
au-qld Nodyn:S-par/au-qld
au-act Nodyn:S-par/au-act

Canada[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
ca Nodyn:S-par/ca
ca-p Nodyn:S-par/ca-p pre-1867
ca-ab Nodyn:S-par/ca-ab
ca-bc Nodyn:S-par/ca-bc
ca-mb Nodyn:S-par/ca-mb
ca-nb Nodyn:S-par/ca-nb
ca-nl Nodyn:S-par/ca-nl
ca-ns Nodyn:S-par/ca-ns
ca-on Nodyn:S-par/ca-on
ca-pe Nodyn:S-par/ca-pe
ca-qc Nodyn:S-par/ca-qc since 1968
ca-qc-l Nodyn:S-par/ca-qc-l 1867–1968
ca-sk Nodyn:S-par/ca-sk
ca-nt Nodyn:S-par/ca-nt
ca-nu Nodyn:S-par/ca-nu
ca-yt Nodyn:S-par/ca-yt

Other Americas[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
bb Nodyn:S-par/bb

Other (Europe)[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
eu Nodyn:S-par/eu
dk Nodyn:S-par/dk
dk-lt Nodyn:S-par/dk-lt abolished 1953
fr-upr Nodyn:S-par/fr-upr
fr-lwr Nodyn:S-par/fr-lwr
it-upr Nodyn:S-par/it-upr
it-lwr Nodyn:S-par/it-lwr
lv Nodyn:S-par/lv
nz Nodyn:S-par/nz
sp-upr Nodyn:S-par/sp-upr
sp-lwr Nodyn:S-par/sp-lwr
rs Nodyn:S-par/rs

Other (Asia)[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
hk Nodyn:S-par/hk
in-upr Nodyn:S-par/in-upr
in-lwr Nodyn:S-par/in-lwr
jp-upr Nodyn:S-par/jp-upr
jp-lwr Nodyn:S-par/jp-lwr
my Nodyn:S-par/my
sg Nodyn:S-par/sg
ph-upr Nodyn:S-par/ph-upr
ph-lwr Nodyn:S-par/ph-lwr

Other (Africa)[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
eg Nodyn:S-par/eg
gh Nodyn:S-par/gh

Confederate States[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
cs-hs Nodyn:S-par/cs-hs abolished 1865 with the end of the American Civil War
cs-sen Nodyn:S-par/cs-sen abolished 1865 with the end of the American Civil War

United Kingdom; Ireland[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
uk Nodyn:S-par/uk since 1801
gb Nodyn:S-par/gb 1707–1800
en Nodyn:S-par/en until 1707
sct Nodyn:S-par/sct since 1999
wal Nodyn:S-par/wal
ni Nodyn:S-par/ni 1921–1972
ni/ass73 Nodyn:S-par/ni/ass73
ni/ass82 Nodyn:S-par/ni/ass82
ni/cc Nodyn:S-par/ni/cc
ni/for Nodyn:S-par/ni/for
ni/ass Nodyn:S-par/ni/ass since 1998
ie Nodyn:S-par/ie until 1801; not for Dáil Éireann or Seanad Éireann
ie/oi Nodyn:S-par/ie/oi i.e. Dáil Éireann or Seanad Éireann

United States[golygu cod y dudalen]

Code Output Notes
us-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-sen {{U.S. Senator box}} should be used
us-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-hs {{USRepSuccessionBox}} should be used
us-al-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-al-sen
us-al-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-al-hs
us-ak-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ak-sen
us-ak-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ak-hs
us-az-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-az-sen
us-az-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-az-hs
us-ar-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ar-sen
us-ar-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ar-hs
us-as-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-as-sen
us-as-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-as-hs
us-ca-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ca-sen
us-ca-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ca-hs
us-co-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-co-sen
us-co-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-co-hs
us-dc Nodyn:S-par/us-dc
us-ct-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ct-sen
us-ct-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ct-hs
us-de-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-de-sen
us-de-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-de-hs
us-fl-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-fl-sen
us-fl-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-fl-hs
us-ga-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ga-sen
us-ga-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ga-hs
us-gu Nodyn:S-par/us-gu
us-hi-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-hi-sen
us-hi-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-hi-hs
us-id-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-id-sen
us-id-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-id-hs
us-il-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-il-sen
us-il-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-il-hs
us-in-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-in-sen
us-in-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-in-hs
us-ia-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ia-sen
us-ia-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ia-hs
us-ks-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ks-sen
us-ks-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ks-hs
us-ky-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ky-sen
us-ky-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ky-hs
us-la-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-la-sen
us-la-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-la-hs
us-me-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-me-sen
us-me-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-me-hs
us-md-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-md-sen
us-md-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-md-hs
us-ma-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ma-sen
us-ma-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ma-hs
us-mi-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-mi-sen
us-mi-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-mi-hs
us-mn-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-mn-sen
us-mn-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-mn-hs
us-mp-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-mp-sen
us-mp-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-mp-hs
us-ms-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ms-sen
us-ms-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ms-hs
us-mo-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-mo-sen
us-mo-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-mo-hs
us-mt-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-mt-sen
us-mt-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-mt-hs
us-ne Nodyn:S-par/us-ne
us-nv-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-nv-sen
us-nv-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-nv-hs
us-nh-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-nh-sen
us-nh-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-nh-hs
us-nj-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-nj-sen
us-nj-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-nj-hs
us-nm-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-nm-sen
us-nm-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-nm-hs
us-ny-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ny-sen
us-ny-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ny-hs
us-nc-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-nc-sen
us-nc-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-nc-hs
us-nd-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-nd-sen
us-nd-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-nd-hs
us-mp-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-mp-sen
us-mp-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-mp-hs
us-oh-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-oh-sen
us-oh-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-oh-hs
us-ok-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ok-sen
us-ok-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ok-hs
us-or-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-or-sen
us-or-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-or-hs
us-pa-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-pa-sen
us-pa-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-pa-hs
us-pr-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-pr-sen
us-pr-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-pr-hs
us-ri-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ri-sen
us-ri-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ri-hs
us-sc-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-sc-sen
us-sc-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-sc-hs
us-sd-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-sd-hs
us-sd-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-sd-sen
us-tn-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-tn-sen
us-tn-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-tn-hs
us-tx-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-tx-sen
us-tx-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-tx-hs
us-ut-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-ut-sen
us-ut-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-ut-hs
us-vt-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-vt-sen
us-vt-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-vt-hs
us-va-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-va-sen
us-va-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-va-hs
us-vi Nodyn:S-par/us-vi
us-wa-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-wa-sen
us-wa-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-wa-hs
us-wv-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-wv-sen
us-wv-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-wv-hs
us-wi-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-wi-sen
us-wi-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-wi-hs
us-wy-sen Nodyn:S-par/us-wy-sen
us-wy-hs Nodyn:S-par/us-wy-hs

Example[golygu cod y dudalen]

From the Winston Churchill article:

{{s-bef|before=[[Walter Runciman, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford|Walter Runciman]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Member of Parliament]] for [[Oldham (UK Parliament constituency)|Oldham]]
|years=[[United Kingdom general election, 1900|1900]] – [[United Kingdom general election, 1906|1906]]}}
{{s-aft|after=[[John Albert Bright]]}}
Unrecognised parameter
Preceded by
Walter Runciman
Member of Parliament for Oldham
Succeeded by
John Albert Bright

See also[golygu cod y dudalen]

Documentation for creating succession boxes can be found at Template:S-start.