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Unfortunately I don't understand cymru. From the links and the picture I gather, this article mainly deals with the breton "bombarde". How about the welsh pibgorn, described here? I'm writing the german wikipedia article on pibgorn >link.

Thank you. In fact the article does not deal mainly with the breton "bombarde". Here is a literal translation of the first sentence:
For centuries, the pibgorn was a very popular instrument by the Welsh and the rest of the Celtic nations. In Brittany, its name is "bombarde".
And yes, the picture we have here is of a "Breton pibgorn". Maybe we could add the picture from the English language page that you linked to.
By the way, "Cymru" means "Wales". The word you were looking for was "Cymraeg" which means Welsh (language).
Regards, Alan 10:19, 23 Chwefror 2009 (UTC)