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Promo alert[golygu cod y dudalen]

Cross wiki promo try - see here. Already removed on many wikipedia versions. Kind regards, MoiraMoira 09:46, 31 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for the information, MoiraMoira. I've checked the discussion on nl.wikipedia and can see that the concerns expressed there are valid. However I also see that substantial articles still exist at en., it. and fr. with no "article for deletion" notices. It seems to me that the artist may have as valid a claim to an article as many other minor artists - the problem is one of sockpuppetry and self-promotion. Our article has just a neutral summary paragraph adapted from the French article and is not self-promoting in itself. Guess we'll see what the "big players" decide and take it from there, unless someone else here has a view on this. If "babelfishery" text gets added though we will certainly reconsider the situation. Thanks again, and regards, Anatiomaros 16:33, 31 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)
PS I've tagged the article as "dubious" so it can be discussed. Anatiomaros 16:51, 31 Rhagfyr 2008 (UTC)
Hi Anatiomaros, May be this official site of the Canadian Heritage | Canadian Government Archive, Canadian Heritage, which shows there are files on this artist's art in the Library of National Gallery of Canada, and also in the Vancouver Art Gallery would be a good proof that it is not "dubious".
There is also a reference in the archive of the Government of Quebec, that I can find if you need. However, there is a long campaign to censor this artist from internet, and from wiki, and yo can be sure that there will be all other sort of accusation about her coming your way. (apparently she has painted some nude women which have angered many people). All the best, and I hope this is of some use.--Tiranious 22:52, 4 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)
Thank you, Tiranious. Seems this is a controversial issue in some quarters, judging by some of the acrimonious comments on the :en article's talk page. Personally, I have no problem with keeping the article in its present form as we have few women artists and even fewer Iranian/Muslim artists. The general consensus on other wikipedias seems to be "keep" rather than "delete". She would appear to be at least as noteworthy as many other contemporary artists with articles on the English wikipedia. Best wishes, Anatiomaros 17:17, 5 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)
Thank you very much, The world needs more of Anatiomaros, who are not easily intimidated by their tactics. I really wish to understand what these people gain by censoring an artist. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in the French wiki, and they have informed me that they are working on the other wikis to censor her works. However, a French website has transferred her pages to their site:

Bonjour, vous pouvez enrichir cette page, sauvée sur un wiki plus tolérant

I wish you the best --Tiranious 03:46, 6 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)

Response from Latin Wiki[golygu cod y dudalen]

Quite true. But en:wiki long ago decided to keep her, so maybe we will too? la:disputatio:Guity_Novin
I think that will be our position too.

Sock[golygu cod y dudalen]

I have blocked en:User:Tiranious and en:User:Bamshadan on the English wikipedia as socks of en:User:Artaxerex, who has just returned after a year's ban.[1] My user page en:User:Tyrenius (global account). Tyrenius 17:41, 15 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)

About MoiraMoira[golygu cod y dudalen]

  • > Moiramoira was band by Dirk Beestra of the English wiki because of Vandalism ( he wanted to push an article!!). Please see here [2] and [3].In particular he has been accused of edit wars with 4 other people and trying to push his point of view plese see here[4]

--Tiranious 04:11, 20 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)