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Ble mae'r Sbaeneg?![golygu cod y dudalen]

This page is in an impressive range of languages, including Basque and Catalan. But Spanish (or call it Castillian if you will) seems to be conspicuous by its absence. Is this a subtle statement in favour of minority languages?! I would have a go, but my Spanish is ropey enough that I'd probably mangle it. Anyone? Alan012 18:34, 30 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)

Mi geisiaf wneud rhywbeth yn y dyddiau nesaf. Doeddwn i ddim yn sykweddoli nad oedd Sbaeneg yno (I'll try to do something in the next few days. I didn't realize Spanish wasn't there. Rhion 19:44, 30 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)
Thanks. Alan012 19:52, 30 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)
Spanish was there until someone removed it last July. I've re-added it. Tigershrike 21:05, 30 Mehefin 2008 (UTC)
Well spotted. I hadn't checked the history. Seems that the person who added the Basque removed the Spanish. I bet that was deliberate. The kind of person who blanks out "Pamplona" on road-signs so that all it says is "Iruñea" and you have no idea where you're going. Alan012 20:33, 1 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)
It's a real shame that someone thought the best way to make their point (whatever it was) was to limit information on Welsh. ¡Gracias por añadirlo otra vez! Diolch yn fawr. Spacebungle 18:04, 16 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)
Yes, as you say, a shame. Incidentally, my comment about the road sign was something I've seen with my own eyes. If the sign had been monolingual Spanish then they may have had a valid protest, but as it was there was already something for everyone, so why not live and let live? Actually I find with bilingual road signs (in Wales) that unfortunately it's far more fun to unnecessarily read both languages, just to see how they've translated things, than it is to concentrate on my driving. But I digress horribly... Alan012 18:54, 16 Gorffennaf 2008 (UTC)

Cyfeiriadau IP yn cyfrannu ieithoedd gwahanol.[golygu cod y dudalen]

Rwyf wedi sylwi yn diweddar fod yna lawer o ddefnyddwyr anhysbys wedi bod yn cyfrannu i'r ieithoedd gwahanol yma. Sut yr ydym ni fod gwybod bod rhywbeth fel "ウェールズ語 を 知り" yn gwneud synnwyr? Rhys Thomas 11:07, 10 Mai 2009 (UTC)