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Defnyddio[golygu cod y dudalen]

Y Nodyn yma sy'n diffinio rhestr wedi'i sefydlu ar Wicidata, a gaiff ei diweddaru gan fot otomatig. Gweler y postiad gwreiddiol. Mae'n rhaid i'r Nodyn hwn gael ei "gau" gyda {{Wikidata list end}}; caiff y testun oddi mewn i'r ddau Nodyn ei ddiweddaru'n otomatig bob diwrnod. Yn 2015 dim ond un rhestr a ganiateir ar bob tudalen. Enghraifft:

{{Wikidata list
|sparql=SELECT ?item WHERE {
   ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q39715 .
   ?item (wdt:P131)* wd:Q55 
... (bydd unrhyw sgwennu yn y rhan hon yn cael ei ddileu a'i dros-sgrifo...
{{Wikidata list end}}


A WikiDataQuery query string. The resulting items will be used to build the list. Try your query out here. Mandatory
Defines the columns of the list table. Allowed values are :
  • number, a serial row number (per section), increasing from 1, according to the initial sorting
  • label, the wiki-language-based label of the item, linked to the local article (where exists), or the Wikidata item
  • description, the manual, or auto-generated description
  • item, the Q item number
  • Pxxx a Wikidata property
  • Pxxx/Pzzz, qualifier properties; for Pxxx linking to an item Qyyy and having a Pzzz qualifier, the Qxxx linked label and the value of Pzzz
  • Pxxx/Qyyy/Pzzz, qualifier properties; for Pxxx linking to an item Qyyy and having a Pzzz qualifier, the value of Pzzz. This is a version of the above, specific for a single item; e.g., "p553/q866/p554" to get YouTube account names.
Values marked as "deprecated" are not shown. Every column can optionally have a ":Titel", otherwise the Wikidata property name is used. Mandatory
The initial sort key for the table. Valid values are:
  • label, the label of the item
  • family_name, tries to find, and sort by, the family (last) name from the label, assuming items are people. This is a heuristic and may not work properly in all cases. If possible, try to sort by P734 (family name).
  • Pxxx, a Wikidata property
The list can be sectioned by a Wikidata property. Optional
The minimum number of entries to generate a section. All other entries will be put under "misc". Default:2. Optional
If description is a column but no description exists on Wikidata, "autolist=fallback" uses AutoDesc to generate one. Optional
The thumbnail width for images (e.g. column P18). Default:128. Optional
How to render links not in the local Wikipedia. Valid values are:
  • all to link to Wikidata. Default.
  • local to remove entries for which there exists no local article.
  • red to generate red links based on label and item.
  • text to generate blue links for existing pages, and plain text otherwise.
  • reasonator to generate blue links for existing pages, and links to Reasonator otherwise.
Generates a template call rather than a table row; the template must then generate the table row in turn. Parameters passed to the template are the lower-case keys from the columns parameter, e.g. label or p18. Optional