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The table below lists units supported by this template. It is divided up according to the quantity being measured. Not all supported units are listed here; there are links to more complete lists for each quantity.

The codes listed in the code column (column 3) are accepted as input by the template. These can be used as the second or third unnamed parameter. For some units there exist alternative codes. These are listed in brackets and have been incorporated to make the code more flexible for editors, e.g. °F or F may be entered.

The codes listed in the combinations column (column 7) can be used to produce multiple conversions. They can only be used as the third unnamed parameter, e.g. {{convert|55|nmi|km mi}} produces "55 nautical mile (102 km; 63 mi)".

Abridged list of units supported by {{Convert}}

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(Rhestr lawn)
system unit unit-
notes sample default
output units
SI square kilometre km2 km2 US spelling: square kilometer
1.0 km2 (0.39 mi sgw)
  • km2 sqmi
square metre m2 m2 US spelling: square meter
1.0 m2 (11 tr sg)
  • m2 sqft
square centimetre cm2 cm2 US spelling: square centimeter
1.0 cm2 (0.16 sq in)
  • cm2 sqin
square millimetre mm2 mm2 US spelling: square millimeter
1.0 mm2 (0.0016 sq in)
  • mm2 sqin
nid-SI metrig hectar ha ha 1.0 ha ([convert: unknown unit])
US arferol
milltir sgwar sqmi mi sgw 1.0 mi sgw (2.6 km2)
  • sqmi km2
acr acre (none) 1.0 acr (0.40 ha)
llathen sgwar sqyd sq yd 1.0 sq yd (0.84 m2)
troedfedd sgwar sqft
tr sg Nodyn:Convert/list of units/foot note 1.0 tr sg (0.093 m2)
  • sqft m2 (sqfoot m2)
modfedd sgwar sqin sq in 1.0 sq in (6.5 cm2)
  • sqin cm2
Arall square nautical mile sqnmi sq nmi 1.0 sq nmi (3.4 km2; 1.3 mi sgw)
dunam dunam (none) For alternative spellings and definitions see the full list 1.0 dunam (0.0010 km2; 0.00039 mi sgw)
tsubo tsubo (none) 1.0 tsubo (3.3 m2)

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