Rhestr penodau Tomos a'i Ffrindiau

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Dyna rhestr penodau Tomos a'i Ffrindiau.[angen ffynhonnell]

Tymor 1 (1984)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Tomos a Gordon Thomas and Gordon
2 Edward a Gordon Edward and Gordon
3 Stori Drist Henri The Sad Story of Henry
4 Edward Gordon a Henri Edward, Gordon and Henry
5 Trên Tomos Thomas' Train
6 Tomos a'r Tryciau Thomas and the Trucks
7 Tomos a'r Tren Manylion Thomas and the Breakdown Train
8 James a'r Cerbydau James and the Coaches
9 Tryciau Trafferthus Troublesome Trucks
10 James a'r Tren Cyflym James and the Express
11 Tomos a'r Giard Thomas and the Guard
12 Tomos yn Pysgota Thomas Goes fishing.
13 Tomos Terence a'r Eira Thomas Terence and the Snow
14 Tomos a Berti Thomas and Bertie
15 Troi mewn cylchoedd Tenders and Turntables
16 Trafferthion yn y Sied Trouble In The Shed
17 Pyrsi'n rhedeg i Ffwrdd Percy Runs Away
18 Glo Coal
19 Y Trên Penwaig The Flying Kipper
20 Gollwng Stêm Whistles and Sneezes
21 Tobi a'r Dyn Tew Toby and the Stout Gentleman
22 Tomos a'r Plismon Newydd Thomas in Trouble
23 James a'r Tryciau Dirty Objects
24 Cadw ar y Cledrau Off the Rails
25 I Lawr y Pwll Down the Mine
26 Parti Nadolig Tomos Thomas' Christmas Party

Tymor 2 (1986)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Tomos, Persi a'r Glo Thomas, Percy and the Coal
2 Gwartheg Cows
3 Berti'n rhedeg Râs Bertie's Chase
4 Trefor Saved from Scrap
5 Old Iron
6 Thomas and Trevor
7 Pyrsi a'r Signal Percy and the Signal
8 Ffrind newydd Pyrsi Duck Takes Charge
9 Pyrsi a Harold Percy and Harold
10 Help gan Harold The Runaway
11 Percy Takes the Plunge
12 Pop Goes the Diesel
13 Bai ar Gam Dirty Work
14 Són am Helynt A Close Shave
15 Better Late than Never
16 Break Van
17 Dirpwyaeth The Deputation
18 Tomos Mewn Trafferthion Thomas Comes to Breakfast
19 Daisy Daisy
20 Penbleth Pyrsi Percy's Predicament
21 The Diseasel
22 Wrong Road
23 Camp Edward Edward's Exploit
24 Yr Ysbryd Ghost Train
25 Siani Flewog Wooly Bear
26 Tomos a'r Goeden Nadolig Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree

Tymor 3 (1991-1992)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Sgarff i Pyrsi A Scarf for Percy
2 Addewid Pyrsi Percy's Promise
3 Helynt a Hanner Time for Trouble
4 Gordon a'r ymwelydd enwog Gordon and the Famous Visitor
5 Cwac Donald's Duck
6 Tomos yn Poeni Thomas Gets Bumped
7 Tomos, Pyrsi a'r Ddraig Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
8 O... Dîsl! Diesel Does it Again
9 Coedwig Henri Henry's Forest
10 Helynt y Mwd The Trouble with Mud
11 Pryfocio James No Joke for James
12 Tomos, Pyrsi a'r Trên Bost Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
13 Dibynnu a'r Tomos Trust Thomas
14 Mefis Mavis
15 Rhaff Tobi Toby's Tightrope
16 Y Ffair Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
17 Helynt Hefo Gwenyn Buzz Buzz
18 Ger y Môr All at Sea
19 Helpu 1 Good Turn
20 Gwagenni Glo Tender Engines
21 Dianc Escape
22 Oliver yn Dysgu Gwers Oliver Owns Up
23 Twmffat Bulgy
24 Arwyr Heroes
25 Helynt Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
26 Nadolig Tomos a Pyrsi Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure

