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Gaethon nhw ysgariad oherwydd.......?[golygu cod y dudalen]

Allai cael ateb os gwelwch yn dda? x —Cafodd y sylw hwn heb lofnod ei ychwanegu gan (sgwrscyfraniadau) 14:54, 18 Ebrill 2010

I would love to help but I can't give the answer in Welsh. The two main reasons are:
  1. Henry wanted to remarry because he needed a son to inherit his kingdom
  2. The laws of the church said that a woman should not marry the brother of her former husband, which would have prevented Henry and Catherine from marrying in the first place. But the Pope had given a "dispensation" to allow the marriage. When the marriage failed to produce any sons, Henry came to believe that he was being punished by God for going ahead with the marriage.
I hope this helps. Deb 14:08, 18 Ebrill 2010 (UTC)