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This Infobox template can be used in any article about a park, nature reserve or garden.

Usage[golygu cod]

Most commonly used parameters All parameters grouped by function
{{Infobox park
| name = 
| photo = 
| photo_width = 
| photo_caption = 
| map = 
| map_width = 
| type = 
| location = 
| nearest_city = 
| lat_d = 
| long_d = 
| region = 
| source = 
| coords_ref = 
| area = 
| created = 
| operator = 
| visitation_num = 
| status = 
| awards = 
| open = 
| website = 
{{Infobox park
| name = 
| alt_name = 

| photo = 
| photo_width = 
| photo_caption = 
| photo_alt = 

| map = 
| map_width = 
| map_caption = 
| map_alt = 
| map_label = 
| map_label_position = 
| relief = 
| mark = 
| x = 
| y = 

| grid_ref_UK = 
| grid_ref_Ireland = 

| lat_d = 
| lat_m = 
| lat_s = 
| lat_NS = 
| long_d = 
| long_m = 
| long_s = 
| long_EW = 
| region = 
| dim = 
| scale = 
| source = 
| format = 
| display = 
| coords_type =  
| coords = 
| coords_ref = 

| type = 
| location = 
| nearest_city = 
| area = 
| elevation = 
| created = 
| designer =
| etymology = 
| operator = 
| visitation_num = 
| visitation_year = 
| visitation_ref = 
| status = 
| awards = 
| open = 
| camp_sites = 
| hiking_trails = 
| other_info = 
| website = 

|child = 
|embedded = 

Parameter descriptions[golygu cod]

This table describes all parameters which can be used in build park infobox. Only the name parameter must be assigned a value.