Tymor 4 (1994-1995)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Taid Granpuff
2 Y Cysgadur Sleeping Beauty
3 Fel Cranc Bulldog
4 Y Joc You Can't Win
5 Pedair Injan Fechan 4 Little Engines
6 Teimlo'n Hurt A Bad Day for Sir Handel
7 A'r Ôl Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
8 Tryciau Trucks!
9 Gartef o'd Diwedd Home at Last
10 Roc a Rôl Rock 'n' Roll
11 Corn Simnai Arbennig Special Funnel
12 Olwynion Mawr Steam Roller
13 Dim Teithiwr, Dim Polish Passengers and Polish
14 Hen Injan Ddewr Gallant Old Engine
15 Achub Injan Rusty to the Rescue
16 Trên Arbennig Thomas and Stepney
17 Dim Pêl... Dim Gêm! Train Stops Play
18 Helynt yr Het Bowled Out
19 Henri a'r Eliffant Henry and the Elephant
20 Topsyn i'r Adwy Toad Stands By
21 Helo Hen Darw Bulls Eyes
22 Tomos a'r Llythyr Arbennig Thomas and The Special Letter
23 Paint Pots and Queens
24 Pysgod Fish
25 Rhywbeth Arbennig Special Attraction
26 Gwylia'r Beic 'Na Mind That Bike

Tymor 5 (1998)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Chwain Cranky Bugs
2 Horrid Lorry
3 A Better View For Gordon
4 Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
5 Helynt y Coed James and the Trouble with Trees
6 Gordon a'r Gremlin Gordon and the Gremlin
7 Hwyl George! Bye George!
8 Baa!
9 Gormod o Waith Put Upon Percy
10 Toby and the Flood
11 Haunted Henry
12 Trafferthion Double Teething Troubles
13 Ar Goll Stepney Gets Lost
14 Hen Injan Ddewr Toby's Discovery
15 Drewdod Something in the Air
16 Tomos, Pyrsi a'r Hen Gerbyd Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach
17 Thomas and the Rumours
18 Rhywbeth Diddorol Oliver's Find
19 Y Briodas Happy Ever After
20 Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
21 Syndod a Rhyfeddod i Persi A Surprise For Percy
22 Make Someone Happy
23 Yn Ôl ac Ymlaen Busy Going Backwards
24 Duncan Gets Spooked
25 Y Graig Rusty and the Boulder
26 Eira Snow

Tymor 6 (2002)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Dim Cwsg i Caradog No Sleep for Cranky
2 Cyfrinach y Disl Salty’s Secret
3 Achub y Dydd Harvey to the Rescue
4 Diwrnod Diflas Harold A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
5 Elisabeth - Cerbyd o Dras Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
6 Y Niwl The Fogman
7 Gwaith i Jac Jack Jumps In
8 Helpu Ffrind A Friend in Need
9 Dim Ond Eira It’s Only Snow
10 Dwbl Trwbl Twin Trouble
11 Injan Gryfa'r Byd The World’s Strongest Engine
12 Injan Ofnus Scaredy Engines
13 Yr Hen Chwarel Percy and the Haunted Mine
14 Injan Ganol Middle Engine
15 Balwn i James James and the Red Balloon
16 Sion Barrug Jack Frost
17 Cwymp Gordon Gordon Takes a Tumble
18 Persi Blasus Iawn Percy’s Chocolate Crunch
19 Byffars Newydd Buffer Bother
20 Wyn Bach Oer Toby Had a Little Lamb
21 Tomos, Pyrsi a'r Gwichian Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
22 Tomos a'r Jet Thomas and the Jet Engine
23 Edward yn Helpu Edward the Very Useful Engine
24 Gwers i Duncan Dunking Duncan
25 Achub y Lein Rusty Saves the Day
26 Colli Chwiban Faulty Whistles

