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Golygiad o erthygl amlwg o stabl Google Translate cas beth ar Wicipedia! Teimlad gennyf mae un sydd yn agos i'r gwrthrych sydd wedi postio'r erthygl er mwyn ehangu'r apel am wybodaeth.

Please don't post Google translations here, they are very inaccurate and don't make much sense. If Google Translate worked, this site would have 50,000,000+ articles. I have made an attempt at making sense of the article, because I suspect that the person who sent the Google Translation is closely affected by the case and wants to appeal for more information.

If one feels that an article really needs translating post a link on our English Caffi Wicipedia:Negeseuon Saesneg y Caffi, rather than starting a machine created article! AlwynapHuw (sgwrs) 05:42, 22 Gorffennaf 2017 (UTC)