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Mae'r ddalen hon yn cyfeirio at y Nodyn:Chemical infobox i gynrychioli data am gemeg a hynny mewn ffurf safonol.

Argymhellir eu defnyddio ar bob erthygl sy'n ymwneud â chemegolion. Mae'n yn cyfeirio at ddeunyddiau yn eu ffurf arferol, o dan amgylchiadau'r labordy h.y. 25 °C a 100 kPa, oni nodir hynny'n wahanol.

Sut i osod y wybodlen[golygu cod y dudalen]

These templates are for creating new infoboxes in wikipages which have no (current) infobox yet. The following steps indicate how to do this.

  1. Edit the chemicals article to add the infobox to
  2. Copy and paste one of the following three templates listed in {{Chembox}}.
  3. Fill in the details; empty fields are okay.

See What links here in the toolbox on this wikipage, and the Chemicals WikiProject worklist to find wikipages as examples of use.

Risk and safety statements[golygu cod y dudalen]

The raw risk and safety statements codes for R-phrases and List of S-phrases do not mean much to most people. A set of templates has been created to ease the confusion, one template for each phrase. If one enters {{R45}} into the table cell, the displayed result is Nodyn:R45: holding the cursor over the link displays the meaning of the code.

Supplementary data page[golygu cod y dudalen]

If using the full Chembox, a supplementary page should be created as soon as time allows. This is most simply done by clicking on the red link in the table Supplementary data page, then type {{subst:Chembox supplement}}. Save the page, then edit to enter the information.

See also[golygu cod y dudalen]

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