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Yn gwacau'r dudalen yn llwyr
(Tudalen newydd: giornol territorio provinciale, situato nella Sicilia meridionale, a ridosso della Sicilia centrale, si divide nettamente tra la costa, bassa e sabbiosa, e l'entroterra, composto di ...)
(Yn gwacau'r dudalen yn llwyr)
giornol territorio provinciale, situato nella Sicilia meridionale, a ridosso della Sicilia centrale, si divide nettamente tra la costa, bassa e sabbiosa, e l'entroterra, composto di rilievi principalmente collinari, un tempo prodighi di zolfo. A nord, infatti si incontrano i monti Sicani, ad est ed a ovest dai fiumi Salso e Belice, mentre a sud si estende il litorale.
==ArabanA LOCOS==
Halal [[Kebabs]] and [[camel]] crap is a[[ musica]]l, written and [[directed]] by [[George Wasoof A MISTICAL PERFORMOR OF LEVOU]]. The musical is a comedy about a [[young Lebanese man]], who has converted from Christianity to [[Islam.]] and[[ his quest]][[ to attend]] the [[Hajj in Mecca]].
[[Whilst he sets THE PATH OF HIS GLORY]] [[on his journey]] from the [[GLORIAS south]] of [[Lebanon to Mecca by Camel]], he comes across [[lots of interesting scenarios]] on his way[[ through the desert.]][[ This includes THE ALMIGHTY]][[ belly dancing Arabs in hijabs]], [[falling face first in camel crap AND LOVING IT]], and [[his life long QUEST TO CONCOUR DE]] [[dream]] of [[turning]] [[pork]][[ pig]][[ meat]] into a one [[hundred percent ALLAH AKBAH]] [[halal product]] for all [[GLORIAS muslims]] to[[ enjoy]]. The main [[character]] has a[[ warped]] [[view of Islam]] and his peers cannot stand his [[smelly under arm oder]] and[[ breath.]][[ Ever]][ since]] [[converting]] to Islam he has become a smelly person.
Image:King Abdullah Mosque at Night.jpg|Typical place of pagan worship. These weird looking [[establishments]] are all over the world. Men and women from all over the world kneel and pray facing a rock called the kabala in town called Mecca. Little do they [[know THOU that by facing]] this [[sculpture]] they are[[ inadvertently]] [[praying to the rock]] and not god.
Image:Beyti Kebap.jpg|Typical Kebab. This one consists of a new Halal PORK Product.
Image:Camelus dromedarius in Singapore Zoo.JPG|Standard method of transport to mosque. In the [[Islamictradition]], the man rides the camel whilst the women dressed in burqa walk behind carrying heavy suit cases.
Image:CIMG4174.JPG|These women whare these [[rectangular]][[ shaped]]] things above their [[eys]] due to the belief that this will improve their sight , make them seem smarter [[at first glance]] and help increase [[the 3 dimensional view of television]]. [[If you have a look]] closely at[[ there eyes]],[[ you can see]] that they a [[not quite]][[ with it]]
Image:Anus.jpg|Sorry, don’t know how this got here
Image:Male penis.JPG|According to Sharia law all men must have a beard
The [[play]][[ was]][[ written]] by a [[Lebanese Christian]] who has gone out of his way to [[show]] the[[ funny]] but [[without offending]] side of Islam. The show has been set out into [[three]][[ separate]] [[skits]]. [[Halal and the belief that all pork products can be cleansed]] and eaten by his fellow[[ muzi]]s. [[Camel Crap and his comical but creative way of using it as a form of hot coal]] to[[ barbecue]][[ halal pork and ham products ]]and his[[ conversion to Islam]], whilst [[tripping shortly after]] the [[conversion]] and falling face first into camel crap, probably an [[omen]]. .