Tymor 7 (2003)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Cerbydau Newydd Emily Emily's New Coaches
2 Persi yn Llygad ei le Percy Gets it Right
3 Bil, Ben a Fergus Bill, Ben and Fergus
4 Yr Hen Bont The Old Bridge
5 Band Pres Edward Edward's Brass Band
6 Be sy'n bod ar Henri What's the Matter with Henry?
7 James a Brenhines Sodor James and the Queen of Sodor
8 Caffi Newydd Ceinwen The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop
9 Llechan Lân The Spotless Record
10 Melin Wynt Tobi Toby's Windmill
11 Helynt Castell y Llyn Bad Day at Castle Loch
12 Rheinas a'r Chwrligwgan Rheneas and the Roller Coaster
13 Stori Stormus Salti Salty's Stormy Tale
14 Olifer y Dyn Eira Snow Engine
15 Drewdod Something Fishy
16 Llyn Eliffant The Runaway Elephant
17 Mymryn o Dawelwch Peace and Quiet
18 Fergus yn Dianc Fergus Breaks the Rules
19 Bwlgi a'r Ieir Bulgy Rides Again
20 Ceffyl yn Hedfan! Harold and the Flying Horse
21 The Grand Opening
22 Dillad Gorau Best Dressed Engine
23 Gordon a Spensyr Gordon and Spencer
24 Not So Hasty Puddings
25 Y Bont Beryglus Trusty Rusty
26 Hip Hip Hwre Tomos Three Cheers for Thomas

Tymor 8 (2004)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Thomas and the Tuba
2 Percy's New Whistle
3 Thomas to the Rescue
4 Henry and the Wishing Tree
5 James Gets a New Coat
6 Thomas Saves the Day
7 Percy's Big Mistake
8 Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
9 Don't Tell Thomas
10 Emily's New Route
11 Thomas and the Fireworkss Display
12 Gordon Takes Charge
13 Spic and Span
14 Edward the Great
15 Squeak, Rattle and Roll
16 Thomas and the Circus
17 Thomas Gets it Right
18 As Good as Gordon
19 Fish
20 Emily's Adventure
21 Halloween
22 You Can Do it, Toby!
23 James Goes Too Far
24 Chickens to School
25 Too Hot for Thomas
26 Percy and the Magic Carpet

Tymor 9 (2005)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Percy and the Oil Painting
2 Thomas and the Rainbow
3 Thomas' Milkshake Muddle
4 Mighty Mac
5 Molly's Special Special
6 Respect for Gordon
7 Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
8 Tuneful Tots
9 Thomas and the Toy Shop
10 Rheneas and the Dinosaur
11 Thomas and the New Engine
12 Toby Feels Left Out
13 Thomas Tries His Best
14 The Magic Lamp
15 Thomas and the Statue
16 Henry and the Flagpole
17 Emily Knows Best
18 Thomas' Day Off
19 Thomas' New Trucks
20 Duncan and the Old Mine
21 Bold and Brave
22 Skarloey the Brave
23 Saving Edward
24 Thomas and the Golden Eagle
25 Keeping Up with James
26 Flour Power

Tymor 10 (2006)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Follow that Flour
2 A Smooth Ride
3 Thomas and the Jet Plane
4 Percy and the Funfair
5 The Green Controller
6 Duncan Drops a Clanger
7 Thomas' Tricky Tree
8 Toby's Afternoon Off
9 It's Good to be Gordon
10 Seeing the Sights
11 Fearless Freddie
12 Toby's New Shed
13 Big Strong Henry
14 Sticky Toffee Thomas
15 Which Way Now?
16 Thomas and the Shooting Star
17 Edward Strikes Out
18 Topped Off Thomas
19 Wharf and Peace
20 Thomas' Frosty Friend
21 Emily and the Special Coaches
22 Thomas and the Colours
23 Thomas and the Birthday Mail
24 Duncan's Bluff
25 Missing Trucks
26 Thomas and the Treasure
27 James the Second Best
28 Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out

Tymor 11 (2007)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Thomas and the Storyteller
2 Emily's Rubbish
3 Dream On
4 Dirty Work
5 Hector the Horrid!
6 Gordon and the Engineer
7 Thomas and the Spaceship
8 Henry's Lucky Day
9 Thomas and the Lighthouse
10 Thomas and the Big Bang
11 Smoke and Mirrors
12 Thomas Sets Sail
13 Don't be Silly, Billy
14 Edward and the Mail
15 Hide and Peep
16 Toby's Triumph
17 Thomas and the Runaway Car
18 Thomas in Trouble
19 Thomas and the Stinky Cheese
20 Percy and the Left Luggage
21 Duncan Does it All
22 Sir Handel in Charge
23 Cool Truckings
24 Ding-a-Ling
25 Skarloey Storms Through
26 Wash Behind Your Buffers