Field name Description
name Required. The name of the park. It will be displayed at the top of the infobox. In most cases this should be the same as the article name less any disambiguation. For example if the article title is Hyde Park, London then name=Hyde Park.
alt_name If there is a common English name for the park use it for the name parameter. This parameter can be used to display the name in the local language or for an alternate English name if it is commonly used. If you would like to italicize the text use wiki markup.
photo The name of an image file to be displayed. No special formatting is needed.
photo_width Can be used to change the display width of the image. The default and maximum value is 284 pixels. Images with a horizontal orientation (landscape mode) will generally display well at the default setting. An image with vertical orientation (portrait mode) may need to be adjusted to 180 or 220. For example photo_width=200 and not photo_width=200px.
photo_alt Alt text for the photo, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
photo_caption The caption that will appear below the image if one is required.
location The location of the park. Don't be too precise. County, state and country are good in the USA. If the park is within a city specify the city, state and country. If the park is in multiple counties just list the state and country. For areas in other countries adjust accordingly.
nearest_city Recommended if the park is not in a city. It could be a city or large gateway town where supplies and lodging are available.
Map related parameters
map The name of the map to be displayed. See Map display methods.
map_width Can change the display width the map. The default and maximum width is 284 pixels, but usually the map should be much smaller. For example map_width=200 and not map_width=200px.
map_alt Alt text for the map. See WP:ALT.
map_caption The caption that appears below the map if one is required.
map_label A text message that will be displayed next to the mark. Works with label_position below.
map_label_position Specifies the position of a label with respect to the mark. This is not functional when using the pixel coordinates method for map display. It must be assigned a value or the label will not display. Valid values are left, right, top and bottom. See label above.
relief Selects a relief map when assigned any value. This is not functional when using the pixel coordinates method for map display. See Map display methods.
mark The image used for the mark on a map. The default is Red pog.svg. Look here for other images.
Specifies the position of the location mark on some types of maps when the pixel coordinates method for map display is used. The coordinates of the mark in pixels based on a map width of 1000 pixels. The template will scale these values for proper display.
Coordinate related parameters
grid_ref_UK If the park is in Great Britain, the British grid reference. For parks outside of Great Britain, this field is not applicable and therefore should be removed if it is present.
grid_ref_Ireland If the park is in Ireland (whether Northern Ireland or the Republic), the Irish grid reference. For parks outside Ireland, this field is not applicable and therefore should be removed it it is present.
coords For the {{Coord}} template. Will not generate a location mark if a map template is used. When this option is used the type, region, scale, source, format and display parameters are not functional but this data can be entered in the Coord template. The defaults should be type:landmark and display:inline,title.
lat_d The degrees of latitude. This value can be specified as a decimal degree and when this format is used minutes and seconds should not be specified. See below.
lat_m The minutes of latitude.
lat_s The seconds of latitude.
lat_NS N if north of the equator, S if south of the equator. Other values will be disregarded.
long_d The degrees of longitude. This value can be specified as a decimal degree and when this format is used minutes and seconds should not be specified. See below.
long_m The minutes of longitude.
long_s The seconds of longitude.
long_EW E if East of the prime meridian, W if west of the prime meridian. Other values will be disregarded.
coords_ref Can be used with either coordinate display method above. Strongly recommended. Specify a citation for the coordinates using <ref>...</ref> tags.
coords_type Type is one way to specify the scale of maps generated by external map websites. See type for valid values. The default value is landmark. If no type is appropriate consider using the scale parameter below.
scale Determines the zoom factor for external map websites. See scale. The value is 1:10,000 for the default type which is landmark. Using scale=50000 will change the zoom to 1:50,000.
region A country code. See ISO 3166-2:US, ISO 3166-2 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. For example US-OR is the code for Oregon. This computer readable code is recommended. It will not be displayed. See region.
source Source of the coordinate data. See source. For example gnis or ngs, etc. It will not be displayed. Not all possible values are recognized.
format Determines the format of the coordinates displayed. Valid values are dms for degrees, minutes and seconds, and dec for decimal degrees. The default value is dms.
display Determines where the coordinates will be displayed. Valid values are inline and inline,title and their variants. The default is inline,title and is recommended.
Other parameters
area Area of the protected park. Usually in acres or square miles for US locations and hectares or square kilometres elsewhere. The {{convert}} template should be used. Very small areas might be specified in square feet, square yards or square metres.
elevation Elevation of the park if it is noteworthy. The {{convert}} template should be used.
created The date the protected park was created. Use {{start date}}. For example, for Hyde Park, London, use {{start date|1637}} since only the year is known.
visitation_num The number of visitors in a recent year if known.
visitation_year The year during which the number of visitors was counted.
visitation_ref Used with the visitation parameters above. Highly recommended. Specify the a citation for the visitation data using <ref>...</ref> tags.
etymology The etymology of parks name. Should be very brief or only included in the text of the article.
operator The agency or organization which controls or owns the park. Hide park, London is operated by The Royal Parks
open The hours, days, or months that the park is open.
status The status of the park. e.g. "Closed for restoration", or "Closed due to budgetary considerations." Sometimes used as an alternative to open. e.g. "Open all year."
awards Any awards given to the park; for example, Green Flag Award in the UK.
child Used to embed this template in another. See below.
embedded Used to embed another template in this one. See below.
website Website. Use {{URL}}.

Map display methods[golygu cod]

Geographical coordinates method[golygu cod]

A mark can be superimposed on one of a set of special map templates. If a valid map name is specified this is the method the template will attempt to use. To display a mark the geographic coordinates must be specified using the parameters lat_d, long_d, etc. The mark will not be displayed if the {{Coord}} template is used. See the documentation for {{Location map}}. The parameters for this template map to a subset of the parameters for Location map. A map template can be found using these sources:

List of templates - Many of the items listed here are redirects and a few templates may not function as expected.
Category:Location map templates - templates sorted by category.
Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Location map/Info - a search that might help.
Special:Prefixindex/Template:Location map - another search that might help.

All of the names begin with the words "Location map" followed by the area covered. The value you need to specify is the area name. The map template for the for Alberta, Canada is Location map Canada Alberta. In this case specify map=Canada Alberta.