| name = World Tourism
| title = [[Tourism]]
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| group1 = Types of tourism
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[[Accessible tourism]]{{•}}[[Adventure tourism]]{{•}}[[Hiking]]{{•}}[[Tramping]]{{•}}[[Mountaineering]]{{•}} [[Agritourism]]{{•}} [[Archaeological tourism]]{{•}} [[Backpacking (travel)|Backpacker Tourism]]{{•}} [[Bicycle touring]]{{•}} [[Bookstore tourism]]{{•}} [[Cultural tourism]]{{•}} [[Dark tourism]]{{•}} [[Disaster tourism]]{{•}} [[Drug tourism]]{{•}} [[Ecotourism]]{{•}} [[Extreme tourism]]{{•}} [[Female sex tourism]]{{•}} [[Free Independent Traveler]]{{•}} [[Garden tourism]]{{•}} [[Heritage tourism]]{{•}} [[Literary tourism]]{{•}} [[Medical tourism]] {{•}} [[Music tourism]]{{•}} [[Naked hiking]]{{•}} [[Neo tourism]]{{•}} [[Pop-culture tourism]]{{•}} [[Perpetual traveler|Perpetual tourism]]{{•}} [[Pilgrimage]]{{•}} [[Sacred travel]]{{•}} [[Safari]]s{{•}} [[Sex tourism]]{{•}} [[Space tourism]]{{•}} [[Sustainable tourism]]{{•}} [[Virtual tourism]]{{•}} [[Volunteer vacation]]{{•}} [[Wine tourism]]
|group2 = Tourism in
|list2 =
[[Tourism in Australia|Australia]]&nbsp;(<small>[[{{{1|}}} Tourism in Sydney|Sydney]]</small>){{•}} [[Tourism in Argentina|Argentina]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Brazil|Brazil]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Colombia|Colombia]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Canada|Canada]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Cuba|Cuba]]&nbsp;([[Tourist apartheid]])&nbsp;{{•}} [[Tourism in Dubai|Dubai]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Mexico|Mexico]]{{•}} [[Tourism in New Zealand|New Zealand]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Nicaragua|Nicaragua]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Papua New Guinea|Papua New Guinea]]{{•}} [[Tourism in the United States|USA]]
|group3 = [[Africa]]
|list3 =
[[Tourism in Burkina Faso|Burkina Faso]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Cameroon|Cameroon]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Namibia|Namibia]] {{•}} [[Tourism in Nigeria|Nigeria]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Rwanda|Rwanda]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Sierra Leone|Sierra Leone]]
|group4 = [[Asia]]
|list4 =
[[Tourism in Bahrain|Bahrain]]{{•}} [[Tourism in the People's Republic of China|China]]&nbsp;<small>([[{{{1|}}} Tourism in Hong Kong|Hong Kong]]</small>{{•}}<small> [[{{{1|}}} Tourism in Macau|Macau]])</small>{{•}} [[Tourism in Cyprus|Cyprus]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Indonesia|Indonesia]]{{•}} [[Tourism in India|India]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Israel|Israel]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Japan|Japan]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Jordan|Jordan]] {{•}}<small> ([[{{{1|}}} Tourism in North Korea|North&nbsp;Korea]]</small>{{•}}<small> [[{{{1|}}} Tourism in South Korea|South&nbsp;Korea]])</small>{{•}} [[Tourism in Kyrgyzstan|Kyrgyzstan]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Laos|Laos]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Malaysia|Malaysia]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Maldives|Maldives]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Nepal|Nepal]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Pakistan|Pakistan]]{{•}} [[Tourism in the Philippines|Philippines]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Singapore|Singapore]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Sri Lanka|Sri Lanka]]{{•}} [[List of tourist locations in Taiwan|Taiwan ]]{{•}}[[Tourism in Thailand|Thailand ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Uzbekistan|Uzbekistan]]
|group5 = [[Europe]]
|list5 =
[[Tourism in Albania|Albania ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Andorra |Andorra ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Austria|Austria]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Belgium|Belgium]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina|Bosnia and Herzegovina]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Bulgaria|Bulgaria ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Croatia|Croatia ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Cyprus| Cyprus]]{{•}} [[Tourism in the Czech Republic|Czech Republic]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Denmark|Denmark]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Finland|Finland ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in France|France ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Germany|Germany]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Gibraltar|Gibraltar ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Greece|Greece]]{{•}} [[Tourist destinations in Ireland|Ireland]]{{•}} [[Tourism in the Isle of Man|Isle of Man ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Italy|Italy]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Lithuania|Lithuania]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Montenegro|Montenegro]]{{•}} [[Tourism and recreation in the Netherlands|Netherlands]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Norway|Norway]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Poland|Poland]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Portugal|Portugal ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Romania|Romania ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Russia|Russia ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in San Marino| San Marino]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Serbia|Serbia]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Slovakia|Slovakia]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Slovenia|Slovenia]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Spain| Spain]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Sweden|Sweden]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Switzerland|Switzerland]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Turkey|Turkey]]{{•}} [[Tourism in Ukraine|Ukraine ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in the United Kingdom|UK]]&nbsp;(<small>[[{{{1|}}} Tourism in England|England]] {{•}} [[{{{1|}}}Tourism in Scotland|Scotland]] {{•}} [[{{{1|}}} Tourism in Wales|Wales]]</small>){{•}} [[Tourism in the Vatican City|Vatican City ]]
|group6 = Misc
|list6 =
[[Gift shop]]{{•}} [[Lonely Planet]]{{•}} [[Passport]]{{•}} [[Resort town]]{{•}} [[Roadside attraction]]{{•}} [[Transport]]{{•}} [[Tourist trap]]{{•}} [[Tour guide]]{{•}} [[Travel agency]]{{•}} [[Tourist attraction]]
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|list7 =
|group8 = [[Hospitality]]
|list8 = [[Hotel]]{{•}} [[Hostel]]{{•}} [[Hostelling International]]{{•}} [[Hospitality Services]]{{•}} [[List of vacation resorts]]{{•}}
[[Package holiday]]
|group9 = See also
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[[World Tourism Organization]]{{•}} [[World Tourism Day ]]{{•}} [[Tourism in literature]]{{•}}
[[Tourism geography]]{{•}} [[Tourism technology]]
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