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Computer translation seems like a good idea, but the results are dreadful.
Mae cyfieithu'n awtomatig yn ymddangos yn syniad da, ond gwael dros ben ydy'r canlyniadau.
  • Peidiwch â defnyddio peiriannau cyfieithu er mwyn creu erthyglau, os gwelwch yn dda.

  • Please do not use machine translation to create articles.
See below for more information.

  • Merci de ne pas vous servir des logiciels de traduction automatique pour créer les articles.
  • Por favor, ¡no usen las traducciones automáticas para crear los artículos!
  • Bitte erstelle/schreibe keine Artikel mit Hilfe von automatischen Übersetzungsprogrammen.
  • Не используйте машинный перевод чтобый писать статьи, пожалуйста.

Thank you for wanting to add articles to the Welsh version of Wikipedia. We welcome all articles written in Welsh about appropriate topics. However, please be aware that do not welcome automated translations from other languages, such as are obtained via websites like Google Translate, even if the topic itself merits an article. Any article that appears to be machine-translated may be deleted on sight.

The reason for this is that the translations produced by these programs do not reach an acceptable standard. The Welsh that it produces is usually ungrammatical, and often the software also misinterprets words in the original language, particularly in English where the same word can often have several meanings. Even if the reader can (with difficulty) work out some meaning from such a translation, it is still not useful to store it here, because anybody who really wants to read machine-translated articles can obtain them for themselves on demand via the translation websites.

The Wikipedia project has versions in most languages. If you would like to add information, but would need to use computer translation in order to add it here, then please instead add it to a project in a language that you can write without the need for machine translation.

If you would like to see an article created here but are not able to write it yourself, then you are welcome to add a polite request at requested articles page. Of course please do mention if there is an article available on the same topic in another language which could be a useful source of information. Please be aware that everyone who contributes here is a volunteer, so whether your requested article will be written will depend on whether someone is interested in doing so.

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