The Green Park
Infobox park is located in England
MathPublic park
Cyfesurynnau Daearyddol51°30′15″N 0°8′37″W / 51.50417°N 0.14361°W / 51.50417; -0.14361
Arwynebedd19 hectar ([convert: unknown unit])
Gweinyddwyd ganThe Royal Parks
{{Infobox park
| name = The Green Park
| type = Public park
| location = [[London]]
| map = England
| map_width = 175
| lat_d = 51 | lat_m = 30 | lat_s = 15 | lat_NS = N
| long_d = 0 | long_m = 8 | long_s = 37 | long_EW = W
| area = {{convert|19|ha}}
| created = 
| operator = [[The Royal Parks]]

XY coordinate method[golygu cod]

To display a marker on any map use the x and y parameters.

Nodyn:Location mark+/x and y parameters

In the example below the marker is about 67% of the way across the map from the left side and 46% of the way down from the top.

Forbury Gardens
<div style="position: absolute; left: Gweithredydd / annisgwylpx; top: Gweithredydd / annisgwylpx; padding: 0;">[[Image:|px|link=|alt=|]]
Location within Reading Town Centre
LleoliadReading, Berkshire, UK
Cyfesurynnau Daearyddol51°27′25″N 0°58′2″W / 51.45694°N 0.96722°W / 51.45694; -0.96722
{{Infobox park
| name = Forbury Gardens
| type = [[Public park|Public]]
| location = [[Reading, Berkshire|Reading]], [[Berkshire]], [[United Kingdom|UK]]
| coords = {{coord|51|27|25|N|0|58|2|W|type:landmark_region:GB}}
| map = Location map United Kingdom Reading Central.png
| map_width = 240
| map_caption = Location within Reading Town Centre
| x = 670
| y = 460

Compatibility method[golygu cod]

A third method is maintained for backwards compatibility. It is not recommended. See Template:Infobox map#Compatibility method.

See template:Infobox map/coordinate syntax for map syntax.

Examples[golygu cod]

Tank Hill Park
Tank Hill from below
MathNatural Area
LleoliadSan Francisco, California
Cyfesurynnau Daearyddol37°45′36″N 122°26′51″W / 37.7599302°N 122.4474712°W / 37.7599302; -122.4474712
Arwynebedd2.87 acr (1.16 ha)
Crëwyd1977 (1977)
Gweinyddwyd ganSan Francisco Recreation and Parks
{{Infobox park
| name = Tank Hill Park
| alt_name =
| photo = Tank Hill, San Francisco.jpg
| photo_width = 256
| photo_alt = 
| photo_caption = Tank Hill from below 
| map = San Francisco County
| map_width = 208
| map_caption = 
| type = Natural Area
| location = [[San Francisco]], [[California]]
| lat_d = 37.7599302
| long_d = -122.4474712
| region = US-CA
| source = gnis
| area = {{convert|2.87|acre|2}}
| created = {{Start date|1977}}
| operator = San Francisco Recreation and Parks
| visitation = 
| open = 
Edworthy Park
Bow River seen from Edworthy Park
<div style="position: absolute; left: Gweithredydd / annisgwylpx; top: Gweithredydd / annisgwylpx; padding: 0;">[[Image:|px|link=|alt=|]]
Location of Edworthy Park in Calgary
MathUrban park
LleoliadCalgary, Alberta
Cyfesurynnau Daearyddol51°03′41″N 114°09′23″W / 51.06139°N 114.15639°W / 51.06139; -114.15639
Arwynebedd1.27 km2 (0.49 mi sgw)
Gweinyddwyd ganCity of Calgary
Ar agorAll year
{{Infobox park
| name = Edworthy Park
| photo = Calgary-Edworthy Park.JPG
| photo_width = 
| photo_caption = Bow River seen from Edworthy Park
| type = [[Urban park]]
| location = [[Calgary]], [[Alberta]]
| coords = {{coord|51|03|41|N|114|09|23|W}}
| area = {{convert|1.27|km2|abbr=on|2}}
| operator = [[Calgary|City of Calgary]]
| visitation = 
| open = All year
| map = Calgary street map.png
| map_width = 192
| map_alt = 
| map_caption = Location of Edworthy Park in Calgary
| x = 335
| y = 467

Template embedding[golygu cod]

This template can be embedding in another infobox template by adding the code |child=yes. To embed another template in this one use |embedded={{Infobox ....

Microformat[golygu cod]

The articles created using this template include an hCard microformat. For more information read this.