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Oddi ar Wicipedia
Hello, and welcome to the Welsh language version of Wikipedia! Neges yn y Gymraeg | Message en français
In general:

  • English Questions about Wikipedia can be asked at the Café (technical issues, policies, and operations).
  • English Questions about using Wikipedia can be asked at the Help Desk.
  • Administrative assistance, or for matters concerning administration, can be found at the administration noticeboard.
  • More information (in Welsh) can be found on our Help page and at our new-comer's page.
  • If you need help from one of our admins, please put the {{Atsylwgweinyddwr}} template on your talk page.
  • If you do not speak, read, or write Welsh, please add {{Defnyddiwr cy-0}} to your user page, or use Babel (in Welsh or English) to suit your language needs.


  • Essential housekeeping can be done using Check Wikipedia.
  • Copy and paste new articles. Request at the Café. For example, mountain peaks in Wales, Ireland and England.
  • Many towns and villages don't have an Infobox. Just copy the Infobox UK place template from the English (Wikipedia) article and paste it into the Welsh counterpart. It will translate automatically!

Wicipedia needs YOUR help!

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