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{{GeoGroupTemplate}} generates external links to services that present all coordinates from a single Wikipedia article or all the title coordinates from articles in a single Wikipedia category. It is intended for use in the External links section of articles, or inside a section with a list or table of features, if appropriate (e.g. see Tame Valley Canal).

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates for information on adding coordinates to articles. The linked services allow the following reuse methods:

  • Coordinates from the Wikipedia page or category in a KML file suitable for use in Google Earth, NASA World Wind and similar applications.
  • Microformatted coordinates from the Wikipedia page in a GeoRSS file.
  • Link to Google Maps with the waypoints plotted onto a map. (Google caches data and may at times show a previous revision instead of the latest one. In this case wait a moment before refreshing.)
  • Link to Bing with the waypoints plotted onto a map. Note that for a page with many coordinates, Bing presents just the first 200 points. Currently there is no clarification in the template display to indicate that shortcoming.

Inline coordinates can be associated with a name using community approved coordinate templates with the 'name' parameter, such as:

{{coord|1|2|type:landmark|name=Interesting uncharted point in the sea}}

Conversion of any other annotation method is purely coincidental and may be discontinued at any time.

This template is not intended for articles with single sets of coordinates; such coordinates already link indirectly to Template:GeoTemplate.

To use this template, add {{GeoGroupTemplate}} to the External links section of an article, or, for list articles with no title coordinate, at the top of the article.

Usage[golygu cod]

There are three optional parameters, all of them useful mainly in articles—not categories:

{{GeoGroupTemplate|article=article name}}

The name of article, from which included links to other articles from which the coordinates will be pulled out. (Can be a category, as shown in List of stations in London fare zone 2#List of stations)

{{GeoGroupTemplate|article=article name|articlee=article_name}}

Encoded name of the article. The encoding process here involves changing spaces to underscores ( _ ), everything else is taken care of by the urlencode magic word.

{{GeoGroupTemplate|section=section name}}

The section parameter arranges most of the links to use only coordinates in the named section of the article. This is useful to limit the number seen at one time in articles with many coordinates. For examples, see List of rapids of the Columbia River.

A section-specific GeoGroupTemplate makes most sense placed within the section it refers to.

Linking[golygu cod]

Links may be made directly to a page's instance of the template, with the ID GeoGroupTemplate, by using [[#GeoGroupTemplate|Example Link Text]], which produces: Example Link Text.

Expansion[golygu cod]

Other KML aware services may be added, as they become available; as might services converting the coordinates to GPX or other formats.

Examples[golygu cod]

Point Coordinates
(links to map & photo sources)
Dudley Port Junction 52°31′19″N 2°02′36″W / 52.52204°N 2.04331°W / 52.52204; -2.04331 (Dudley Port Junction)
Groveland Bridge (Titpon Road, A457) 52°31′03″N 2°02′51″W / 52.51758°N 2.04760°W / 52.51758; -2.04760 (Groveland Bridge (Titpon Road, A457))
Tividale Aqueduct (Old BCN Main Line) 52°30′59″N 2°02′54″W / 52.51640°N 2.04843°W / 52.51640; -2.04843 (Tividale Aqueduct (Old BCN Main Line))
Northern tunnel portal 52°30′55″N 2°02′58″W / 52.51534°N 2.04948°W / 52.51534; -2.04948 (Northern tunnel portal)
Aston Road air vent 52°30′31″N 2°03′19″W / 52.50850°N 2.05518°W / 52.50850; -2.05518 (Aston Road air vent)
Regent Road air vent 52°30′25″N 2°03′25″W / 52.50697°N 2.05708°W / 52.50697; -2.05708 (Regent Road air vent)
Approx. tunnel mid-point 52°30′16″N 2°03′34″W / 52.50435°N 2.05932°W / 52.50435; -2.05932 (Approx. tunnel mid-point)
Southern tunnel portal 52°29′36″N 2°04′09″W / 52.49335°N 2.06916°W / 52.49335; -2.06916 (Southern tunnel portal)
Windmill End Junction 52°29′30″N 2°04′13″W / 52.49157°N 2.07019°W / 52.49157; -2.07019 (Windmill End Junction)

Bookmarklet[golygu cod]

To added the template to categories, you may want to use the bookmarklet below. Sample edit: [1]