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Usage[golygu cod]


Defnyddir y nodyn hwn i arddangos baner fechan ac enw'r wlad sy'n rhan o chwaraeon y Gymanwlad.

  • code is a Commonwealth Games Federation three letter country code (see List of CGF country codes). This must be written in CAPS.
  • games is the year expressed in the format yyyy. WikiProject Multi-sport events has created a full set of pages of the form "<country> at the <year> Commonwealth Games" and the intent is that this template can be used from medal tables and event result tables to point to the right country page. This will also give the correct name of the games. ie. 1930 to 1950: British Empire Games, 1954 to 1966: British Empire and Commonwealth Games, 1970 and 1974: British Commonwealth Games, 1978 onwards: Commonwealth Games. Also, the correct historical flag is chosen based on this string, for countries that had different flags in the past.
  • athletes is the number of athletes that the nation contributed to the specific Commonwealth Games. It is an optional argument, and will render a small (#) after the nation's name.

Examples[golygu cod]