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I see from your past editing history that you have started several pages with sensible titles but nonsense contents, and these have then been turned into proper articles by other users. I would like to point out that this is not an acceptable way to get an article written on a particular topic; you should make a polite request at Wicipedia:Y Caffi or Wicipedia:Erthyglau a geisir. I have therefore deleted your latest new page which consisted only of random characters. Further such pages will simply be deleted, regardless of the title. Alan 08:50, 1 Hydref 2008 (UTC)

This IP address is within a range allocated to the Vale of Glamorgan Council (details here). It most likely means that the edits are made by a user in a public library or a school; given the times of the edits and their nature the latter possibility seems most likely. If this is coming from a school computer and a member of staff happens to read this, may I ask them to try to supervise pupils' access to wikipedia? We want to be an educational resource and have no wish to deny access but the series of unconstructive edits from this address can be construed as vandalism and will be dealt with as such. Anatiomaros 16:03, 1 Hydref 2008 (UTC)

Dyma dudalen sgwrs ar gyfer defnyddiwr anhysbys sydd heb greu cyfrif eto, neu nad yw'n ei ddefnyddio. Felly mae'n rhaid inni ddefnyddio'r cyfeiriad IP i'w adnabod. Mae cyfeiriadau IP yn gallu cael eu rhannu rhwng nifer o ddefnyddwyr. Os ydych chi'n ddefnyddiwr anhysbys ac yn teimlo'ch bod wedi derbyn sylwadau amherthnasol, crëwch gyfrif neu mewngofnodwch i osgoi cael eich drysu gyda defnyddwyr anhysbys eraill o hyn ymlaen.