Tymor 12 (2008)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Thomas and the Billboard
2 Steady Eddie
3 Rosie's Funfair Special
4 Mountain Marvel
5 Henry Gets it Wrong
6 Heave Ho Thomas!
7 Toby's Special Surprise
8 Excellent Emily
9 The Party Surprise
10 Save You!
11 Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
12 James Works it Out
13 Tram Trouble
14 Don't Go Back
15 Gordon Takes a Shortcut
16 The Man in the Hills
17 Thomas Puts the Brakes On
18 Percy and the Bandstand
19 Push Me, Pull You
20 Best Friends

Tymor 13 (2010)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Cranky y Craen Creaky Creaky Cranky
2 Y Lew O Sodor The Lion of Sodor
3 Y Ryfeddu Pinc Tickled Pink
4 Double Trouble
5 Sodor Slip Slippy Sodor
6 Mae'r riser cynnar The Early Bird
7 Play Time
8 Thomas and the Pigs
9 Time for a Story
10 Parsel Persi Percy's Parcel
11 Chwiban Newydd Tobi Toby's New Whistle
12 A Blooming Mess
13 Barcud gwyllt Thomas and the Runaway Kite
14 Steamy Sodor
15 Splish Splash Splosh
16 Y Presennol Gorau Erioed The Biggest Present of All
17 Eira trwm Snow Tracks
18 Cymwynas Henri Henry's Good Deeds
19 Gwenyn Prysur Buzzy Bees
20 Hiro Helps Out

Tymor 14 (2010)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Cymraeg Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Ffrind Tal Tomos Thomas' Tall Friend
2 James in the Dark
3 Pingy Pongy Pick Up
4 Charli ac Edi Charlie and Eddie
5 Toby a'r coed sibrwd Toby and the Whistling Woods
6 Henri, Iechyd a Diogelwch Henry's Health and Safety
7 Diwrnod Hapus Diesel yn Diesel's Special Delivery
8 Tomos a'r Lemoned Pop Goes Thomas
9 Victor yn dweud iawn Victor Says Yes
10 Tomos Trefnu Thomas in Charge
11 Mae'r dymuniad a ddaeth yn wir Merry Winter Wish
12 Percy Ydi Percy Being Percy
13 Henry a'r blwch hud Henry's Magic Box
14 Tomos a'r Parti Dyn Eira Thomas and the Snowman Party
15 Am Ddiwrnod Rhyfedd Thomas' Crazy Day
16 Logiau bywiog Jumping Jobi Wood!
17 Tomos a Sgryff Thomas and Scruff
18 O y Cywilydd O the Indignity
19 Jitters and Japes
20 Parti Nadolig Island Misty yn Merry Misty Island

Tymor 15 (2011)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Gordon and Ferdinand
2 Toby and Bash
3 Emily and Dash
4 Percy's New Friends
5 Edward the Hero
6 James to the Rescue
7 Happy Hiro
8 Up, Up and Away!
9 Henry's Happy Coal
10 Let it Snow
11 Surprise, Surprise
12 Spencer the Grand
13 Stop That Bus!
14 Stuck on You
15 Big Belle
16 Kevin the Steamie
17 Wonky Whistle
18 Percy the Snowman
19 Tree Trouble
20 Fiery Flynn

Tymor 16 (2012)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Race to the Rescue
2 Old Wheezy Wobbles
3 Express Coming Through
4 Percy and the Monster of Brendam
5 Ho, Ho Snowman
6 Flash Bang Wallop!
7 Thomas and the Rubbish Train
8 Thomas Toots the Crows
9 Bust My Buffers!
10 Percy and the Calliope
11 Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
12 Salty's Surprise
13 Sodor Surprise Day
14 Emily's Winter Party Special
15 Muddy Matters
16 Whiff's Wish
17 Welcome Stafford
18 Don't Bother Victor!
19 Happy Birthday Sir!
20 The Christmas Tree Express

