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Typical setup[golygu cod y dudalen]

For a full list of available parameters, see Template:Automatic_taxobox/doc/all_parameters. Often, an automatic taxobox can be set up with no parameters at all, due to the highly intelligent coding. The automatic taxobox looks at the title of the article, checks to see if a matching taxonomy template exists, and calculates the taxonomy using a large database of taxonomy templates.

You can see what happens by simply placing {{automatic taxobox}} on the page where you would normally place an entire taxobox. Most likely, at least a few parameters will need to be added, though. To add a parameter, simply press enter before the closing braces and add any of the parameters needed.

If the page title is not the same as the scientific name of the taxon, you'll need to use the taxon parameter. Another reason to use the taxon parameter is to make the page "move-proof"-- if the page is moved, the taxobox won't get confused as long as the taxon parameter is filled in. This eliminates catastrophic display issues.

Here are the standard parameters we recommend using in an automatic taxobox for best results:

{{automatic taxobox