Sgwrs Nodyn:Gwybodlen Ffilm

Ni chefnogir cynnwys y dudalen mewn ieithoedd eraill.
Oddi ar Wicipedia

Are there any websites on the Internet that contain film reviews yn Gymraeg? I was thinking we could link to it in the Infobox, instead of to the AMG (the IMDb can stay, as that's quite definative about film detail, in any language). Preferably a site with reviews going back a few decades, as all I can find is this section on BBC Cymru'r Byd which only goes back to 2004. Paul-L 05:27, 3 Tachwedd 2007 (UTC)[ateb]

I had no responces, so I've linked to the BBC Cymru'r Byd site, replacing the AMG. I could only find one film both here, and on BBC Cymru'r Byd, (The Simpsons Movie), so I've changed the infobox on that film, and I'll start creating pages for recent films listed on BBC Cymru'r Byd that I've seen myself. Paul-L 15:49, 21 Chwefror 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

I've just found that Mean Girls was also on BBC Cymru'r Byd. Paul-L 19:25, 22 Chwefror 2008 (UTC)[ateb]

Problem ar ddolen BBC[golygu cod]

Pan wnaeth Paul osod yr uchod, roedd adolygiadau ffilm BBC Cymru yn dilyn y fformat canlynol: ac fe wnaeth osod y wybodlen fel mai mond 'mean-girls' oedd rhaid mewnosod, sy'n handi dros ben. Ond yn anffodus, fe newidwyd URLs y BBC i'r canlynol:
Felly alla i ddim jyst gosod 'seperado' yn y maes gwag ar y wybodlen, na chwaith gosod dim arall yn ei le i over-ride y cod.
Ai creu maes arall ar y wybodlen ar gyfer adolygiadau ydy'r unig ateb?--Ben Bore (sgwrs) 13:05, 4 Mawrth 2013 (UTC)[ateb]

Problemau[golygu cod]

Mae angen trwsio'r nodyn yma. Gweler Apocalypse Now, er enghraifft. Pam fod hyn yn wahanol i bob gwybodlen arall? Anatiomaros 21:33, 30 Mai 2010 (UTC)[ateb]

Do you mean about the poster not displaying? That was the case because Deb didn't unload the copyrighted poster. I've bracketed it out on the Apocalypse Now page, and added more info. Paul-L 20:32, 31 Mai 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
Diolch Paul. The script format is different to our other infoboxes for some reason. Also, wouldn't it be best for the film name to appear in the box itself? It looks rather odd sitting out on top. Anatiomaros 23:39, 31 Mai 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
I've experimented with trying to make the film name appear inside the box, but I've had no luck so far. Paul-L 15:00, 2 Mehefin 2010 (UTC)[ateb]
I seem to remember trying the same thing myself ages ago. No big deal on the scale of our priorities but perhaps the long term solution is a new gwybodlen (why does this one need |, for instance?). Ah well, more pressing things call, but thanks anyway. Hwyl i ti, Anatiomaros 16:19, 2 Mehefin 2010 (UTC)[ateb]