Tymor 17 (2013-2014)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Kevin's Cranky Friend
2 Scruff's Makeover
3 Wayward Winston
4 Gordon Runs Dry
5 Calm Down Caitlin
6 Steamie Stafford
7 Henry's Hero
8 Luke's New Friend
9 The Switch
10 Not Now, Charlie!
11 The Lost Puff
12 The Thomas Way
13 The Phantom Express
14 Percy's Lucky Day
15 Bill or Ben?
16 Too Many Fire Engines
17 No Snow for Thomas
18 Santa's Little Engine
19 The Missing Christmas Decorations
20 The Frozen Turntable
21 Away from the Sea
22 Gone Fishing
23 The Afternoon Tea Express
24 The Smelly Kipper
25 No More Mr. Nice Engine
26 Thomas' Shortcut

Tymor 18 (2014-2015)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Old Releiable Edward
2 Not So Slow Coaches
3 Flatbeds of Fear
4 Disappearing Diesels
5 Signals Crossed
6 Toad's Adventure
7 Duck in the Water
8 Duck and the Slip Coaches
9 Thomas the Quarry Engine
10 Thomas and the Emergency Cable
11 Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger
12 Marion and the Pipe
13 Missing Gator
14 No Steam Without Coal
15 Spencer's VIP
16 Toad's Bright Idea
17 Long Lost Friend
18 Last Train for Christmas
19 Duncan the Humbug
20 The Perfect Gift
21 Emily Saves the World
22 Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
23 Marion and the Dinosaurs
24 Samson at Your Service
25 Samson Sent for Scrap
26 Millie and the Volcano

Tymor 19 (2015-2016)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Who's Geoffrey?
2 The Truth About Toby
3 Lost Property
4 Henry Spots Trouble
5 A Cranky Christmas
6 Snow Place Like Home
7 The Beast of Sodor
8 Toad and the Whale
9 Very Important Sheep
10 Salty All at Sea
11 Den and Dart
12 Helping Hiro
13 Slow Stephen
14 Two Wheels Good
15 Reds vs. Blues
16 Best Engine Ever
17 The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead
18 Philip to the Rescue
19 Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 1
20 Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 2
21 Rocky Rescue
22 Thomas the Babysitter
23 The Other Side of the Mountain
24 No Help at All
25 Wild Water Rescue
26 Goodbye Fat Controller

Tymor 20 (2016-2017)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Sidney Sings
2 Toby's New Friend
3 Henry Gets the Express
4 Diesel and the Ducklings
5 Bradford the Brake Van
6 Saving Time
7 Ryan and Daisy
8 Pouty James
9 Blown Away
10 The Way She Does It
11 Letters to Santa
12 Love Me Tender
13 The Railcar and the Coaches
14 The Christmas Coffeepot
15 Over the Hill
16 Henry in the Dark
17 The Missing Breakdown Train
18 Three Steam Engines Gruff
19 Engine of the Future
20 Hugo and the Airship
21 Skiff and the Mermaid
22 Mucking About
23 Cautious Connor
24 All in Vain
25 Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks
26 Tit for Tat
27 Mike's Whistle
28 Useful Railway

Tymor 21 (2017)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Springtime for Diesel
2 A Most Singular Engine
3 Dowager Hatt's Busy Day
4 Stuck in Gear
5 Runaway Engine
6 P.A. Problems
7 Hasty Hannah
8 Cranky at the End of the Line
9 New Crane on the Dock
10 Unscheduled Stops
11 Philip's Number
12 The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor
13 A Shed for Edward
14 The Big Freeze
15 Emily in the Middle
16 Terence Breaks the Ice
17 Daisy's Perfect Christmas
18 Confused Coaches

Tymor 22 (2018)[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhif Pennod Teitl Gwreiddiol Saesneg
1 Number One Engine
2 Forever and Ever
3 Confusion Without Delay
4 Trusty Trunky
5 What Rebecca Does
6 Thomas Goes to Bollywood
7 Thomas in the Wild
8 Thomas and the Monkey Palace
9 An Engine of Many Colours
10 Outback Thomas
11 School of Duck
12 Tiger Trouble
13 Seeing is Believing
14 Apology Impossible
15 The Water Wheel
16 Samson and the Fireworks
17 Runaway Truck
18 Thomas' Animal Ark
19 Cyclone Thomas
20 Kangaroo Christmas
21 Thomas and the Dragon
22 Rosie is Red
23 The Case of the Puzzling Parts
24 Banjo and the Bushfire
25 Counting on Nia
26 Hunt the Truck