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Paramedrau[golygu cod]

{{Infobox church
|name                   = 
|fullname               = 
|image                  = 
|imagesize              = 
|imagelink              = 
|imagealt               = 
|landscape              = 
|caption                = 

|denomination           = [mandatory]
|previous denomination  =
|churchmanship          = 
|membership             = 
|attendance             = 
|website                = <!-- {{URL|}} -->

|former name            = 
|bull date              = 
|founded date           = {{start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} - but see note below
|founder                = 
|dedication             = 
|dedicated date         = 
|consecrated date       = 
|cult                   = 
|relics                 = 
|events                 = 
|past bishop            = 
|people                 = 

|status                 = 
|functional status      = 
|heritage designation   = 
|designated date        = 
|architect              = 
|architectural type     = 
|style                  = 
|groundbreaking         = 
|completed date         = 
|construction cost      = 
|closed date            = 
|demolished date        = 

|capacity               = 
|length                 = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|width                  = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|width nave             = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|height                 = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|diameter               = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|other dimensions       = 
|floor count            = 
|floor area             = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome quantity          = 
|dome height outer      = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome height inner      = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome dia outer         = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome dia inner         = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|spire quantity         = 
|spire height           = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|materials              = 
|bells                  = 
|bells hung             = 
|bell weight            = <!-- {{CwtQtrLb to kg|}} -->

|parish                 = 
|deanery                = 
|archdeaconry           = 
|episcopalarea          = 
|archdiocese            = 
|metropolis             = 
|diocese                = 
|province               = 
|presbytery             = 
|synod                  = 
|circuit                = 
|district               = 
|division               = 
|subdivision            = 

|archbishop             = 
|bishop                 = 
|dean                   = 
|precentor              = 
|canon                  = 
|succentor              = 
|archdeacon             = 
|prebendary             = 
|rector                 = 
|vicar                  = 
|curate                 = 
|priestincharge         = 
|priest                 = 
|minister               = 
|deacon                 = 
|deaconness             = 
|seniorpastor           = 
|pastor                 = 
|abbot                  = 
|chaplain               = 

|reader                 = 
|student intern         = 
|organistdom            = 
|director               = 
|organist               = 
|organscholar           = 
|chapterclerk           = 
|laychapter             = 
|warden                 = 
|verger                 =

|logo                   = 
|logosize               = 
|logolink               = 
|logoalt                = 

|circuit |- |district

|- valign=top |division |rowspan=2|If a system other than that indicated above is used for the church, these fields can be used to indicate the geographical division and subdivision that the church is located in, for example, "[[North Carolina Annual Conference]]", "[[Tennessee Baptist Convention]]". |- valign=top |subdivision

|- |colspan=2 bgcolor=silver align=center|Clergy

|- |archbishop |rowspan=31|The name(s) of the archbishop, bishop(s), dean(s), provost(s), provost-rector(s), vice-provost(s), precentor(s), chancellor(s), subdean(s), canon(s), canon pastor(s), archdeacon(s), prebendary(-ies), rector(s), vicar(s), curate(s), priest in charge, priest(s), assistant priest(s), minister(s), assistant(s), honorary priest(s), deacon(s), deaconess(es), senior pastor(s), pastor(s), abbot(s) and/or chaplain(s) of the church, if applicable.

Separate several names with commas (","), or put each name on a separate line by typing "<br>" between the names, thus: "Rev. Dr. and Mrs. [[James Mills Thoburn]],<br>Rev. [[William Fitzjames Oldham]]".

|- |bishop |- |dean |- |provost |- |provost-rector |- |viceprovost |- |precentor |- |chancellor |- |subdean |- |canon |- |canonpastor |- |canonmissioner |- |canontreasurer |- |succentor |- |archdeacon |- |prebendary |- |rector |- |vicar |- |curate |- |priestincharge |- |priest |- |asstpriest |- |minister |- |assistant |- |honpriest |- |deacon |- |deaconess |- |seniorpastor |- |pastor |- |abbot |- |chaplain

|- |colspan=2 bgcolor=silver align=center|Laity

|- |reader |rowspan=15|The name(s) of the reader, student intern, director of music, organist(s), organ scholar(s), chapter clerk, lay member(s) of the chapter, churchwarden(s), verger(s), business manager, liturgy coordinator, religious education coordinator, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) coordinator, and/or youth ministry coordinator of the church, if any. |- |student intern |- |organistdom |- |director |- |organist |- |organscholar |- |chapterclerk |- |laychapter |- |warden |- |verger |- |businessmgr |- |liturgycoord |- |reledu |- |rcia |- |youthmin

|- |flowerguild |rowspan=4|The name of the flower guild, music group, parish administration and/or servers' guild of the church, if any. |- |musicgroup |- |parishadmin |- |serversguild

|- |colspan=2 bgcolor=silver align=center|Bottom of infobox

|- valign=top |logo |The name of a file containing an image of the logo of the church. Do not include "File:" in front of the filename or enclose the file name in double square brackets.

Many of such images will be subject to copyright. Therefore, please comply with "Wikipedia:Non-free content" by ensuring that the image description page has an appropriate copyright tag and non-free use rationale. See "Wikipedia:Logos" for more information.

|- valign=top |logosize |The width of the logo in pixels (px). Do not add "px" after the number. If no number is stated, the width defaults to 100px.

|- valign=top |logolink |A hyperlink for the logo. This can either be a URL or the name of a Wikipedia article. Do not enclose the URL or article name in square brackets. If no link is specified or the parameter is omitted, the logo is linked to its image description page.

|- valign=top |logoalt |Alt text for the logo. For more information, see "Wikipedia:Alternative text for images".


Wesley Methodist Church
Wesley Methodist Church, from an old sepia-toned postcard.
Cynulleidfa wythnosol4,346 (as on 20–21 December 2008)
Hen enwMethodist Episcopal Church
Sefydlwyd6 Chwefror 1885 (1885-02-06)
SefydlyddRev. Dr. and Mrs. James Mills Thoburn, Rev. William Fitzjames Oldham, Mrs. Marie Oldham, Miss Julia Battie
Cyflwynwyd i4 Chwefror 1909 (1909-02-04)
Statws gweithredolActive
Math o bensaerniaethGothic
Torri tywarchenDecember 1907
CwbwlhawydEnd 1908
DivisionTrinity Annual Conference (TRAC)
Senior pastor(s)Rev. Melvin Hwang (Pastor in Charge)
Pastor(s)Rev. Alvin Chan, Rev. Lilian Ang, Rev. Philip Lim, Rev. Daniel Tan, Rev. Michael Tan, Rev. Wendy Watson, Rev. Khoo Kay Huat
Music group(s)Dawnbreakers, John Wesley Choir, Wesley Chorale, Wesley Singers, Wesley Heralds

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